Water ski game online free for kids to play with no download: Ballistic Biscuit water skiing simulation game, a free fun goofy game and silly sports game for boys/ girls to play online. Arcade games, RPG adventure action games on the internet, safe virtual worlds for teens.
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Ballistic Biscuit is a straight-forward online water-skiing game for kids where you have to guide Camp Counsellor Bob through treacherous waters on an inflatable rubber tube (called a Ski Biscuit). Bob is a thrill seeker – he’s being towed by a speedboat through a lake full of dangerous objects. He’s got 90 seconds to survive, and he needs your help! Avoid oncoming debris like logs, crabs, frogs and other obstacles to guide Bob to safety. Be careful though, if Bob’s tube hits off any of these things, he is thrown into the water! Ouch!

This fun sports & skill arcade game will really test your quick reactions, as objects come toward you at super-fast speeds. Your prediction skills will also be tested, as you have to try and guess what the safe path will be through the oncoming objects. Have you got the ability to make a splash and help Bob stay on the tube for the whole journey? Only one way to find out.

How to Play: The controls are very straight-forward. Once the boat starts moving, Bob’s inflatable tube mimics (copies) the movement of your computer mouse or finger over your touchpad. The objects come toward you from the top of the game screen, and you have to move the tube out of the way with your mouse or touchpad. The clock in the bottom right corner of the game screen ticks down from 90, and you have to survive all the way to the end to win the game.

If you hit off any of the objects (wooden logs, crabs, frogs, pieces of timber), Bob is thrown off his tube. Don’t worry, you have more tubes to spare – but they aren’t unlimited. You can see how many you have remaining in the bottom left corner of the game area. Once all of your tubes are eliminated – it’s game over and you have to start all over again.

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