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Play Gobang, a classic Chinese board game with black and white Go stones. This game is a tougher version of TicTac Toe. Choose the game mode: Computer vs Human (computer starts first), Human vs Computer (you start first) or Player vs Player (where you can play against your friend). You play with the white stones, and your aim is to be the first to align 5 of your stones sequentially in one line – no matter whether it is horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However your opponent tries to do the same and you need watch his/her moves closely. Enjoy this game playing on your own or with friends, school buddies or family members.

How to Play: The game is played in turns. A stone must be put on the intersection of the lines. You must try to prevent your opponent from achieving 5 aligned stones first by putting your stone in between his/hers. Place your Go stones using the left click of your computer mouse. If you lose or win the round and want to play again, simply click on the ‘Start’ icon, which is located at the right side of the game screen. The list of moves made can be seen in a table under the ‘Start’ icon. You may undo your last move or receive a hint on where to place your stone next by clicking “hint” icon located at the right bottom corner of the game screen.

Tip: Always watch out for your opponent’s lines forming 3 stones in a row or 2 and 2 (or 1) separated by one space. You have just one move left to prevent your opponent forming a line of 5 stones in that case. As a preventative measure, try to put your stone next to any group of 2 or 3 stones of your opponent (at either end of the line). This will leave him/her with just one direction of forming the line. At the beginning, while you are still learning the game, do not attempt to form your line of 5 stones. Instead, work on blocking your opponent lines. Defense can often be the best form of offense!

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One comment on “Gobang”

  1. I’ll never claim to be good at this and I started at nine years old. I was a Navy dependent. It was 1962 I believe that I became acquainted with this game. Oddly enough, I was living in JAPAN where this is regarded as the children’s version of GO. And GO, oddly enough…is the Japanese word for…FIVE. Ichi, ni, shi, san, go… (roku, nana, hachi, ku, ju). 13X13 board. As a final note China and Japan tend to have many disputes on the origin of things. Just a different viewpoint, not a claim. And there is an odd backup, you know, five and five.



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