Ball games for kids to play online for free: Ball games for girls/ boys, teens on the internet for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet with no download. Soccer games, American football games,...
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Online Ball Games for Kids

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Online ball games for children, teens & Big Kids - Play all kinds of fun ball games including online American football games, soccer, baseball games, basketball, golf, online pool games and ball action/ strategy games on your computer. From simple fun activities to more challenging games. Happy ball playing with friends and family on!

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Pill Soccer

Experience some hazardous soccer shenanigans in Pill Soccer! Play against a friend or test your luck and skill against other actual players online. Earn gems by winning games which you can later use to buy new outfits, soccer balls or save up to unlock the wonderous tournament games! Stop waiting, get your soccer shoes on and come play Pill Soccer.

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Rugby Ball Mayhem

Run like crazy, get the ball, defend your team and get the touchdown all in Football Mayhem.

Nothing beats a quick game of football, and in this little game, it’s no different. Your aim is to grab the ball and run like heck to the other side to get the touchdown. Just be sure to dodge the opposing team, they’ve got quick fingers and will grab that ball right out of your hand. But don’t despair just yet, you can tackle them right back and grab it out from under them. Your team is right beside you, and if you drop the ball (so to speak) they’ll pick it up and race to the end of the field like no body’s business. Just be sure to tackle the incoming players!

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Super Baseball

Super Baseball brings the excitement to you! Play as a batter and try and hit as many home runs as possible. You will feel the buzz of a sweet connection as you watch your ball go flying high into the sky, with a roar from the crowd too. Compete against other players as you try and beat their score, and rank up and gain xp as you play too! Have fun and good luck!

The aim of the game is to beat the score set by your opponent. Your shots are ranked by their connection, for example 'okay' 'good' 'great' and 'home run'. The better the shot the more points you earn! This game is all about timing of your mouse click. Judge the speed of the ball coming towards you and swing just at the right time to get the perfect connection. You are able to use the timer at the centre of the screen. It will decrease in size and you must wait until it gets into the sweet spot and then start swinging! Enjoy!

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Tricky Kick

Tricky Kick is a cool football game where you can dribble past opponents and score all by just clicking. Change the ball's direction by clicking/tapping and eventually have a shot and try to score! Beware of the defenders in the way who will attempt to tackle you, and the pesky goalkeeper who will try to stop your shots!

The game is a really cool way to score good goals, with achievements available for ‘Ronaldo' or ‘Messi' type goals. Use coins for achievements to get cooler soccer balls to play with. The real commentary from football matches makes this game super fun to play.

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Sky Rolling Ball

Sky Rolling Ball is a 3D physics based running style game, in which you control a ball rolling down a series of ramps. You need to keep your ball from falling or crashing into obstacles while also trying to collect floating red diamonds, which you can save up to spend in the main menu on character avatars or power ups that will help you go further to beat your high scores. The game is split into a series of different levels, that introduce new challenges such as sloped platforms and moving obstacles. You’ll need to be fast and coordinated to make your way through these tricky challenges!

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Return Man Football

Return Man Football:  This American football game will have you playing for hours as you feel the buzz and the thrill of scoring a touchdown! The simple interface enables fans of all ages to play and have a go, so what are you waiting for? Come and see if you can make it in the NFL!

The aim of the game is to score a touchdown. To do this, you must avoid the oncoming defenders who take no prisoners. Try and trick them into leaving holes in their defensive line which you can then expose. Play with a strategy and a game plan. Having a good strategy is key, as without one, you'll struggle to break down the defensive shape. Try feinting to create space to run into!

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Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club is a highly competitive multiplayer game where sportsmanship and strategy collide. With the chance to compete against six players in fast-paced matches, this game lets you test your skills against opponents around the world or have a relaxing session with your friends. You are paired with people from your selected region in public matches, but you can also create and customize private matches and invite your friends.

The game offers hundreds of challenging levels teeming with tricky obstacles and potential shortcuts. Each course features dynamic elements like jump zones and speed boosters, and most levels can be completed in multiple ways, adding immense replay value to the game. Matches reward coins, which can be used to purchase cosmetics like hats and trails to customize your ball.

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Soccer Shoot 3D

Ever fancied kicking a ball as far as you can into a virtual village? Well now you can in Soccer Shoot 3D! This simple game will have you kicking balls hundreds of metres and the fun of challenging your friends to see who can kick it the furthest! The key is timing your shot and acquiring money to upgrade your kick!

The aim of the game is to kick the ball as far as possible. You can do this by timing your kick so it shoots off in the green zone and also heads straight ahead, rather than being sliced to the side. Your reaction skills will be put to test here! Focus intently on the power bar and release the mouse button as soon as the dial enters the green zone!

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Table Tennis Pro

Table Tennis Pro is a very challenging online table tennis game where you take on the computer in a fast-paced version of this classic indoor Olympic sport. Compete against opponents from all over the world (AI opponents) in an epic table tennis tournament, designed to sort the pros from the amateurs! The question is – are you a Ping-Pong prodigy, destined for greatness? Well, it’s time to pick up your paddle, and show them who is the true master of the art!

The aim of this game is to become a table tennis pro! This all-action indoor sport activity is a good match for fans of table tennis or any high-octane racket sport. Your quick reactions will be thoroughly tested, as you have to move your table tennis bat around the screen at lightning speed. Accuracy and timing are also extremely important, as your hard-hitting computer opponents are very tough to beat. Hand-eye coordination abilities are also vital for a successful run at the title. Keep your eye on the ball at all times - and take the first step toward becoming the awe-inspiring Legend of Table Tennis. Good luck out there on the floor!

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8 Ball Pool with Friends

8 Ball Pool With Friends is a classic eight-pool game where you play against the computer or other players. Clear the table off solids or striped balls, depending on which ones you got first. Beat your opponent and hone your skills.

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Two Ball 3D

Two Ball 3D is a 3D physics based game, in which you need to keep your ball from falling or crashing off a series of ramps, and collect floating diamonds. When you successfully collect diamonds, you can save up to buy items in the main menu such as character avatars and power ups. You can choose to play single player, or in split screen, test your reflexes against a friend!

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Jump Basket

Jump Basket is a simple basketball themed game where your goal is to sink more baskets than the other team before time runs out. In Jump Basket, you can play against an AI team, online against another player, or even in two-player mode with a friend on the same device. Jump Basket is a quick and casual game and is perfect to keep you distracted while waiting for the time to pass.

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Red Ball Forever

Experience extreme excitement in the wacky and weird world of Red Ball Forever! Control the excitable and adventures Red Ball as he navigates levels by jumping over rivers, over mountains and through obstacles collecting stars along the way. Use these stars to purchase other colourful characters to play with. Go now and experience this family-friendly game for yourself but remember to avoid the enemy blocks and the nasty traps as you will only have three lives per level.

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Basketball Master

Prove yourself to be a true virtual basketball hotshot by scoring increasingly-difficult throws using a drag-and-drop shooting action! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Basketball Master is a straight-forward, fun yet challenging basketball simulation where you use your computer mouse or tapping action to score as many baskets in a row as possible. This can be extremely tricky with the shots becoming more difficult as you progress – with obstacles and moving targets being introduced as the shots to take on get harder and harder. There is simply no room for error in Basketball Master; one missed shot, and your game is over! Keep trying to increase your high score with each new run!

This multi-level, HTML5-based, street basketball / ball throwing simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include focus, sharp hand-eye coordination, good anticipation skills and judgment of the flight trajectory, and a real determination and will to win. Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills come into play as you work to figure out the correct looping angle and trajectory for each new shot. An acceptance of trial and error is also important; if you fail on one particular level, try and learn from your mistake on the next shot.

Controls: On PC / laptop as well as on mobile devices, you shoot using a drag and release shooting action. Drag with your computer mouse cursor on PC / notebook, and with your finger on mobile / tablet. A dotted target line (of basketballs) appears as your aiming and flight guide. Release your click or finger to shoot.

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Hole 24

Ever wanted to play hardcore golf? Then Hole 24 is the perfect game for you. You have to reach the hole, but be aware of obstacles like spikes, and trees. You can throw as many times, you only need to reach the hole without touching the spikes.

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Basket Swooshes

Basket Swooshes: Challenge your basketball skills in this exciting fast paced game! Beat your opponent by shooting more goals than them. First to 11 wins. You play as a nation of your choice in a tournament and you represent them! Do your best to win! Good luck.

Shoot goals into the hoop and beat your opponent getting to 11 successful shots. This game requires good accuracy with the mouse as this is how you will control the trajectory of your shot.

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8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a super fun pool game where you can play against the computer. The game has three levels of poo, easy, medium and hard. Challenge yourself to try and beat the hardest level, but beware, it's not easy!

The game allows you to choose where you place your shot, whilst also allowing you to control the power and spin you put on the ball. You have unlimited time between shots, letting you make sure you have it just right.

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Bomb Balls

Bomb Balls 3D is a relaxing and simple casual game where your objective is to clear a platform of all piled up objects by shooting at them with a canon. Clear each platform of all objects and with cannonballs to spare to advance to the next level. Its quick and simple gameplay make Bomb Balls 3D a great choice for your kids to play while waiting for you as you run errands.

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Jump On 2

Jump On 2 is an exciting and challenging game where you navigate a ball upwards, one floor at a time with every tap. However, watch out! Some floors end abruptly, leading to a fall and game over. As you ascend, the game's difficulty intensifies, and the thrill amplifies.

Adding to the challenge is a timer of 30 seconds, making every move critical. Collect bonuses such as extra time along your journey to extend your play and improve your chances. The ultimate goal? Ascend as high as possible!

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Soccer Target

Soccer Target is a fun soccer game where you have to hit the moving target with the soccer ball, making sure to get the correct amount of power. Get the highest score you can by hitting the target right in the middle, and remember, you only have 3 lives!

The target moves quite fast, making this game tricky, especially considering you only have 3 lives! The game will frustrate you, but you won't be able to help yourself trying again to beat your highscore! As the game progresses, obstacles will be thrown in to make it even harder!

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Red Ball 6

Experience some high-octane and thrilling gameplay in Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball. Take control of a thrill-seeking red ball as it makes its way through 4 map stages, each filled with a dozen missions. Dodge and surprise enemies, jump over and survive treacherous obstacles and use the environment to your advantage as you try to clear each level. It is gameplay like this that marks Red Ball 6 as a truly exciting platform side-scroller.

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Heroball Adventures

Undertake a perilous adventure in the shape of a spherical hero on a quest to recuse his captured friends in Heroball Adventures. Navigate and jump through platform-style levels while you try to avoid dangerous traps and bodies of water. Go froth and rescue all the captured friends of Heroball in this truly addictive platform game and its 16 levels.

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Splitter is a dynamic puzzle and obstacle styled game that requires you to use a fair bit of logic and know-how in order to solve. The goal of the game is to help the smiling yellow ball reach the brown portal. The only catch is that you need to use physics to do this as the ball cannot move on its own. Use a technique of carefully planned cuts to create slopes, ramps, and cut strings in order to make the ball move about. That said, you will only be allowed to make a certain number of cuts per level. Splitter is a fun puzzle game that all ages can enjoy!

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Island Survival 3D

Come and test your skills with this simple, fun and addictive game, Island Survival 3D! Guide your ball across the tricky environment whilst dodging and overcoming a wide variety of obstacles, put in place to challenge you and put your brain to the test.

Your mission is to get the ball from one side to the other! Do not let the ball fall in the water or get crushed by the obstacles you come across! This fun and addicting arcade challenge tests your observation skills, problem solving skills, decision making, and quick reactions. Timing is everything as you attempt to methodically manoeuvre the ball through the pathways toward the end of each mission. Have you got the dexterous ability and determination to make it through this challenging 3D environment? It’s time to roll the ball, and find out!

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Ultimate Baseball

Ultimate Baseball is a fun casual game that should be just perfect for baseball fans as well as for the kids. Step in the shoes of the batter, as you try to score as many home runs as you can through timed sequence events. Don't worry if you miss it just keep trying until you get the hang of it!

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American Football Kick

In American football, the kicker has one of the most pressure-filled jobs on the entire roster. His extra point or field goal kicking skills can be the difference between winning and losing entire championships! Now, let's test "your" kicking prowess with this interactive, field goal kicking simulation game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC.

American Football Kick is a fun, challenging yet relaxing, visual and timing-based skill game (for kids, teens & grownups) where you must score as many points as possible by kicking field goals from a variety of increasingly-difficult angles on the field. You earn points for how centrally you kick the ball through the posts.

This online, HTML5-based, American football-themed skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include good visual and hand-eye coordination skills, good timing, sharp reactions, patience, a cool head and determination (whether you play by computer mouse click or keyboard control by Spacebar or touchscreen tapping on your phone or tablet). Enjoy the field goal kicking challenge!

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Pool Clash: Ball Billiards Snooker

Pool Clash 8 Ball Billiards Snooker is an amusing and realistic 8-pool game, where you can play against a computer, multiplayer games, or complete challenges to see how good you are at billiards. There are several difficulties when playing against the computer and as many as 120+ challenges.

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Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 is a simple and fun platformer for kids!

Can you make it to the exit? Find enough coins first! In this game, you control a cute red ball on your search for coins! Make it to the exit after earning enough, but watch out for enemies and spikes! If you get hit too many times and lose all of your health, you have to retry! Checkpoints help though and you can always come back and try again later. You only need a certain amount of coins to open the door, but can you find all of them? There are thirty levels in this adorable game. Can you beat them all?

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Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf

Shaun The Sheep Baahmy Golf is an easy-to-play, simple and fun golf game. It is similar to crazy golf but the golfer is Shaun the Sheep. Sounds fun right? Let's see how good a golfer Shaun the Sheep is, can you help him get a hole in one?

The aim of this game is to get a maximum score after 5 shots. Get points by getting the ball in the hole and also by hitting everything in sight with your golf ball. This game requires excellent timing and reaction time skills, as these two traits depend on the power and angle of your shot, which ultimately decides how good your shot is! So make sure you are on the top of your game!

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Roller Splat

Roller Splat is a fun puzzle game where you paint over 1200 levels of mazes with a variety of items by moving in straight lines with a series of objects, from a paintball right the way up to emojis and unicorns! The catch is that, while you can move in straight lines in any direction you choose, the object only stops when it reaches a wall in its way. This game will challenge your thinking skills, making you puzzle over how to reach those last tricky to get to spots and complete every maze!

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Crazy Freekick Game

Experience some football mayhem in Crazy Freekick as you try to score a freekick for your country and team. Determine how your character will kick the ball, left or right, high or low as you try and get the ball past the vigilant goalkeeper. A great game for the football fanatics.

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Hop Ball

Hop Ball Listen to the magic beat, follow the rhythm and use your musical reflexes to guide the ball from tiles to tiles. Touch, Hold and Drag the ball to make it jump on the Tiles. If the tile moves left - hold the mouse key pressed (or keep finger on the screen and drag it left) and drag the mouse to the left to make the ball move to the left where the tile is. Don't Miss the Tiles! Enjoy the awesome music and addictive challenges designed for each song. And do not forget - Listen to the Rhythm!

Use mouse to play. This online, HTML5-based, jumping and timing skill game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Alertness, sharp reactions, timing, anticipation skills, and good hand-eye coordination are all vitally important here as you attempt to keep the little green ball in play, rolling forwards toward the Exit Portal. You must keep your focus and concentration throughout as each level begins almost immediately after the previous one ends, and there are always multiple obstacles and hindrances in your path from the off! 

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Puppet Soccer Challenge

Puppet Soccer Challenge is a classic physics challenge game where you control a soccer star who needs to score as many goals as possible without missing any shots. Avoid obstacles and collect stars to make it through as many levels and gain as many points as you can! This game will have you addicted for hours trying to beat your high scores and trying to get through just one more level!

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The Black & White

A dual puzzle experience, The Black and White expects some inverse thinking.

Two small beings have been sucked into a portal and are trying to find their way home. You have to help them by navigating them over the different terrains and back into their portals. Black into the black portal and white into the white portal. They will each start on opposite ends of the screen and will need to navigate over to the other side. What makes the game tricky is once you figure out the one way, you have to then think about how to navigate the other, but this time in reverse. The soothing music does little to alleviate the tension as you try and puzzle your way out the tricky terrain.

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Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball is a fun street baseball game, in which you’ll go one against one to score the most points from the same throws as your opponent! You play on the streets, and good hits that smash windows behind the pitcher will score bonus points. If you’re winning, you’ll get a champion’s crown, and if you still have the most points at the end of the level, you’ll be able to take on new opponents!

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