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Art Portfolio Preparation Courses in Manhattan, NYC

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New York Art Studio - Portfolio Prep, Visual Art Classes in Manhattan:
Located in Midtown, Manhattan, the very heart of New York City, New York Art Studio (NYART) has stood in its place for more than 15 years to guide and inspire prospective artists and designers. Our institution specializes in portfolio preparation for specialized art high schools, undergraduate and graduate art programs, and even career. With thorough and caring guidance that our team strives to provide to each and every single one, our students have brought on remarkable results and admitted to the nation's top art programs at renowned art and design schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, RISD, Cooper Union, FIT, Parsons, Pratt, SVA, CalArts, etc. Our general visual arts classes for all ages are also open to anyone on any skill levels with ongoing interests in art and the desire for further artistic development!

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What is a PORTFOLIO?

Photo of Art Portfolio Preparation Courses in Manhattan, NYCSpecialized art high schools and undergraduate / graduate art schools require a “portfolio,” a collection of 15-20 pieces of a student’s artworks that best represent the student's creative talent and inventive vision. A portfolio is "the" key factor in art school admissions that unpacks a lot of information about an applicant that the formal simplicity of an application form might not.

As an artist or designer that you are to become, a portfolio is EVERYTHING, the representation of an identity, aptitude, skills, and just about anything that shows who you are. Getting into a habit of thinking about how to represent yourself through a unique portfolio is an important exercise from early on. For an undergraduate art portfolio, it is important to show how experimental and creative you are from choosing your materials to expressing your artistic vision, along with some foundational skills.

Making a portfolio from scratch is certainly very time- and energy-consuming and can be something hard to do on your own without any help whatsovever. NYART is here to pinpoint what's necessary and quench any worries and anxieties you might have in your portfolio building process, as well as admissions preparation!


Image of Art Portfolio Preparation Courses in Manhattan, NYC1. The NYART Team :

NYART's faculty and staff consist of current artists and designers who hold degrees from the nation's top art and design schools, such as Yale, Cornell, SVA, FIT, Hunter College, RISD, etc. With knowledge from experience, we are always ready to help you put your inner passion to work, exceptionally!

2. Mapping Out :

To unleash students' artistic creativity, to equip them with skills, to make it easier to turn ideas into a visual language, and to finish a unique and appealing portfolio, we will have an in-depth consultation with each of our student. Based on the interests and needs of a student, our team will come up with strategies for the best admission plan for the student.

3. We Care :

We assist each and every one of our students with care, paying close attention to and keeping frequent track of their progress. That covers not just a portfolio, but also offering tips and support on smooth transition for someone who is not familiar with living in NYC.

4. Because Where Else?

NYART believes anyone with an ambition and dedicated work ethics deserves quality education. We promise to give individualized care to each and every one of our students for their bright future. If you do not live in the NYC area, we will meet you online through our online lessons. Feeling under-qualified? We will find a solution to make your application stronger in the competition!

What our students say about us::

Photos of New York Art Studio - Portfolio Prep, Visual Art Classes in Manhattan" The faculty members of the NYART studio are welcoming, and experienced individuals; who are always willing offer as much aid as possible in order to ensure the best from your artistic potential. Not only are they excellent teachers but are also good people as well. I even remember some moments in which Ms. Soo, Ms. Yoorim, Mr. Keoym and other faculty members would share their advice and experience with me and other students. They would even up some of their time to make sure your project was in top condition for the application requirements.

Sometimes I look back at my artworks and still develop a sense of pride towards it. I am glad to say that because of the knowledge and experience gained in my stay I was accepted into both Pratt and SVA School of art. I can sincerely say that if you choose NY ART STUDIO you’ll not only have gained new skills but new inspirations as well. "

 - Nicholas

“ It was really fun being able to work with various mediums of art at NY Art Studio and Yoorim teacher helped me to develop new skills in those areas. ”

 - Nawon Choi.(11th Grade)

" Being part of the architecture program at New York Art Studio has been one of the smartest choices I made towards my academic goals: being accepted to the top architecture schools in the county. "

- Isaac T.

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Address: 333 Fifth Ave. 6Fl. Manhattan, New York City, New York , USA
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Turkey;   Brooklyn;   Dublin, Ireland;   Far Rockaway NY;   Bronx;   Nanuet, NY;   San Francisco;   Denver, NC;   Brooklyn, ny;   Russia;   and more.
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The innovative MFA program consists of three intensive summer residencies with lectures, workshops, critiques, seminars, performances and exhibitions in Europe and two fall residencies in New York. In the four semesters between residencies, students create their own course of study realizing individual art and research projects with the support of faculty and self-chosen artist mentors wherever they work and live.

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All classes and workshops taught exclusively by Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov, who also teaches workshops at other schools in the United States and Europe. After almost becoming a lost art, Chasing and Repoussé are currently experiencing a modern Renaissance. Metalsmiths worldwide are discovering the potential of these techniques for creating unusual, intricate designs on jewelry, hollowware or other forms of metalwork.
Weekly Chasing and Repousse Classes & Workshops:

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- Miniature Vessel Raising
- Chasing on a Three Dimensional Vessel
- Rendering and Stylizing Designs for Jewelry
- Constructed Hollowware