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Hop Ball

Hop Ball - Come and play this incredibly fun interactive ball game, where you must hop with the ball as long as possible over the pads. Enjoy the music as you bounce and hop your way to success in the shape of an impressive high score to show off to your friends and family! Think you have the skills required to take on this challenge? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is to bounce on as many pads as possible with the ball. Hop over as many as possible to get a high score. There will be cool music playing as you hop along to give you motivation. This will test your reaction skills and your coordination skills as you must accurately aim the ball to land on the pad. This is made more difficult by the speed at which the ball is moving. Further along as well, the pads start moving making your aiming skills even more important. Do you think you have what it takes?

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Air Warfare 3D

Test your combat flying skills and nerve in a highly challenging fighter pilot RPG: Air Warfare 3D is a difficult and intense online flying and shooting game for older kids / teens where you must guide a missile-firing military jet into a chaotic free-roam air battle for an all-out dogfight, and try to survive for as long as possible. Score as many enemy plane eliminations as you can before your armor runs out, or you crash to the ground.

This all-action flying war game requires good observation skills, very hand-eye coordination, sharp reactions on your keyboard, and accurate shooting. Attack and defense are essential in equal measure in the sky. You must dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire while also placing yourself into good attacking positions. The awesome 3D graphics and authentic gameplay make for an edge-of-your-seat experience! How long can you survive in this frenzied air battle?

Note: This game is designed to be played on laptops and desktop PCs, it can only be played on mobile devices if you connect a keyboard as there are too many control buttons required to fit onto the screen for optimal gameplay. 

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Free Rally 2

In Free Rally 2, meet up with players online in this fun open world 3d driving game. There are more than ten vehicles to choose from to drive around the busy streets, such as police motorbikes and camper vans. Different vehicles have different abilities such as nitro or the power to arrest people! Choose how you want to play — whether you make fun police chases, or take to the skies to watch the city from above in a police helicopter!

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Backflip Dive 3D

Backflip Dive 3D: In this fun and addicting diving game, help the character to complete as many flips as possible in the wide array of environments you are placed in. Can you defy the laws of physics and squeeze in that extra flip, or is it just the fear factor thats holding you back? Have fun and fulfill your backflip dreams now!

Complete as many flips as possible and land safely. You can tuck in as well to speed your flips up! This will require a fast hand on the mouse, plus good timing skills. You must time the flip to ensure that you do not flip too much and do not land safely! However, ensure that you flip enough times to complete the mission and get a high score!

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Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo is a challenging 3D driving game, in which you need to transport cargo on tricky offroad levels to its destination. Drive safely, as any cargo falling off your truck will affect your score! There are a maximum of three stars to be awarded per level, based on how much of your cargo you deliver successfully. Unlocking stars also means you can use new vehicles, selectable from the main menu.

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Sweet Donut Maker Bakery

Do you want to serve up a selection of tasty homemade donuts? Sweet Donut Maker Bakery is a fun donut baking game for young girls and boys, that is guaranteed to work up an appetite. This is a great safe game to play online, as you learn how to bake, but cannot harm yourself with the hot oven or other sharp baking tools! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to create and cook the donuts from scratch! Test your baking skills! This will test your creativity skills as you try to create the PERFECT donut. Try add some fancy decorations and maybe your donut will be featured on MasterChef!

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Brain Out

Brain Out is going to give your mind a workout. Are you ready to be challenged? This game will have you answering a series of very difficult, inventive and fun questions that will get you scratching your head but still wanting a lot more.

Even when this game is hard, you are going to want to continue to play because when you do figure out an answer, you will feel so accomplished and smart. What a feeling!

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Moto Road Rash 3D

Strap on your race suit, grab your helmet and rev your engines as you get ready to experience the high-octane and adrenaline-pumping fast-paced gameplay of Moto Road Rash 3D. Race along busy city streets, country roads and highways, dodging and weaving between cars and oncoming traffic to see how fast you can go! Play through 4 different game modes, with Career being the recommend start as you race through different locations as fast as you can go to complete each level in time and earn some serious cash! Use the money you earn to purchase new bikes (all with different stats), paint jobs, racing gloves and even upgrades to make your bike more powerful and handle better.

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Derby Destruction Simulator

Let's see if you can survive the most deadly smash field! Challenge your car driving skills in the most dangerous whirlpool demolition derby game, Derby Destruction Simulator. Drive your awesome vehicle and thrash your opponents to pieces. It’s time for chaos, lets see if you have what it takes to be the last car standing!

You will complete progressively more challenging missions, and your task is to smash your opponents to death! If they destroy you, it's game over! If you destroy them, you win! It is that simple. You will earn coins after each victory where you can purchase new vehicles to smash with! Planning is a key skill needed here! You will be outnumbered at times so plan your approach and come up with a strategy on how to best pick each opponent off! This will develop your timekeeping skills too as you will be up against the clock!

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Mini Golf Adventure

Strap on your golf gloves and ironed slacks as you play a few rounds of golf in Mini Golf Adventure, a golf game that will test your knowledge of angles and ability to make trick shots. Play through close to a dozen different courses which will only get harder the further you go, adding obstacles like rocks, pools of water, and roving crabs. Mini Golf Adventures is a fun and relaxing game that both kids and adults would enjoy playing.

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Piano Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3 is a fun but challenging game where you have to play the notes as they appear on the screen. While it sounds easy, it can be quite difficult once it picks up on speed. The game will challenge your speed, if you miss a single note or click where you don’t have to, you lose and have to start over.

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Roof Rails

Roof Rails thrusts you into action as you traverse from rooftop to rooftop in this action packed platformer game, maneuver through obstacles that may stand in your way all while collecting beams to help you attach yourself to railings that separate the platforms of varying heights, try not to fall though.

Put your reactions to the test as you swipe your way through levels of increasing difficulty sharpening your timing as you jump straight into the game with no control of your running speed, you must be at your best to dodge the dangerous obstacles in your way. Manage your resources well as they will be the difference between success and a nasty fall.

Escape peril by making it to the finish line without losing your step in this enthralling experience.

How to play: This single player action game is compatible with mobile devices (IOS/ Android) and most devices that are touchscreen. Swipe left or right with variations in distance within the platforms collecting cash and beams on the way all while avoiding sharp rotating blades that may cut your journey short. Complete the obstacle course by crossing the finish line, afterwards another more challenging level will load in.

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Penalty Shoot

Play a cool, swipe-to-shoot, flick-soccer football skills game playable on most PC browsers and Android mobile phone or tablet devices, and try to emulate the career of a true icon of the sport! Penalty Shoot is a great interactive football simulation game for kids, teens and soccer-loving grownups where your quest is to score goals! Carefully hone your shooting skills, and complete goal-scoring challenges to progress your career. Cement your legacy as a true soccer superstar!

Reasons to play: Whether you are a true soccer fanatic or just an avid player of flick and swipe-based skill games, this in-depth, football shooting simulation game provides an epic challenge to keep you entertained! Test and exercise your focus, hand-eye coordination skills, determination, and timing. Problem-solving skills also come into play when you seek to find the best way to bend and curve the ball around goalkeeper.

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Catch The Candy

Strategically and tactfully remove blocks in order to deliver a delicious piece of candy to a hungry yellow block! Playable on Android mobile devices, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC, Catch The Candy is a multi-level, interactive physics-based, block removal puzzle game where you must carefully alter the game environment in order to guide a candy swirl into the mouth of a static yellow block hero. Both the candy and the block cannot move on their own, so you need to remove concrete blocks in order to create momentum and get the candy moving using a combination of the effect of gravity and the contours of the level.

This HTML5 physics & gravity-based brain teaser game should work on Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp analytical thinking and problem solving skills, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, good anticipation skills, and fast reactions to quickly figure out and create the best route for the candy to reach the hungry block. Trial and error also comes into play, especially in later levels when the obstacles are more complex, and actions must be executed in a specific sequence.

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Idle Startup Tycoon

Experience the thrill of running your very own big tech company in Idle Startup Tycoon, an idle simulation game that lets you experience all the joys of running such a company, without any of the stress associated with it. In Idle Startup Tycoon, while you will need to manage all of the big investment operations and recruitment processes, you will not need to worry about the smaller stuff. That’s right, like other idle games, your workforce will keep generating you income even when you are not there or online. This helps to make Idle Startup Tycoon not only an incredibly enjoyable game, but it is a game that doesn’t demand your attention all the time. The perfect game for unwinding after a long day don’t you think? Black screen may appear for up to 20 seconds at the start of the game as it is being loaded - please be patient.

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Minecraft Adventure

Journey to the weird, bizarre, dangerous, and pixel blocked world of Minecraft Adventure, a thrilling platformer where you must jump across floating platforms and over the many monsters that want to kill you! Time you jumps correctly, collect all the gems you can, and complete all the levels!

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Racing Horizon

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled racing experience like no other with Racing Horizon! This 3D racing game puts you behind the wheel of a super-powerful car, racing through highway traffic at breakneck speeds. With a variety of sport car models and upgrade options, you'll have everything you need to dominate the competition.

Choose from a variety of game modes, including a long highway racing career, endless map driving, and even police chase missions. Each mode offers a unique challenge and a chance to prove your racing skills. With various highway racing maps and cars to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

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Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times, a fact that is usually far worse depending on how built up your area or city is. Traffic Jam 3D is a racing game that decided to take that fact and have a little fun with it hop into the racing seat as you dodge and weave in between lines of speeding traffic as you race in order to complete various objectives. This is an insanely fun game that gives you a lot of variety across its 4 game modes. Win big cash money to unlock dozens of dozens of other cars to take for a spin.

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Stickman Temple Duel

Get ready for an experience that is both entertainingly addictive yet also challenging. Stickman Temple Duel is an enthralling platform shooter and obstacle game that will keep you playing through its three game modes. Test yourself as you brave the story mode all the way to the end. Challenge a friend in two-player mode across various arenas and a choice of weapons to see who is the best. Or face off against merciless AI-maned bots to see if you have the reflexes to stay alive. Whatever you feel like playing, Stickman Temple Duel has it all!

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Only Up 3d Parkour Go Ascend

Prepare to defy gravity and ascend to new heights in the thrilling game, 'Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend'. In a world where the laws of physics have been turned upside down, you'll find yourself navigating through a sky filled with floating objects. Cars, houses, boxes, pipes, and more hang suspended in the air, creating a challenging and exhilarating parkour course. Your mission? Climb higher and higher, moving only up, to uncover the mysterious secret behind this gravity-defying phenomenon.

Playing 'Only Up 3D Parkour Go Ascend' is not just about entertainment, it's also a unique opportunity to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game's challenging environment will test your spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, and reflexes. As you navigate through the floating objects, you'll need to make quick decisions and precise movements, honing your agility and coordination. With each level you conquer, you'll find yourself becoming more adept at maneuvering through complex environments, making this game a perfect blend of fun and skill development.

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Raft Life

Raft Life - Embark on an epic maritime adventure where survival is the canvas and your ingenuity is the paintbrush. Cast away into a whimsical oceanic world, you'll craft, manage, and expand your floating homestead to create a thriving aquatic oasis.

Sharpen your strategic thinking as you balance resource gathering with raft expansion. Hone your reflexes and coordination as you navigate through treacherous waters, and cultivate patience and planning as you grow your floating paradise. Raft Life is not just a game; it's a brain gym where every decision paddles you closer to mastery of the seas.

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Wobble Boss

Wobble Boss: Es un reto divertido, pero un juego de escape extremadamente complicado. Debes escabullirte de tu jefe y escapar de la oficina. Puedes ayudarte de objetos como mesas y sillas para esconderte. Mientras te mantengas fuera de su alcance, indicado por un cono de visión rojo, no te verán. ¿Tienes la astucia necesaria para escapar sin ser visto? ¡Ven y descúbrelo!

Escapa de la habitación sin que te atrapen para progresar. Sal por la puerta y usa objetos para ayudarte. ¡Cuidado con las luces y las cámaras que también te detectarán! La clave de este juego es la planificación. Tómese el tiempo que necesite para calcular y tener un mejor enfoque. Luego usa las prácticas habilidades del teclado para moverse con precisión por la oficina en silencio. Imagina que esto es real, ¿cómo abordarías mejor la tarea?

Cómo jugar: Utiliza las teclas WASD o las teclas de flecha para mover al personaje. W/flecha arriba para avanzar, S/flecha abajo para retroceder y A/D o la flecha izquierda o derecha para moverte a izquierda y derecha respectivamente. En el móvil, desliza el dedo por la pantalla hacia donde quieras que se mueva el personaje. Mantén pulsada la pantalla para seguir moviéndote y suéltala para detenerte. ¡Mucha suerte!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en móviles, tabletas y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Bike Mania

Bike Mania es un adictivo juego de carreras de motos todoterreno, fácil de jugar. Juega como un solo jugador en tu moto, tratando de dominar los obstáculos. ¿Puedes terminar la desafiante pista llena de obstáculos en el menor tiempo posible para conseguir una puntuación alta? No estrelles tu moto mientras pasas por encima de diversos obstáculos que bloquean tu camino. Equilibrar tu moto es de suma importancia aquí. La velocidad a veces no es tan importante como la precisión de tus movimientos.

Quizá sería útil ver algunos vídeos de BMX o de bicicletas acrobáticas para comprender mejor cómo funciona el equilibrio y ver lo fácil que es superar algunos obstáculos extremos. Simplemente tienes que entender la física del movimiento y prestar atención al conducir. Inclina la moto hacia delante y hacia atrás para ayudarte a subir y bajar los obstáculos, pero no demasiado, ¡podrías volcar y volver a arrancar! ¿Tienes las habilidades de motorista acrobático necesarias? ¡Diviértete intentándolo!

Cómo jugar: Usa las flechas del teclado de tu ordenador para controlar y conducir tu moto. Pulsa la flecha arriba para acelerar y la flecha abajo para ir marcha atrás. Usa las Flechas Derecha / Izquierda para inclinar el cuerpo del motorista hacia delante / atrás para equilibrar la moto. Intenta ir lo más rápido posible para reducir el tiempo de cada misión, pero si vas demasiado rápido te resultará muy difícil evitar volcar cuando choques con un obstáculo. Buena suerte y disfruta.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon es un divertido y adictivo juego en el que interviene un ninja muy hábil y en el que debes conseguir la máxima puntuación posible ascendiendo por las paredes. ¡Este es un juego increíblemente divertido, que es intenso y de ritmo rápido y por lo tanto sus ojos no serán capaces de salir de la pantalla! ¡Mucha suerte!

El objetivo del juego es subir lo más alto posible corriendo. Corre en vertical por los lados de las paredes y esquiva a los enemigos y ataques que encuentres por el camino. Puedes esquivar a los dragones o matarlos para conseguir puntos extra. Este juego pondrá a prueba tu capacidad de reacción y tu habilidad para sincronizar tu salto a la perfección. La sincronización de tu salto es clave si quieres matar al dragón, ya que debes encontrarte con él exactamente cuando ambos estéis en el aire. Te sentirás muy satisfecho al acabar con el monstruoso animal.

Cómo jugar: El juego comenzará automáticamente en cuanto pulses start. Los controles son muy sencillos para jugar a este juego. Basta con tocar la pantalla o hacer clic con el botón izquierdo del ratón para saltar al otro lado y atacar. Tendrás que esquivar los ataques de los enemigos, y cuando haya un dragón volando a través, si calculas el tiempo correctamente y te encuentras con el dragón en el aire, ¡automáticamente atacarás y matarás al dragón! Así ganarás puntos extra. Buena suerte.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Last War Survival

Embark on a thrilling journey of survival and strategy in Last War Survival. This game is not just about staying alive; it's about mastering the art of dodging and combating waves of adversaries. With every lane offering unique challenges and foes, your mission is to obliterate obstacles, collect coins, and upgrade your gear to vanquish the Giant Bosses that stand in your way.

Immerse yourself in an environment where your cognitive agility, strategic planning, and reflexes are put to the test. As you navigate through the relentless waves of challenges, you'll find your decision-making skills sharpening, your attention to detail heightening, and your ability to anticipate and react to fast-paced threats improving. This game is a crucible where the skills forged can benefit you far beyond its virtual battles.

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