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Play skill-based computer games for children, teens & Big Kids on Enjoy some of the best "fast reactions" games and "test your ability" games in one playing area. From classic concepts to the newest game ideas, from simple to the most challenging. Have fun playing with your friends and family! 

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Air Warfare 3D

Test your combat flying skills and nerve in a highly challenging fighter pilot RPG: Air Warfare 3D is a difficult and intense online flying and shooting game for older kids / teens where you must guide a missile-firing military jet into a chaotic free-roam air battle for an all-out dogfight, and try to survive for as long as possible. Score as many enemy plane eliminations as you can before your armor runs out, or you crash to the ground.

This all-action flying war game requires good observation skills, very hand-eye coordination, sharp reactions on your keyboard, and accurate shooting. Attack and defense are essential in equal measure in the sky. You must dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire while also placing yourself into good attacking positions. The awesome 3D graphics and authentic gameplay make for an edge-of-your-seat experience! How long can you survive in this frenzied air battle?

Note: This game is designed to be played on laptops and desktop PCs, it can only be played on mobile devices if you connect a keyboard as there are too many control buttons required to fit onto the screen for optimal gameplay. 

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Paper Flight

Paper Flight is a straight-forward, easy to play, fun paper aeroplane flight control game with plenty of upgrades and achievements to enjoy. The aim of this game is to throw a paper plane as far as you can, eventually being able to say you have travelled 1000 meters (or yards) while collecting as many achievements as possible, and upgrading your paper plane at the same time. You will throw your plane across various landscapes – flying over different cities, countries and continents. Ready to travel the world by paper plane? Good, just make sure you dont 'fold' under the pressure!.

This game will develop your speed and control with the mouse. Essentially the more speed you fling the paper plane, and with more control, this will definitely have a positive impact on your overall distance! Spend time playing to earn cash and then upgrade your paper plane! Have fun and good luck!

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Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D: In this fun and addicting diving game, help the character to complete as many flips as possible in the wide array of environments you are placed in. Can you defy the laws of physics and squeeze in that extra flip, or is it just the fear factor thats holding you back? Have fun and fulfill your backflip dreams now!

Complete as many flips as possible and land safely. You can tuck in as well to speed your flips up! This will require a fast hand on the mouse, plus good timing skills. You must time the flip to ensure that you do not flip too much and do not land safely! However, ensure that you flip enough times to complete the mission and get a high score!

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Mr. Bouncemasters 2

Mr. Bouncemasters 2 is a highly entertaining, simple to play and addictive game that will have you wondering why you didn't play it sooner! Come and have a go at making the penguin fly and bounce over seals in the arctic! Have you got the timing skills to send this penguin into the stars? Let's find out!

The aim of this game is to reach as far as possible with the flying penguin. The penguin is able to fly due to the bear swinging a bat and launching the penguin! The key skill required in this game is timing. Your timing of the swing will reflect how far the penguin flies. Too early and the swing will not be as sweet and you will get a short distance, but too late and the penguin will gain no height and also fall short. Collect coins to upgrade your penguin and strike power to help you increase your high score! Good luck!

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Paper Flight 2

In Paper Flight 2, see how far you can launch your paper aeroplane. In flight, collect stars and bonuses (such as extra speed and fuel) to keep your plane in the air as long as possible. Collecting stars and dollars means you can save up for upgrades to both your plane and the environment, keeping your plane in the air even longer! Making it far enough unlocks new arenas for your plane, where you can see how far you can fly from one throw!

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Color Tunnel

Experience the fast-paced and heart rate inducing insanity of Color Tunnel as you race through an eyewatering and multi color changing tunnel filled with obstacles. Saying you need quick reflexes is an understatement as Color Tunnel offers you no time to rest or take a breather as you make your way through rotating and layered traps and barriers. Color Tunnel is the perfect game for those wanting some adrenaline-pumping excitement while also being a great game to play with friends as you take turns to see who has the quickest reflexes.

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Basketball Kings 2024

Step onto the court and prepare to dominate in Basketball Kings 2024. This immersive basketball simulation game offers a thrilling experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. Enter one of the four dynamic basketball courts and outshine everyone with your skills. Zero-in on the hoop, take your shot, and watch as the ball soars through the air. With each high score, unlock new balls and discover which one you play best with. Will you rise to the challenge and become the king of the court?

Not only does Basketball Kings 2024 offer an adrenaline-pumping experience, but it also serves as a platform to enhance your skills. The game encourages the development of strategic thinking as you plan your shots and aim for the highest score. It also sharpens your motor skills as you navigate the court and take control of the ball. The fast-paced nature of the game promotes quick decision-making and improves your reaction time. So, while you're having fun, you're also training your brain and refining your motor skills.

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Soccer Shoot 3D

Ever fancied kicking a ball as far as you can into a virtual village? Well now you can in Soccer Shoot 3D! This simple game will have you kicking balls hundreds of metres and the fun of challenging your friends to see who can kick it the furthest! The key is timing your shot and acquiring money to upgrade your kick!

The aim of the game is to kick the ball as far as possible. You can do this by timing your kick so it shoots off in the green zone and also heads straight ahead, rather than being sliced to the side. Your reaction skills will be put to test here! Focus intently on the power bar and release the mouse button as soon as the dial enters the green zone!

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Muscle Clicker

Muscle Clicker invites you to embark on a transformative journey from the comfort of your screen. Imagine the satisfying clack of the mouse or the rhythmic tap on your screen as you turn a lean character into a symbol of strength and determination.

Embark on a path of self-improvement and dexterity as you navigate through the world of fitness and fortitude. With each click, you're not just building virtual muscles; you're enhancing your hand-eye coordination, sharpening your reaction times, and cultivating a sense of timing that's crucial both in and out of the gym. This game is a digital workout for your cognitive reflexes, challenging you to push the limits of your concentration and perseverance.

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Tower Builder

Tower Builder - Get ready to become completely immersed in this addicting physics-based game, a pressure environment that is all about balance. This game will test your ideas of balance and devleop your timing skills whilst giving you a lot of fun along the way! Come and have a go!

The aim of this game is to create a tower that is as high as possible. Although it initially looks like a simple figure puzzle game created for  kids – it isn’t that simple. This is a game for all ages, and requires a basic understanding of science – gravity, mass, geometry and how balance work. Perfect balance is considered when no object is wobbling or sliding. When an object is unstable – you can see some stardust glowing on the unstable object. Although unstable objects may stand still – they may have fractional motion and this is considered as “almost perfect balance”. Use this and your timing skills to achieve perfect balance and get a high score!

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Sky Rolling Ball

Sky Rolling Ball is a 3D physics based running style game, in which you control a ball rolling down a series of ramps. You need to keep your ball from falling or crashing into obstacles while also trying to collect floating red diamonds, which you can save up to spend in the main menu on character avatars or power ups that will help you go further to beat your high scores. The game is split into a series of different levels, that introduce new challenges such as sloped platforms and moving obstacles. You’ll need to be fast and coordinated to make your way through these tricky challenges!

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Vex 8

Immerse yourself in a world of thrilling challenges and heart-pounding excitement with Vex 8. This latest addition to the beloved Vex franchise takes you on a rollercoaster ride of dexterity, speed, and skill. Navigate through a labyrinth of obstacles, including the innovative red-green light traps, across nine action-packed acts. Unearth secret areas, collect coveted trophies, and test your mettle in the brand new infinite mode. The question is, how far can you push your limits without faltering?

As you traverse through the intricate landscapes of Vex 8, you'll find yourself honing a variety of skills. Your cognitive abilities will be sharpened as you strategize the best routes to overcome obstacles and reach your goals. Your motor skills will be put to the test as you maneuver with precision and speed. And let's not forget the resilience and perseverance you'll develop as you strive to conquer each level, no matter how challenging it may be. Vex 8 is more than just a game - it's a training ground for the mind and body.

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Wheelie Bike 2

Wheelie Bike 2 is a game that demands your complete focus and patience as your reflexes and timing are put to the test as you try to maintain a constant wheelie. See how far you can go and how many points you can earn without losing control and falling over. As soon as the wheelie is broken, it's game over. A simple game that should provide some entertainment while you're waiting in line or in the car.

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Cross that Road

Cross that Road: Tienes que ayudar al animalito a cruzar una calle concurrida, vías de tren y un ríos lleno de barcos. ¡El pobre animalito no puede llegar al otro lado sin tu ayuda y seguramente no deseas que lo lastime un automóvil o un tren!

¡Cruza la carretera sin sufrir daños! Salta sobre los pequeños objetos flotantes para cruzar el agua y ten cuidado con los trenes y coches que vienen de los lados. No caigas al agua o se acabará el juego.

Cómo jugar: Utiliza las flechas del teclado para avanzar, retroceder o desplazarte lateralmente. Evita colisionar con coches y trenes. Al cruzar el río, intenta saltar a los barcos que pasan y cruza el río. Para usuarios de móviles, ¡utiliza las flechas en pantalla para moverte! ¡Mucha suerte!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Screw Puzzle

Embark on a journey of precision and patience with Screw Puzzle, a game that transforms the simple act of screw-driving into a captivating challenge. Dive into a world where each level is a unique scene, demanding a different approach and strategy to conquer its intricacies.

Sharpen your mind and fine-tune your motor skills as you navigate through the levels of Screw Puzzle. This game is not just about turning screws; it's a mental gym where you exercise your problem-solving abilities, enhance your attention to detail, and boost your spatial awareness. Every twist and turn is a step towards mastering the art of patience and precision, skills that are invaluable in both the virtual and real world.

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Color Switch

Become immersed in the highly-addictive PC and mobile phenomenon that is Color Switch – an intense, ‘one-level’ tapping, gravity and timing-based, ball control game and visual challenge for kids, teens, adults and seniors! (This online version should work on most PC browsers and Android mobile phone or tablet devices.) Here, you must keep an ascending little dot (ball) under control by guiding it as far as possible through rotating, multi-colored obstacles. The catch is that your gravity-affected ball can only pass through an obstacle when it matches the color of the obstacle's panel – so you must time your movements very carefully! The ball also changes color in between each obstacle, so there is no opportunity to relax, and you must keep alert to the changing game environment at all times!

Reasons to play: Color Switch is a fun, immersive and highly-stimulating reaction skills game offering a wacky twist on the hugely popular Flappy Bird concept. Color Switch provides an awesome test and exercise of your concentration levels, hand-eye coordination, patience, timing and reflex speed as you are constantly keeping the ball on the move with swift screen tapping or mouse clicking actions. Great determination and a willingness for trial and error are also key required skills as you strive to beat your own best score with each new attempt!

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Football Kickoff

Step into the cleats of a pro kicker in Football Kickoff, an immersive and thrilling game that brings the high-stakes world of American football right to your fingertips. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you take the field, the crowd's cheers echoing in your ears, the game's outcome resting on your shoulders. With the wind whipping around you, the goalposts in sight, and the scoreboard ticking, it's time to show the world what you've got. Can you kick your way to victory?

Football Kickoff isn't just a game; it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate the challenges of wind direction, angle, and power, you'll be honing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game's fast-paced nature will also test and improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. So, whether you're a football enthusiast or a casual gamer, Football Kickoff offers a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive and motor skills.

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Cannon Minimal

Cannon Minimal is a fun accuracy game that combines logic and intuitive skills in order to become a pro at this game. Use your projectile maths skills to determine the perfect angle and power required to make the perfect shot!

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Head to Head Soccer

Play as some of soccer's brightest stars in the wacky game of ‘Heads Arena’ – where players face off against each other on a confined football field, and try to force the ball into the opponent's goal during a pinball-style frenzy of ball ricocheting action! Head to Head Soccer is an awesome, high-energy, bobble-head, football-based skill game – playable on iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! In crazy 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 match-ups against the computer or your friends or family, you play as bobble-head caricatures of famous footballers, and must out-score your opponent in a game that combines the mayhem and fun of soccer, pinball, air hockey, volleyball, and table tennis all in one!

Skills required: This fun, addictive and highly stimulating, reactions-based ball game places great emphasis on sharp reflexes, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, timing, and your ability to react to a fast-moving ball in a confined space. The sheer unpredictability of the ricocheting soccer ball means that you must be completely focused and concentrated at all times if you want to combine attack and defense to triumph over your opponent.

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Flip Parkour Pro

Leap into the electrifying realm of acrobatics with Flip Parkour Pro, where gravity is a mere suggestion, and the thrill of the flip reigns supreme. Prepare to be captivated by a world where every leap is a brushstroke on the canvas of airborne artistry, and each landing is a beat in the rhythm of exhilarating precision.

Embark on a journey that not only spikes your adrenaline but also hones your reflexes and spatial awareness. As you master the art of the flip, you'll find your coordination and timing improving, along with your ability to anticipate and react to the ever-changing challenges that each new level presents. Flip Parkour Pro is more than just a game; it's a training ground for the mind and body, a place where agility meets strategy, and every move is a step towards becoming a parkour virtuoso.

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Parkour Block 2

Join our brave adventurer as he explores an underground and lava-filled temple in Parkour Block 2. Help the adventurer perform feats of parkour as he jumps between floating platforms, making sure not to misstep and fall into the dangerous lava below. Journey through Parkour Block 2’s 42 levels, facing increasingly more difficult challenges in your quest to find out what awaits beyond the final level!

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Classic Bowling

Fancy yourself as a brilliant bowling Kingpin? If so, smash a strike, salvage a spare, and score as close to a ‘Perfect Game’ as possible in this tricky interactive bowling simulation game - playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Classic Bowling is an easy-to-play yet challenging, ten pin bowling game where your task is to score as highly as you can in standard 10-frame bowling. Adjust your bowler's lane position, shot power and curve action, and figure out the best way to smash into the pins with precision accuracy!

Skills required: Just like with bowling in real life, this is a game of very fine margins. Accurate and tactful mouse clicking / keyboard control / finger tapping reaction skills, depending on the device you choose to play with, are vitally important. Smart strategy, good concentration and timing skills are also key as you seek to score high with each shot.

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Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club is a highly competitive multiplayer game where sportsmanship and strategy collide. With the chance to compete against six players in fast-paced matches, this game lets you test your skills against opponents around the world or have a relaxing session with your friends. You are paired with people from your selected region in public matches, but you can also create and customize private matches and invite your friends.

The game offers hundreds of challenging levels teeming with tricky obstacles and potential shortcuts. Each course features dynamic elements like jump zones and speed boosters, and most levels can be completed in multiple ways, adding immense replay value to the game. Matches reward coins, which can be used to purchase cosmetics like hats and trails to customize your ball.

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Physics Box

Physics Box es un juego educativo basado en la física que enseña a superar barreras utilizando tu lógica y tus conocimientos. Debes hacer rebotar la caja de tal forma que se eleve y te lleve hasta la plataforma requerida. Se trata de un juego difícil que sin duda supondrá un reto para ti y para tu cerebro. ¿Estás preparado para el reto?

El objetivo del juego es elevar la caja hasta la bandera de meta, que estará más alta que tu posición inicial. Debes hacerla rebotar contra las paredes de forma que la caja se eleve en el aire. Hazlo en las múltiples plataformas para llevar la caja a la cima, donde estará la bandera final. Pon a prueba tus conocimientos de física para poder elevar la caja de forma rápida y eficaz. Mucha suerte.

Cómo jugar: Debes conseguir que la caja se levante del suelo y llegue hasta la bandera de meta. Debes hacer rebotar la caja haciendo clic con el botón izquierdo del ratón, lo que liberará una bola que golpeará la superficie más cercana. La dirección en la que hagas clic determinará la dirección del rebote. Haz clic debajo de la caja para que ésta rebote hacia arriba. Una vez que la bola golpee la superficie, rebotará la caja en la dirección opuesta. Para móviles, toca la pantalla para disparar la pelota.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Knife Skill

Sit back and relax (if you can) with Knife Skill, an enjoyable carnival/competition game that offers the right amount of challenge. The aim of the game is to throw all of the knives given to you into the spinning target, making sure to not let any of your knives hit each other. Make sure to aim for apples as a secondary objective — collect enough of them, and you can unlock some other awesome knives. Test your knife skills!

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Traffic Racer Fever

Traffic Racer Fever:¿Alguna vez te ha gustado intentar esquivar coches en multitud cómo modo de juego? ¿En sentido contrario, en una autopista o en una carretera pequeña? Pues ahora puedes, ¡y además puedes mantenerte alejado de los problemas! Bienvenido a Traffic Racer Fever. Acelera tan rápido puedas, con un único objetivo, ¡no chocar con ningún otro coche! tu corazón se acelerará, pero serás tú quien esté en el asiento del conductor, así que ¡mantén la calma y concéntrate!

Este juego es sencillo: ¡conduce tan rápido como puedas y evita el tráfico! Recoge monedas por el camino para acercarte más a los coches y acumula puntos en los diferentes modos y mapas. Esto pondrá a prueba tus habilidades de juicio, acércate pero no demasiado a otros coches. También tendrás que prestar mucha atención, ¡cuidado con los coches que cambian de carril!

Cómo jugar: Usa las teclas de flecha o WASD para controlar el vehículo. Arriba/W - acelerar, Abajo/S - frenar, Izquierda/Derecha o A/D - para girar a la izquierda/derecha. Pulsa C para cambiar de cámara y BARRA ESPACIADORA para accionar el freno de mano.

Este juego está basado en HTML5 y funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Stick Archery

If you love archery and stickman games, then Stick Archery is the game for you. Control your character’s bow to shoot at the enemies and eliminate them to complete the levels. Once you draw your bow you will be able to see the direction of the arrow.

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Vex 7

Looking for an action-packed game that will challenge your skills? Look no further than Vex 7, an exciting online game that will put your reflexes and parkour abilities to the test!

Not only is Vex 7 a thrilling and addictive game, but it also provides a great opportunity to improve your coordination, reflexes, and problem-solving skills. With each level you conquer, you'll become more adept at quickly analyzing and responding to challenges, making this game an excellent tool for skill development.

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Knights Diamond

Guide a combative medieval knight on a courageous quest for diamonds through side-scrolling, platform-based levels filled with skeleton ghouls, spiked obstacles, and other wacky hindrances! Knights Diamond is an action-packed, run-and-jump adventure and escape game where you must find a large diamond, and then progress to the Exit Door in a series of increasingly-difficult levels. Playable on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, you must try to keep your knight out of harm's way by avoiding spiky obstacles, and defeating the skeleton baddies wielding your knight's sword. Collect gold coins along your way to increase your score, and use them to improve your knight’s attributes in between levels.

This online, HTML5-based, action arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include nifty keyboard control or finger tapping prowess (depending on whether you are playing the game on a mobile / tablet device or on laptop / PC). Fast reflexes, sharp hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills are also important. Some levels require additional thinking and puzzle problem-solving skills, and higher levels of concentration as the diamonds can often be hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

Controls: For PC / laptop / notebook players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your knight's movement. Press Spacebar to wield your sword and other weapons. For mobile / tablet players, tap on the arrow buttons in the bottom corners of the game screen to control movement, and tap the sword icon to use your weapons. 

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Robo Clone

Join the duo of robot brothers as they speed through neon colored and lit racetracks in Robo Clone. Aid the robotic brothers in their quest to collect as many holo-cubes as they can while trying to stay alive and not get it by one of the many spinning and bladed traps. Robo Clone is a casual obstacle avoidance racer that should keep you entertained for many hours!

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Infinite Bike Trials

Experience the ultimate stunts in Infinite Bike Trials, an action-packed obstacle racer that will keep you entertained through its over 200 levels! Pick from a variety of BMX motorbikes and quadbikes as you try to clear levels filled with insane ramps, moving platforms and even wreaking balls! Infinite Bike Trials will both excite and frustrate you with its challenging yet rewarding gameplay!

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Basketball Shot

Feel like playing a game of basketball but all the web ones are too easy? Why not give Basketball Shot a shot instead; a fun, casual and relaxing game while still giving you some challenge. You make as many shots as you want, but you will only have 9 "lives", so try not to miss. The goal? See how many points you can get, show your friends, challenge them and see if they can beat it.

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Football Storm Strike

Play a fast-paced, soccer goal shooting game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop players! Football Storm Strike is an action-packed, soccer football-based skill game where you find yourself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and must score as many spectacular goals as possible!

Forget those fancy formations and tactical plans! This boils down to a very simple question; Have you got the nerve, poise, and skill to repeatedly put the ball into the back of the net under extreme pressure?

This highly-addicting, online soccer game requires good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions - whether you're using your mouse or finger to shoot the ball goalward. Smashing the ball in the general direction of the net is not sufficient here – You need a certain amount of creativity and guile to know when to change up your shot trajectory, when to bend the ball around the goalie, and how to respond to a saved effort. You're in the Big League now – It's time to step up and show off that striker's instinct you've been dreaming about!

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