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Computer puzzle games for children, teens & Big Kids. We believe that we have put some of the best kids’ online games in one place. From classic to newest, from simple fun to the most challenging.

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Bubble Shooter Pro 2

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bubble Shooter Pro 2, where precision, strategy, and a kaleidoscope of bubbles await to whisk you away on an arcade adventure like no other. With its enhanced visuals and an arsenal of new boosters, this sequel promises to elevate your bubble-popping experience to professional levels, delivering non-stop entertainment and a splash of color to your daily routine.

Sharpen your aim and indulge in a mental workout as you navigate through the bubble-laden skies of this captivating game. Each level is a test of your strategic thinking and quick reflexes, encouraging you to anticipate the cascade of colors and plan your moves with foresight. As you progress, you'll find your problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination improving, all while you're wrapped up in the thrill of the chase for that next high score.

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Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a game very similar to the classic mahjong but it is played on a three-dimensional cube, where you have to select two similar blocks to eliminate them until the whole level is cleared. Clear the sides and slowly make it to the center to finish the level.

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Draw and Save Stickman

Draw and Save Stickman is an excellent game for children as it promotes critical thinking and creativity. The game requires players to think ahead and come up with innovative solutions to protect Stickman from the various dangers and traps that come his way. By engaging in this kind of strategic thinking, children are able to exercise their problem-solving skills and develop their mental agility.

Additionally, the game's drawing mechanic provides an excellent opportunity for children to improve their artistic abilities. Drawing the protection shield requires players to use the mouse to create a variety of shapes and designs. As they progress through the levels, children can experiment with different colors and styles to make their drawings even more creative. This kind of artistic expression not only helps to develop children's motor skills, but it can also be a lot of fun for them. Draw and Save Stickman is a fantastic game that provides children with an enjoyable way to develop their cognitive and artistic abilities.

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Noob Escape: One Level Again

Noob (the poorly named) master thief has been caught again and he needs your help to bust out of prison. Noob Escape: One Level Again is an insane puzzle-solving game that is sure to get your brain muscles flexing again! Test your deduction skills through over 100 levels, each with its own unique challenges and surprises. Just make sure to read the instructions and clues very carefully! See if you can beat everything that the game throws at you!

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Onnect Pair Matching Puzzle

Onnect Pair Matching Puzzle: This is a dessert matching puzzle game where must match up the desserts on the board to make them disappear. They have to be either next to each other, or there must be a clear path from one to the other. You can create space for this by eliminating other desserts off the board. This is very addictive and will also make you hungry as well! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to clear the board of desserts. Do this by clearing them two at a time when you find a matching pair that can be connected. This game will test and develop your observational skills as you desperately search to find matches on the board. You must have a razor sharp focus with an eagle eye to spot and quickly dispatch the board of desserts.

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10 Blocks

10 Blocks is deceptively simple! Although it takes its inspiration from Tetris, it is quite the brain teaser - and at times even more difficult.

This game breaks the rule of Tetris and essentially gives you all the control. No more blocks careening down at you, now you can choose where to put them. Simple! You start with 3 pieces you need to put in an open square space. After you place them, you immediately get 3 more pieces you also have to fit into that square space. Soon you're running out of space and the grey screen hits you with a terrible ‘no more moves' sign. Despite having more control, it seems to be even harder than Tetris!

It does, thankfully, lend some other rules from Tetris. If you close a line with blocks that line will disappear, giving you some space to fill up again. But you'll notice it takes a little longer to do than in Tetris, and you'll struggle to fit them in to get that cathartic disappearing line.

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Step into a world of mystery and suspense with Hangman! This thrilling word puzzle game will have you on the edge of your seat as you race against time to solve over 6,000 puzzles. With each wrong guess, the hangman's balloon pops, bringing the lurking monster closer to its dinner. Each puzzle comes with a clue to guide you, but remember, the stakes are high - how many balloons can you save before the beast gets you?

Hangman is not just a game of thrill and suspense, it's a mental workout that sharpens your cognitive abilities. It enhances your vocabulary, improves your spelling skills, and stimulates your problem-solving abilities. It's a test of your memory and recall abilities as you try to remember words that fit the given clues. The pressure of the looming monster also helps you develop your decision-making skills under pressure. So, while you're having fun saving balloons and outsmarting the beast, you're also giving your brain a good exercise.

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Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend: Come and have hours of fun on this addictive and simple game! Let the great Jewel Legend begin. The travelers from all around the world have come to the mines to dig those diamonds out. Join them in the effort to find as many diamonds as possible while engaging in various challenges that you will keep you entertained for long periods of time. What are you waiting for?

Match as many diamonds as possible to get them to vanish! The key to this game is speed. Have you got a fast enough eye to spot the opportunities the swap diamonds round and create a chain? Furthermore have you got a fast enough hand to take advantage of the quick spot? Lets find out!

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Rescue Hero

Rescue Hero embarks on a thrilling quest through a medieval castle to uncover hidden treasures and save a princess from fearsome creatures. With a landscape filled with dragons, wolves, and monsters, this game combines strategy, puzzle-solving, and adventure in a vibrant, cartoonish medieval setting.

Embark on this journey not just for the thrill of adventure but to sharpen your mind and reflexes. As you navigate through intricate puzzles and outsmart the guardians of the treasure, you'll enhance your problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and reaction time. Each challenge is a step towards becoming not just a hero in the game, but a sharper, more agile thinker in real life.

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Screw Puzzle

Embark on a journey of precision and patience with Screw Puzzle, a game that transforms the simple act of screw-driving into a captivating challenge. Dive into a world where each level is a unique scene, demanding a different approach and strategy to conquer its intricacies.

Sharpen your mind and fine-tune your motor skills as you navigate through the levels of Screw Puzzle. This game is not just about turning screws; it's a mental gym where you exercise your problem-solving abilities, enhance your attention to detail, and boost your spatial awareness. Every twist and turn is a step towards mastering the art of patience and precision, skills that are invaluable in both the virtual and real world.

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Robox is a blocky puzzle game where you control a robot to help him find his way to the door. Shoot boxes using your teleportation gun and push others to help you get to the right position with enemies and traps along the way. There will be puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome, so make sure to put on your thinking cap when progressive through these vast levels.

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Yes Or No Challenge Run

Yes Or No Challenge Run beckons you into a whimsical world where quick thinking and swift feet are your greatest allies. Embark on an exhilarating journey filled with snap decisions and vibrant pathways that will challenge your reflexes and wit at every turn.

Sharpen your mind and hone your dexterity as you navigate through this fantastical realm. Each choice you make not only alters your path but also serves as a catalyst for personal growth. Enhance your decision-making prowess, bolster your problem-solving skills, and refine your reaction times as you leap from platform to platform, answering the questions that fate throws your way.

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Sit back, relax and play a truly electrifying game in Electrio. Electrio is a great puzzle linking game, reimagined in an interesting science aesthetic with the goal being to connect all the electrons and protons within the overlapping lines. EG Electrode is not only a fun puzzle game for adults but also children, providing them with a game that might very well develop their interests in science. See if you have the brains to complete all 25 levels!

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Amazing Sticky Hex

Amazing Sticky Hex is a quirky and beautiful addition to the puzzle game genre where you need to fill in all the empty hexagons on the grid board by placing various shiny gems into the right spots. This is also a game that awards careful planning and a more think before you leap mentality, as the few mistakes you make, the more stars you will earn. These starts, in turn, can be used to pay for hints should you really get stuck later on. This game is sure to become a welcome addition to your daily routine!

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Roller Splat

Roller Splat is a fun puzzle game where you paint over 1200 levels of mazes with a variety of items by moving in straight lines with a series of objects, from a paintball right the way up to emojis and unicorns! The catch is that, while you can move in straight lines in any direction you choose, the object only stops when it reaches a wall in its way. This game will challenge your thinking skills, making you puzzle over how to reach those last tricky to get to spots and complete every maze!

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Physics Drop

Physics Drop is a challenging puzzle game where you have to use physics to complete the levels. Help the ball reach the basket at the end, and earn your well-deserved victory.

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Amaze is a fun, unusual and challenging puzzle game for young kids where you have to conquer all the free space in the shape! This unusual brain-teaser activity should help to improve your concentration and observation skills. This is really simple to play and very, very addictive, so come and have a go!

Your mission is to eat all the space up within the shape and conquer all of the available area! You need quick hands and a good understanding of puzzles. Use your puzzle solving expertise to figure the best way around this challenge! When you move the ball, if you press left for instance, the ball will continue moving left until it hits the wall. Bare this in mind when trying to move the ball to get that last bit of space!

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Jungle Temple Blast

Play a challenging, match 3 jewel-swapping game with different missions! Jungle Temple Blast is an interactive, multi-level matching puzzle where you must complete specific matching tasks by swapping jewels around in a grid so that they line up in horizontal or vertical groups of three or more. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must hit specific targets depending on what your mission is in order to progress to the next level.

Skills required: As in many match 3 grid puzzle games inspired by the Candy Crush phenomenon, you must utilize fast reactions, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, shrewd observation, and dogged determination in order to succeed. Due to the different level types and fluctuating time limits, you need to adapt your strategy each time you take on the grid.

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Bomb the Bridge

Bomb the Bridge is an exciting logic puzzle game where you have to use explosives to stop the enemies crossing the bridge. Place the explosives so that you can destroy the bridge while the enemies are crossing it.

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Bob The Robber 4: Russia

Bob the Robber 4: Russia is a challenging game where you have to help a thief steal some precious objects on every level while collecting as much money as you can while doing so. Avoid the guards and cameras that will get you arrested, and get codes or keys to open doors to escape once your mission is done.

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Construct a Bridge

Construct a Bridge is a puzzle game where you have to build bridges to help vehicles cross the gaps in each level. The more materials you use and the longer you take to complete each level, the fewer stars you will get at the end of it. Make sure you build the best bridges in all of history, be creative.

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Favorite Puzzles

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Favorite Puzzles, a delightful jigsaw puzzle game that offers an endless gallery of stunning images. From serene landscapes to intricate patterns, there's a puzzle to suit every taste. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a curious beginner, you can customize the difficulty level to your liking, dividing the picture into anywhere from 6 to 600 pieces. And if you're looking for a truly personalized experience, you can even create a puzzle from your own photos or pictures!

As you navigate through the mesmerizing images and challenging layouts, you'll be honing a variety of skills. Favorite Puzzles is not just a game, it's a brain gym where you can flex your cognitive muscles. It enhances your problem-solving abilities, sharpens your memory, and improves your attention to detail. The game also promotes patience and perseverance as you work your way through each puzzle piece by piece. And for the little ones, it's a fun and engaging way to develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

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Hamster Pop

Hamster Pop is a matching puzzle game, where you match the cute colourful hamsters together to score points. With jolly music and interesting backgrounds, the boxy hamsters look right at home as you match them up with their friends! Play with your friends and see who can get to the highest level.

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Monster Match-3

Embark on a whimsical journey through a world where fantasy and strategy collide in Monster Match-3, a vibrant puzzle adventure brimming with charismatic creatures and mind-bending challenges.

Sharpen your wits and indulge in a cerebral feast where each level is a playground for the intellect. As you align mischievous monsters in threes or more, you're not just navigating through a labyrinth of colorful chaos; you're enhancing your strategic thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving prowess. With every triumphant combo, feel your reflexes refine and your anticipation of the monsters' moves grow keener.

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2248 Musical

2248 Musical beckons you into a symphony of numbers where each move orchestrates the next step in an enthralling puzzle performance. Merge the rhythm of your thoughts with the melody of math in this captivating twist on classic number block puzzles, set against a backdrop of vibrant visuals and intuitive gameplay that promises to keep your fingers dancing and your brain humming.

Embark on a cerebral concert where each swipe sharpens your strategic thinking and hones your pattern recognition skills. As you delve deeper into the harmonious world of 2248 Musical, you'll find your spatial awareness improving, your problem-solving abilities tuning up, and your attention to detail reaching a crescendo. Let the game's tempo challenge your mental agility and enhance your cognitive symphony.

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Climate Activist

Embark on a daring and whimsical journey in Climate Activist, where you step into the shoes of a dedicated eco-warrior on a mission to raise awareness through high-spirited shenanigans in the world's most prestigious art galleries. Armed with a quirky arsenal of eggs, tomatoes, stickers, and spray paints, you'll create a masterpiece of a statement without getting caught by the ever-vigilant gallery watchers.

As you navigate through the hallowed halls of art, your stealth and strategy will be put to the test, honing your environmental wits and sharpening your reflexes. This game is a canvas for developing problem-solving skills, as you must carefully plan your moves and use resources wisely. Your agility and hand-eye coordination will flourish as you artfully dodge the watchful eyes, ensuring your message for a greener tomorrow is heard loud and clear.

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Play a classic, straight-forward version of Tetris - the iconic block building puzzle! Tetris is a refreshingly-simple variant of the original, classic block construction-based brain teaser game for kids, teens and adults where you must maneuver descending blocks into solid horizontal rows that are eliminated from the game screen. There are no fancy power-ups or tricks here - just good old Tetris play at its best!

Reasons to play this awesome 2D puzzler: First released in 1984, Tetris-based games still provide players with a very unique challenge that combines focus, hand-eye coordination, reaction skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, creative engineering, and pressure!

Strategy to win: Always remember the core principle of the game – to eliminate full horizontal rows of blocks. Players often get bogged down with ‘waiting’ for an advantageous block to appear – avoid this situation! Use the time it takes for blocks to descend to your advantage, and carefully pick out the best possible place for each block to go in order to advance your score. Remember, you can also view the NEXT up block, so keep that in mind too!

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Bob The Robber 4 Japan

Continue the experience of a lifetime as you re-join the enigmatic and infamous thief/Robbin hood, Bob in Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan. You’ve followed him from France to Russia and now to the fabled and beautiful lands of Japan. Bob needs your help once again to knock out guards, trick mysterious creatures and bypass alarms in his quest for collecting rare and valuable treasures and artefacts. This continuation of the Bob The Robber series is sure to keep you entertained for many hours!

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Splitter is a dynamic puzzle and obstacle styled game that requires you to use a fair bit of logic and know-how in order to solve. The goal of the game is to help the smiling yellow ball reach the brown portal. The only catch is that you need to use physics to do this as the ball cannot move on its own. Use a technique of carefully planned cuts to create slopes, ramps, and cut strings in order to make the ball move about. That said, you will only be allowed to make a certain number of cuts per level. Splitter is a fun puzzle game that all ages can enjoy!

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Bob The Robber 4 France

Bob is abroad in Bob The Robber 4 Season 1: France, but he is certainly not on vacation. Join Bob as he explores the beautiful city of Paris in his search for valuable pieces of art and other treasures scattered across the city. While Bob is an unrivalled thief, he will still need your help to deactivate alarms, avoid security cameras, and knock out guards as he makes his way through each level. This instalment is guaranteed to offer you the same level of enjoyment from the previous games, only now with new additions and cleaner graphics.

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Secret Agent

Fulfill your greatest fantasies of being a super cool secret agent tasked with thwarting evil organizations and militias in Mr. Secret Agent. Take on goons armed to the teeth with high powered rifles and bazookas with your trusty pistol and shoot them down before they even get a chance to take you on, if they dare

Mr. Secret agent tests your knowledge of angles and your precision as you will be put in situations where you’ll have to take shots that would seem impossible at first glance. Clear a room full of bad guys with one bullet if you have to. Get the job done and advance to other levels with even tougher odds. Have fun Secret Agent and good luck

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Sokoban 3D Chapter 3

Sokoban 3D is a fun puzzle maze game based on the classic smash hit game Sokoban. The game stays true to the original in every way with the main difference being in its visuals. Sokoban 3D is a gorgeous game with beautiful physics and animations. Sliding blocks around is made even more fun and enjoyable as you watch them wobble and shake with every movement.

Sokoban 3D's main goal is to get the blocks on screen onto the blue zones designated for them. You are in control of a bright orange block and your goal is to identify sequences that will lead to the blocks landing on the blue zone. The games difficulty can range from simple to excruciating quite easily as some levels require a bit of critical thinking and strategy to get past them

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Defuse It

Defuse it! An extremely hard game where you have to defuse a bomb without blowing yourself up. There are different difficulties and practice modes to learn the game and its rules. Make sure you read the manual, as it's probably impossible to complete the game at any level without doing so.

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