Fun site for kids/ good games to play online for free without download: Connect the dots game - Scribble, a fun online drawing game for children (girls/ boys) to practice their timing skills. Fun new flash games, concentration and reaction speed games, easy mouse games for preschool age
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Scribble is an online drawing skill game for young kids where you have to use your computer mouse to connect the dots and sketch out various drawings. In each level, your goal is to join up the dots in numerical order in the quickest time possible. This can be a little tricky, as sometimes the dots are jumbled up and not in a straight line. The sketches that you have to draw get more complicated as you progress.

The clock is always ticking, so you’ll need to be quick thinking to succeed in this fun puzzle game. You’ll also need a steady hand, as your Magic Scribbling Pen can easily slip and go off course. Remember, you have to join up each dot in order of the numbers on them. If you accidentally skip a number, you have to start all over again. This fast-paced drawing game will help to test and exercise your hand eye-coordination abilities, as well as your observation skills. Ready to become a Sketch-Artist Extraordinaire? Ok then, grab your Magic Pen and let’s get sketching!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to control your Magic Pen. Left Click and drag to start drawing. Always begin at number 1 and draw across to number 2, 3 etc. If you skip a number, your drawing is erased and you have to start again from number 1. Make sure and keep the Left Click held down until you reach the last number. If you release the click, you also have to start again. Each time you hit a dot – your next target dot flashes gold for a split second.

Your Magic Pen draws a cool rainbow colored ink in between the dots. In some of the levels, the drawing turns out to be a nice picture like a heart or a sail boat. In others, you just have to scribble as fast as you can. You don’t have to draw straight between the dots. If you feel creative, you can draw pictures of your own, providing you hit the dots in order. The clock is ticking at the top of the game screen. Once you complete all 20 levels, you can see your total time at the end. Click ‘Replay’ at the bottom of the game screen to see if you can beat your original record. Happy scribbling!

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