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For children, teens & Big Kids - Play fun matching games, picture matching games, match tiles games, and color matching activities on your computer for free on We believe that we have put some of the best online matching games for kids in one area. From simple games to more challenging ones. Happy playing!

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Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher in an online matching game phenomenon that has taken the web by storm. Find out what all the fuss is about by playing the original browser version of this simple ‘match three’ game where you have to swap colorful candies around a large grid to make a match of three or more of the tempting sweets in a row. Earn as many points as you can before you use up all your moves (matches must be horizontal or vertical), and score huge bonuses for hitting combos.

Your ultimate goal is to score as many ‘Candy Points’ as you can within the moves limit; you have a certain amount of 'moves' to swap around the candy to try make 3 in a row! This fun and addicting matching game has proven to be a huge hit with little & Big kids around the world, especially fans of classic ‘Match 3’ games such as ‘Bejeweled’, or anyone who enjoys a good-old visual puzzle. Test your concentration, observation and decision-making skills as you scope out the match that will yield the highest points return. Your reactions and reflexes need to be quick! Are you sweet to start?

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Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai is a matching game similar to the classic tile game Mahjong. To play, you need to match pairs of butterfly wings, which must be connected by straight unblocked lines with a maximum of three changes of direction. Matching the wings will remove them from the game, and your objective is to completely clear the screen before time runs out!

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Hamster Pop

Hamster Pop is a matching puzzle game, where you match the cute colourful hamsters together to score points. With jolly music and interesting backgrounds, the boxy hamsters look right at home as you match them up with their friends! Play with your friends and see who can get to the highest level.

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365 Solitaire Gold 12 in 1

Every day a new game in 365 Solitaire! Play Klondike 1, Klondike 3, Tri Peaks, Golf, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, King's Corner, Baker's Game, Pyramid Solitaire, Yukon, Eight Off and Scorpion all in one single game! The game will change with each season. 365 Solitaire is playable on all devices and in portrait and landscape, you can change your preferences in the settings menu. The game features beautiful and easy to read cards, easy and tough game modes, daily challenges, achievements, undo's, quick matches, seasons mode and the game is available in English, Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish languages.

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Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend: Come and have hours of fun on this addictive and simple game! Let the great Jewel Legend begin. The travelers from all around the world have come to the mines to dig those diamonds out. Join them in the effort to find as many diamonds as possible while engaging in various challenges that you will keep you entertained for long periods of time. What are you waiting for?

Match as many diamonds as possible to get them to vanish! The key to this game is speed. Have you got a fast enough eye to spot the opportunities the swap diamonds round and create a chain? Furthermore have you got a fast enough hand to take advantage of the quick spot? Lets find out!

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Sugar Heroes

Join a band of sugary sweet sweety heroes as they try to investigate the mysterious cause behind what has happened to their town and if it is linked to the fallen meteor in Sugar Heroes. Sugar Heroes is a tile-matching, or in this case sweet and fruit matching, puzzle game where your objective is to solve a series of puzzle matching games to progress the story. Sugar Heroes is a game that the whole family would enjoy playing, and its engaging gameplay and delightful visuals are guaranteed to keep you playing for hours.

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Path Finding Cakes Match

Path Finding Cakes Match - Connect chains of 3 of matching cakes by creating a clear path between them, and clear all the cakes before time runs out - complete quickly to get bonus points. Work quickly to spot the matching desserts and gobble them up. Have fun!

This is a challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find and connect pairs of matching cakes in order to make them disappear from the picture grid. It will also test your eyesight! Initially, you should try to find some pairs side-by-side to help free up much-needed space, and to create a direct path between other pairs of items, ensuring that the path is not blocked by any other tiles. Happy clean up!

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Onnect Pair Matching Puzzle

Onnect Pair Matching Puzzle: This is a dessert matching puzzle game where must match up the desserts on the board to make them disappear. They have to be either next to each other, or there must be a clear path from one to the other. You can create space for this by eliminating other desserts off the board. This is very addictive and will also make you hungry as well! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to clear the board of desserts. Do this by clearing them two at a time when you find a matching pair that can be connected. This game will test and develop your observational skills as you desperately search to find matches on the board. You must have a razor sharp focus with an eagle eye to spot and quickly dispatch the board of desserts.

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Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a fun and bright match-three game that will have you aiming, firing and then dying for more. This is a game you can get sucked into and play again and again.

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10 Blocks

10 Blocks is deceptively simple! Although it takes its inspiration from Tetris, it is quite the brain teaser - and at times even more difficult.

This game breaks the rule of Tetris and essentially gives you all the control. No more blocks careening down at you, now you can choose where to put them. Simple! You start with 3 pieces you need to put in an open square space. After you place them, you immediately get 3 more pieces you also have to fit into that square space. Soon you're running out of space and the grey screen hits you with a terrible ‘no more moves' sign. Despite having more control, it seems to be even harder than Tetris!

It does, thankfully, lend some other rules from Tetris. If you close a line with blocks that line will disappear, giving you some space to fill up again. But you'll notice it takes a little longer to do than in Tetris, and you'll struggle to fit them in to get that cathartic disappearing line.

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Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a game very similar to the classic mahjong but it is played on a three-dimensional cube, where you have to select two similar blocks to eliminate them until the whole level is cleared. Clear the sides and slowly make it to the center to finish the level.

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Mystic Sea Treasure

Mystic Sea Treasures is a hard and unforgiving match-three game where you have to clear the objectives given in each level. There are special abilities you can use when matching enough sparkling objects that can help you complete the level easier. The levels are timed, so you can’t slowly try to beat the level, you have to be fast.

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A Chemical Match

A Chemical Match is an online science/ chemistry-based game that will send you on an atomic mind-bender of confusion - as well as provide endless hours of enjoyment! With super-slick ambient graphics and simple acoustics, it’s a learning experience that anyone can enjoy. Match up the chemical items to win!

The aim of the game is to match as many items as possible. This will test your observation skills and speed skills. The clock will be ticking so make sure you don't buckle under the pressure. Scan the board for matches of three or more and then move around accordingly! Lets see if you are up to the challenge.

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Fruit Connect

Farm Connect 2 is a fun pairing game with a bunch of different plants!

Pair them up! Your job is simple: Pair the same plants together to get them off of the board. Sounds simple, right? Here’s the thing… They have to be right next to each other or have open space between them! There can only be 3 turns before two blocks are paired. Find as many pairs as you can before the timer runs out to progress to the next level. There are about one-hundred and forty blocks on the board at the start of the round. Can you clear it and move on?

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Among Them Bubble Shooter

Among Them Bubble Shooter is a fun puzzle game based on some of the classic arcades!

Your crewmates are trapped in bubbles! Can you save them? The answer is yes! Shoot the same color bubbles at groups on the board to free them and make them fall, freeing any crewmates inside. Remember that you can swap a bubble with your next available one if it’s not usable at the moment. With twenty-four levels, this game is hours of fun!

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Sit back, relax and play a truly electrifying game in Electrio. Electrio is a great puzzle linking game, reimagined in an interesting science aesthetic with the goal being to connect all the electrons and protons within the overlapping lines. EG Electrode is not only a fun puzzle game for adults but also children, providing them with a game that might very well develop their interests in science. See if you have the brains to complete all 25 levels!

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10x10 Block Match

10x10 Blocks Match provides a puzzle game that is both casual and relaxing as well as one which is very engaging. The objective of the game is simple; earn as many points as you can by using multicolored blocks to create complete rows or columns. Each round/turn you will be presented with three groups of blocks that need to be placed into the game grid. The quantity and alignment of the blocks in each group will vary so plan your placements carefully. There is no timer in 10x10 Blocks Match, the only thing you must be conscious of is how much space you have available to place the new blocks into.

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Flat Jewels Match 3

Get ready to experience a classic game in a modern twist with Flat Jewels Match 3! With its sleek and simple flat design, this game is easy on the eyes and addictive to play. Enjoy the well-known game mechanics of the match 3 genre as you swap gems to create rows and columns of three or more.

Choose from two different gameplay modes: Levels or Time Attack. In Levels mode, you'll have to complete 150 levels of increasing difficulty. In Time Attack mode, you'll need to aim for the highest possible score in a limited amount of time.

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Gems Merge

Gems Merge is a seemingly simple puzzle game that will quickly make you realise that it is anything but that and that, in fact, it is actually a super challenging game of planning and quick mathematical ability. In Gems Merge, you will need to continuously add gems of the same value together (creating one gem in its place with a value higher than 1) and prevent the game grid from filling up and reaching the top of the grid. Allow that to happen, and you have lost. Gems Merge is a game that anyone can play and is sure to help you refreshen your counting skills and ability to make quick decisions.

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School Memory Deluxe

School Memory Deluxe: This game uses your memory and observation skills. Your challenge is to find matching pictures. You play where you have to select two matching pictures in order to remove them from the board. 

It's a fun game for children, and helps your child to practice and train visual memory skills. They must remember which cards are in which location, and then match them up! This is a very fun and challenging game and an extremely useful one in terms of development of photographic memory and awareness skills.

To play, click with the left click on the mouse to unveil the photo behind the card, then using your memory try and remember where the matching card is on the board. On mobile devices, just tap the card on the screen to unveil the card.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Mahjong Master 2

Play a fun matching pairs game for kids, matching pairs of identical tiles, to remove them from field. Playable on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Mahjong Master 2 is a multi-level matching game where you must clear a Mahjong solitaire-style grid by matching quirky picture tiles with their ‘matching image’. Complete increasingly-challenging levels by completely clearing the grid!

This online, HTML5-based, matching pairs / puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Only free, uncovered tiles can be matched, use your common sense and logical problem-solving skills to make quick deductions. Some examples are pretty simple, while others require a bit more analytical reasoning. A free tile is considered the one which is not covered from above and at least from one of its sides - left or right. The game is time tracked on each level you complete.

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Mahjong Quest

In Mahjong Quest, play the timeless Chinese tile game. In this game, you need to match tiles to remove them from play. Removing all the tiles completes the level! While the basic rules are simple, the game itself is not. Tiles can only be matched when they have a minimum of one free side. Season tiles will match even when they have different pictures. Certain tiles are trapped or reversed, complicating things further!
Playing through levels quickly will unlock medals and awards, as well as more playable levels. See if you can complete your entire Mahjong Quest!

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Gummy Block

Gummy Block: This fun addictive game is great for kids and those who never played Tetris before. It allows you to develop logical thinking and helps you to understand how to fit all the pieces located at the top and make them fir into the yellow marked area.

Drag the blocks into the grid to fill and clear rows and columns. The game ends when you dont have enough space to put tiles on the board. This game demands that, whilst learning the basic understandings of the game, you play strategically, placing your blocks wisely and maximising your chances of success!

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Connect The Balls

Connect The Balls is a fun and innovative reflex game where you have to spin around a stick with different colour ends to hit their respective colours as they fall. Hit as many of the correct colours before time runs out to fill the paint buckets below to win the level. In addition, Connect The Balls also has three difficulty levels to choose from, each with levels of their own, starting from easy (two stick ends), to medium (three ends) and ending with hard (4 ends and moving). Connect The Balls is a great casual game to relax with while providing just the right amount of challenge and reflex to keep it entertaining.

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Jungle Temple Blast

Play a challenging, match 3 jewel-swapping game with different missions! Jungle Temple Blast is an interactive, multi-level matching puzzle where you must complete specific matching tasks by swapping jewels around in a grid so that they line up in horizontal or vertical groups of three or more. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must hit specific targets depending on what your mission is in order to progress to the next level.

Skills required: As in many match 3 grid puzzle games inspired by the Candy Crush phenomenon, you must utilize fast reactions, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, shrewd observation, and dogged determination in order to succeed. Due to the different level types and fluctuating time limits, you need to adapt your strategy each time you take on the grid.

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Jungle Cards Match

Jungle Cards Match is a family-friendly puzzle game where you have to match cards of the same type before the timer ends. Flip the cards and try to guess where the pair is in the level. Keep playing and enjoy the nice animals on each card.

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Drawaria Online

Join others in Drawaria Online as you put your recognition and drawing skills to the test. Drawaria Online is a casual and friendly online game where you and other players take turns drawing and guessing a secret word. You will earn points every time you get a correct answer; the one with the most points by the end of the game will be declared the winner.

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Halloween Bubble Shooter

Play a fun, Halloween-themed bubble shooting game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC! Halloween Bubble Shooter is a straight-forward, match-3, aiming and accuracy-based skill game for kids where you must fire bubbles into the grid from the bottom of the play area, and try to create and eliminate matching / touching groups of three or more same-colored bubbles as often as possible! This is a fun 1-level challenge where your task is to score as many points as you can before the ever-growing grid reaches the purple dotted ‘end line’ near the bottom of the play area.

This online, HTML5-based, matching / bubble shooter puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Enjoy the quirky, Halloween-themed action while exercising your concentration levels, sharp reactions, hand-eye coordination, and analytical thinking skills. Strategy comes into play as you figure out the best position to aim your cannon in order to facilitate the creation of matching groups at speed. Once any bubbles reach past the dotted purple line, it's game over!

Tip: Be Quick! While there is no time limit, the game adds an extra row of bubbles (balls) to the grid at regular intervals. This means that you need to be constantly eliminating groups in order to relieve the pressure! Utilize any swap or bomb opportunities.

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Jelly Challenge

A fun, classic-style match 3 puzzle game available to play on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile! Jelly Challenge is a straight-forward online matching game for kids and grown-ups where you score points by switching colorful jelly around a large grid, and arrange as many 3-in-a-row matches as you can. Similar in style to Candy Crush and Bejeweled, this addicting activity rewards good observation skills combined with fast reactions and mouse-clicking / screen tapping. Happy Jelly matching!

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Lumeno is a relaxing and fun game where you have to match orbs to destroy them. The more orbs you destroy in a single move, the more points you earn, and the least moves you use of course. Connect the special orbs to destroy a full line of orbs, or destroy an area. The more you match the bigger your multiplier grows.

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Jewel Magic

Come and take a walk through the magical jewel filled forest in Jewel Magic, a magical and dazzling gem matching game. In Jewel Magic, your objective is to earn points by matching at least 3 gems of the same colour together in order to remove them. The more points you earn, the more likely you are to earn some cool powerups that you can use when you get stuck! Jewel Magic is sure to keep you entertained with its 120 logic and puzzle themed levels and classic gameplay. A game that all ages can enjoy!

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