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Strategy-based Stealth Escape Game - Security 2

Rating: 8/10 - 229 votes

Sneakily guide an orange ball to escape past a vast array of moving security cameras and ‘guards’ in this extremely-challenging skill and stealth-based strategy game: Security 2 is an incredibly-tricky yet addicting reactions and timing-based puzzle game where you must maneuver a small orange ball through confined mazes filled with sweeping security cameras and blue ball ‘security officers’. The catch is that these baddies zap your orange hero when it comes into their line of sight, so you must cleverly figure out the best way to exploit their ‘blind spots’ and escape each level!

Skills required: This multi-level, fast-paced, escape-the-level action game requires alert anticipation and timing skills, really quick reflexes, and tactful key control as you attempt to stealthily maneuver the ball past the multiple lookout-style bad guys. Smart analytical thinking, problem-solving skills and strategy are also required as each level acts as a mini brain teaser where you must craftily figure out the movement and range of the cameras and guards, and deftly maneuver your orange ball accordingly!

How to Play: A Flash-based, stealth skill and action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each increasingly-difficult level, your task is to guide your orange ball to the Exit Point (This is a small rectangle illuminated in white light – usually on the right-hand side of the play area). Control the movement of your ball using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard.

You fail the level if your ball is discovered / spotted either by a security camera, or by a green ball (security guard). If your orange ball moves into the blue-colored line of sight of one of these baddies, you fail the level and are sent immediately to ‘Jail’. Jail is an intermediary level that you must escape in order to return to the main levels. The Jail level is always the same, so once you figure out how to escape from it, it should be much easier next time around.

Note: In some levels, you may have to flip switches in order to open doors and / or switch off certain cameras. Simply push your orange ball up against a switch to activate it.

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