Instrument games online/ music sound games free for kids (girls, boys), teens to play: Interactive learning game listening to musical instruments, recognizing the sounds and matching the names with pictures. Educational games for PC, Mac, iPad in school classroom/ on the internet at home.
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Instrument Trivia is a fresh new sound awareness & instrument name learning music game for kids & teens where you have to guess the correct instrument based on its sound or image. This fun interactive game is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge of different musical instruments and the different sounds they make. Remember; music makes the world go round!

There are two play modes to choose from: Speed Mode (where you have to associate an instrument name with an instrument image – within a certain amount of time) and Listening Mode (where you where you have to associate an instrument name with the sounds that instrument makes – within a certain amount of time). You only have three lives and have to get through ten tricky questions in order to succeed. If you get a question wrong, or run out of time, you lose a life. You only get 7 super-fast seconds so you need to be quick on the click! Be warned; this game sounds simple but can quickly turn difficult! For example, what in the world is a “Contrabassoon” or a “Jew Harp”! Well, get playing and you’ll soon find out. Best of luck Beethoven!

How To Play: Choose either Speed or Listening mode in the main menu screen. For both modes, use your computer mouse to click on the correct instrument in the game screen. In Speed mode, you need to answer the question at the top of the game screen. In Listening mode, click on the “Listen” button at the bottom of the game screen to hear the instrument’s sound being played. You can see your remaining time and questions on the left hand side of the screen and your remaining lives on the right hand side. In the main menu, you can compare your score with other players by clicking on the “Rank Speed” button. Note: Speakers or headphones are required for Listening Mode. Happy music listening!

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