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Art School Portfolio Preparation in Manhattan, NYC

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New York Art Studio - Portfolio Prep, Visual Art Classes in Manhattan:
Located in Midtown, Manhattan, the very heart of New York City, New York Art Studio (NYART) has stood in its place for more than 15 years to guide and inspire prospective artists and designers. Our institution specializes in portfolio preparation for specialized art high schools, undergraduate and graduate art programs, and even career. With thorough and caring guidance that our team strives to provide to each and every single one, our students have brought on remarkable results and admitted to the nation's top art programs at renowned art and design schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, RISD, Cooper Union, FIT, Parsons, Pratt, SVA, CalArts, etc. Our general visual arts classes for all ages are also open to anyone on any skill levels with ongoing interests in art and the desire for further artistic development!

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Photo of Art School Portfolio Preparation in Manhattan, NYC- Portfolio preparation course for major art school admissions
- One-on-one mentoring through all projects based on skill levels
- Anyone hoping to build a portfolio for specialized art school admissions at a steady pace.
- No previous experience in art necessary
- Make a specialized art portfolio in a focused environment
- Specialized curriculum on an individual basis according to desired major and school(s)


- Most recommended for short-term preparation
- One-on-one mentoring through all projects based on skill levels and interests
- Efficient in both cost and time, since portfolio can be made within a comparatively short term
- Good for international/out-of-state students who want to save living costs in NYC by expediting the process
- Anyone on any skill level is welcome
- 12 weeks (roughly 3 months) of INTENSIVE course is equivalent to roughly 6-10 months of REGULAR course

- Anyone willing to commit full time to making a complete portfolio for summer
- High School students and international/out-of-state students welcome !
- Comes with the benefits of our INTENSIVE studio course AND special activities
- Workshops, portfolio reviews, art college information sessions, school visits, museum field trips.
- Lowest per-class tuition cost! SUMMER ONLY

- Recommended for any middle school students or under who wish to prepare a portfolio for specialized art schools (i.e. LaGuardia, Frank Sinatra HS, etc.)
- Emphasis on developing observational skills, expressing 3D object in 2D media, and understanding of light
- All students on any art skill levels with or without experience in art welcome !


- For students living outside of USA or NYC who still wish to build a strong portfolio with us
- Continuous communication with our instructor via email provided aside from actual online sessions

- Portfolio completion possible within 4 weeks!
- Most recommended program for anyone with the desire to make a high-quality portfolio within 4 months or shorter
- 1:1 Private instruction- Top US Art Schools/Ivy League graduated instructors’ guidance plus 24-hr email support
- In just 4 weeks, guaranteed completion of 12-15 pieces that support students’ desired school/major.
- The most effective and time-efficient with minimum time commitment compared to other regular classes
- For out-of-town/international students - safest, quickest way to finish a perfect portfolio (minimum living cost due to time-efficiency of the program)


- For ADULTS, KIDS, TEENS, and ANYONE INBETWEEN, with ongoing interests in art who hopes to develop artistic skills from scratch or further
- Anyone with the desire to build foundations based on creative use of a variety of different materials
- Focus on a specific field of art if you would like!
- Course curriculum can be customized for individual needs

NY ART STUDIO is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students.
We issue I-20 to all students who enroll in any of our F1 Visa Programs below: 

- Portfolio preparation course for major art school admissions
- If you hope to build a portfolio for specialized art school admissions at a steady pace.
- No previous experience in art necessary
- One-on-one mentoring through all projects based on skill levels
- Anyone who needs to make a specialized art portfolio in a focused environment
- Specialized curriculum on individual basis according to desired major and school(s)


- Most recommended for short-term preparation
- Efficient in both cost and time, since portfolio can be made within a comparatively short term
- Good for international/out-of-state students who want to save money by expediting the process
- One-on-one mentoring through all projects based on skill levels
- Anyone on any skill level is welcome
- 12 weeks (roughly 3 months) of INTENSIVE course is equivalent to roughly 6-10 months of REGULAR course


- Customized portfolio making for your desired school and major
- One-on-one individual lessons with a CUSTOMIZED CLASS SCHEDULE for a strong body of work within a minimum time period
- More affordable and time-efficient with the highest satisfaction
- The highest chance of receiving scholarships
- Issues an official I-20 to students upon completion of the equivalent class hours as our full-time programs

- Provides workshops and complete studio access that help boost your artistic interest
- Designed to build a variety of basic art skills for non-art majors or anyone with/without previous art experience in a desired area of study
- Customized class schedule available !

NYART’s Admission Management Plan is a separate program from the regular studio courses and handles all the complicated steps in applying to Art and Design Schools and Universities around the world.

We help students prepare every aspect of the portfolio application process, offering follow-up support even after the submission! Contact us for details.

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Address: 333 Fifth Ave. 6Fl. Manhattan, New York City, New York , USA
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Russia;   Denver, NC;   Brooklyn;   India;   Tuckahoe ny;   Viareggio, Italy;   Bronx,NY,;   China;   San Francisco;   Bronx;   and more.
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Our photography classes are designed for students who wish to learn photography as a hobby, therefore our courses are not accredited. We are committed to the idea of photography as an accessible means of personal expression and artistic documentation.

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The New York Film Academy is a dynamic institution offering intensive, hands-on training in filmmaking, acting for film, digital journalism in affiliation with NBC News, documentary filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, and 3-D animation. The Academy was founded in 1992 at Robert DeNiro‘s Tribeca Film Center on a belief that a top quality education in filmmaking should be accessible to anyone with the drive and ambition to make films.

Since that time we have grown into our own facilities in Manhattan‘s Union Square and Soho. We also opened Film Academies at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and London, UK, England.

The New York Film Academy was designed for a new generation of filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, producers and animators who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program. Each year hundreds of students of all occupations, races, ethnicities, and of a wide range of ages from around the world benefit from the extraordinary education offered at the New York Film Academy.
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- MFA in Acting

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Located in midtown Manhattan, Studio Jewelers is licensed by the New York State Education Department and is one of the most progressive jewelry schools in New York. Studio We have been teaching people the art and business of jewelry creation with their jewelry classes since 1979. We offer full & part time courses, day, evening and weekend. We offer courses in Metal Fabrication, Jewelry Repair, Wax Modeling / Casting, Design, Diamond (stone)Setting, & Pearl/Bead Stringing.

Whether you are looking for a career in jewelry making or simply want to learn as a hobby, our continuous jewelry classes and flexible scheduling at our school make it easy to start learning right away. Approved for veterans, financial aid is also available for those who qualify. Our courses are open to the general public, students must be at least 17 years of age. International students accepted.
Full & Part-Time Jewelry Courses:

- Day, evening & weekend options
- Comprehensive Jewelry Training
- Basic Jewelry Making
- Jewelry Repair
- Jewelry Design/Rendering
- Metal Fabrication
- Wax Modeling / Casting
- Design
- Diamond (stone) Setting
- Pearl/Bead Stringing
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The Jewelry Arts Institute (JAI) in New York has been committed to researching, preserving and teaching the jewelry making techniques of the Classical Period for over 30 years, passing on these nearly lost traditions to students from all corners of the world. Located at 22 East 49th Street in Midtown Manhattan, we teach all classical jewelry techniques in every class. These techniques are granulation in silver and 22k gold, Byzantine enameling, classical chain making, classical settings, lapidary and other related techniques.

Since all projects are taught by one-on-one demonstration, students of all levels can be enrolled in all classes. This is true for both the semester classes and the intensive workshops. We have a teacher for every five or six students so the student receives a lot of attention. If a student were to complete all of the many projects we have developed, he/she would end up with a complete background of classical jewelry techniques.
Classic Jewelry Design classes:

- Each semester consists of 8-12 classes
- 3-hour weekly classes
- Intensive, 1-week workshops in July and August
- Low student-teacher ratio

Techniques include:
- Byzantine enameling
- Classical chain making
- Classical settings
- Lapidary...
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Our staff of working, professional actors assists aspiring talent of all experience levels. We also offer acting classes with top casting directors, talent agents, and prominent acting coaches - the most complete, practical acting training available anywhere.

We established our New York Acting School as a practical studio where aspiring actors could learn from working professionals how to go from where they are to where they want to be. To this day, we remain the only studio that combines acting classes with one-on-one career growth assistance from our staff of professional actors. We always use the latest of modern technology available in today’s Hollywood film and television industry.
- The Hybrid Conservatory: Training & Performance: 16-week full-time program
- 2-week Summer Intensive: Professional Actor Training Program
- 5-day Industry Intensive
- 1-week Summer Acting Course for Young Actors, Children &Teens (ages 7-17)
- Classes in the fields of Acting, Auditioning, Commercial, Film, Hosting, Primetime TV, Scene Study, Stand-Up Comedy Improvisation and Young Actors Academy
Fitzgerald Jewelry School, New York
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Located near McCarren Park in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City, the Fitzgerald Jewelry School encourages creativity and exploration of all areas of jewelry making both for the casual hobbyist or the student considering a career in jewelry making. We offer a broad range of courses from beginner’s silversmithing right through to the art of the goldsmith. Our courses can be taken consecutively over a period of a year or can be taken at the students own pace over a longer period of time. We offer special rates for students who wish to enroll in several courses.

The studio´s philosophy emphasizes the art of the handmade object but also concentrates on how to make items for limited production and also for greater volume production with this in mind we provide a bridge between the studio jeweler and the jewelry industry through our classes, workshops and by directly providing a link for students to explore the New York Jewelry district.
Jewelry Making Classes and Workshops:

Courses include:
- Introductory Silversmithing
- Classic Ring
- The Hinged Bracelet Class
- Wax Carving
- Gold Alloying and Fabrication
- Enamel
- Chasing and Repousse
- Forgeing a Bracelet
- Hydraulic Die Forming
- Production A - Z