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Modern Greek Language School in Athens, Greece

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CELT Athens:
Celt Athens based in the centre of the vibrant city Athens prides on its modern techniques in the teaching of the Modern Greek Language.

Why learn with us:

Learning any language in the country in which it is used, takes the countless opportunities for contact and exposure into account. Learning Greek in Greece can help learners with their immediate communicative needs where they can immediately try out what they have been learning in the classroom and have the opportunity to "tune into" the sounds of the Greek language in real life situations.


Our main inspiration which drives the way materials are designed and programmes taught, is, first and foremost, belief in the principles of andragogy (as opposed to pedagogy), i.e., the educational philosophy governing the teaching of adults, whether in a group situation or in a one-to-one context.


According to this, we try to keep our adult learners involved in all the stages of the process, free to learn without being afraid to make mistakes, engaged through relevant content and discovery learning:

- Our approach satisfies immediate communicative needs.
- Language is best learnt through interaction and not through rule memorisation.
Photo of Modern Greek Language School in Athens, Greece - Authentic materials are used extensively.
- Our syllabus is flexible allowing individuals to develop in areas of individual interest and/or concern.
- We train our students how to learn on their own, so they can keep improving language skills even after the end of the programme.
- The materials and activities are motivating and reflect the adult reality.
- Oral fluency is one of the major objectives. Activities which promote oral fluency are used from day one!
- Learning about the Greek culture and the Greek way of life is a major objective.


Modern Greek Language Courses; Group Greek Courses; One-to-One Greek Tuition; Business Greek Courses; Greek Summer Courses.


All the tutors are qualified native speakers of Greek. They have specialized in adult foreign language education and have wide and varied experience of teaching Greek and English as a Foreign Language.

As CELT Athens is a Teacher Education centre specializing in the training of teachers of adults, the members of the tutorial team are always abreast of the latest developments in Methods and Techniques appropriate to tutoring and supporting adult groups or individuals.


If you need help with complete the relevant field in your application form and we shall e-mail you information about what is currently available. In the case of a homestay, you will receive a terms of agreement document which you must sign upon arrival at CELT Athens and must provide the centre with a copy of a medical certificate.
The following options are available

1. Hotels:
There is a great variety of hotels (and prices) in the centre of Athens. The rooms are usually air-conditioned. Please check the links on the right hand column for more information.

2. Furnished Flats:
Short rentals for a studio flat possible for the four weeks of the course. The flat must be booked and prepaid at least one month in advance of the start of the course. These rentals are for short stays only. For longer periods (e.g. six months or a year) rentals are usually lower.

Email: Contact Us

Address: 77 Academias, Athens, Greece
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2024-02-20 were from:

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Πειραιας; Woodlands, Singapore; Palpalá, Jujuy, Argentina, Argentina; Milano, Italy; Leh / Ladakh / Turtuk, India; Uk, UK / GB; Boetia; and more.
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Lexis Greek Language And Culture Centre, Crete
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The Greek Language and Culture Centre in Chania, northern Crete offers programs to adult foreigners of every nationality who want to learn modern Greek language, to improve it or to perfect their knowledge of the language and at the same time discover modern Greece from lively teaching methods and also from various activities that the Centre offers out of the classroom.

The Greek Language Centre operates in Chania all year long and its specialized courses cover the various needs and the different levels of the poeple who participate.
Regular Greek Courses; Intensive Greek Courses; Private Greek Lessons.
Hellenic Culture Centre, Athens
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The Hellenic Culture Centre situated in Athens is a language institution aiming to promote Greek language and culture within the framework of a multicultural society. Since 1995 the Centre has specialized in organizing Greek language courses for non native speakers as well as cultural and educational programmes.

The Centre΄s work has been planned on the reality of modern multicultural life, taking into consideration both the value of communication amongst cultures as well as the educational, professional and social needs of citizens.
Intensive Greek Courses; Extensive Greek Courses; Private Greek Lessons; Easter and Summer Courses.
Anixi Learn Greek, Athens
Courses / Programs
Anixi Learn Greek is a Greek language school located in Athens, Greece. We offer Modern Greek courses to students of all levels from total beginner to advanced and proficiency. Our courses range in length from a one week intensive course to courses that stretch throughout the whole year. Our primary goal is to accommodate each student’s needs and we can provide flexible hours and customised courses.

We consider language as the main tool of communication. Our philosophy is built on the effective and intensive teaching of Modern Greek. We use dynamic methods and material specifically developed for the teaching of Greek as a foreign language.

Our interactive approach allows easy and natural communication by using grammar and vocabulary generated from real life situations. All programmes are designed to fit the needs of each participant. Our teachers use the latest in educational technology, along with our own material.

All of our teachers are native speakers, with rich and varied experience in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language. All teachers speak English and French. They create an atmosphere of confidence and relaxed good humour which eases the stress of the learning process.
We offer Modern Greek classes for students of all levels from beginner to advanced at five intensities:

- Super-Intensive Course: 4 hours per day, five times a week
- Intensive Course: 3 hours per day, five times a week
- Semi Intensive: 2 hours per day, 3 times a week
- Standard 1: 2 hours per day, twice a week
- Standard 2: 3 hours per day, once a week

From the very first level, immersion in daily Greek life, communication with Athenians, and contact with cultural life, all play an important role.
Greek House, Athens
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Greek House is a center for modern Greek language lessons and cultural events, situated in the heart of Athens.

We provide group and private Greek classes for basic beginner to advanced learners from around the globe. Morning and evening study options are available.

Our purpose is to be a home from home, to serve the symbolic meaning of 'Estia' - which stands for family, home and hospitality.
Greek Language Classes:

• Basic beginner to advanced levels

• Seminar courses run from Monday to Friday in small groups

• Morning and evening classes, at all levels

• Private lessons or a wide variety of other classes are also offered to suit your needs
The Athens Centre, Athens
Courses / Programs
The Athens Center located in the heart of Athens has been a focal point for academic and cultural activities in Greece since 1969. The Centre's Greek Language program, one of the most prestigious and comprehensive in the world, is offered on a year-round basis.

The Centre organizes programs in Greece with participating colleges and universities in the United States and Canada in that emphasize classical, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies. The Athens Centre cultural programs include a touring theatre festival which arranges productions every summer. Special summer workshops are held in poetry, art and modern Greek .
Immersion Greek Courses; Regular Greek Courses; Business Greek Classes; Greek Conversation Classes; Greek Proficiency Exam Preparation; Spetses Summer Session.
Omilo Greek Language And Culture, Maroussi
Courses / Programs
OMILO language institute in Maroussi, northern Greece has been specializing in Greek language courses since 1996. We organize Greek regular and intensive language programs for foreigners from absolute beginners to very advanced and state exam levels.

If you like Greece, you go for holidays in Greece, you do business with Greeks, or you live in Greece, why not learn Greek? Whatever the reason, when you feel connected to the Greek language, the Greek culture or would like to learn more about it --- OMILO is looking forward to serve your needs!
Regular Greek Courses; Intensive Greek Courses; Immersion Easter Courses; Immersion Summer Courses.