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Jewellery Design Courses in Florence, Italy

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Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, Florence:
Founded in 1985 by Giò Carbone, Le Arti Orafe was the first Italian school dedicated to the study of contemporary jewellery, with its own original vision which has always favoured and promoted a learning process based on the acquisition of solid technical and professional skills combined with artistic research and design.

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Students on the jewellery courses have the opportunity to experiment with various traditional and contemporary methodologies and techniques for creating jewellery. From the sketch and the technical design of the object, students move on to its creation in the workshop, guided by the Teachers and technical assistants. Each one produces their own piece, according to their own preferences with the appropriate techniques and the most suitable materials for that object. They work with silver and stones, and can call on materials of every type of which the school has a wide stock. All materials are included in the fees, and the jewellery produced remains the property of the students, who can take them away at the end of the course, leaving on for the school for purely promotional purposes.

The jewellery courses can last one, two or three years. First-year entry is open to everyone, while for entry to the second or third years students from other schools, or self-taught, have to pass an entrance test and present their portfolio. Those who cannot attend the three-year course can attend the one-year courses (first, second or third year of the three-year course). The main courses include practical lessons in the workshop (16-20 per week) and some hours of theorical lessons such as a History of Jewellery, Technical Drawing and Gemmology. The courses can be complemented by Others (Academic Courses).

LAO is the best place in Italy to learn both the techniques and the concepts relating to the planning and design of jewellery. Thanks to teaching programmes developed over the years and the professionalism of our Teachers, the school can offer various courses based on the needs of individual students, who can quickly learn the techniques for the graphical representation of jewellery, no matter what their basic training is. The course is aimed at those who want to develop their creativity, and the objective is the creation of a collection that will take into account cost assassment, methods of production and fashion trends.

The length of these courses varies from a minimum of six months to a maximum of two academic years, for courses that can be just practical or practical-theoretical. The two-year course offers a complete training programme, both practical or theoretical. In addition to the lessons in technical drawing, design and rendering (16-20 hours per week), the main courses include some hours per week of the history of jewellery, and the annual course also a basic module if introduction to CAD. Short and intensive courses are organised in the summer period (July-September), and other courses are offered in the section Academic Courses. During the summer period an Intensive Course is offered.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) offers possibilities that until veri recently were unthikable for jewellery design, and is extremely useful not only for designers but also for jewellers and model-makers. Design programmes allow you to display, infinitely modify and save as many ideas and designs as you want, and offer the chance to produce perfect prototypes extremely quickly using the technology of rapid prototyping. The school offer three different courses taught by Jasmina Carbone, a McNeel authorised teacher. All the courses can be completed by Others (Academic Courses).

Stone setting
The sophisticated technique of stone setting has its best exponents in Italy, and expecially in Tuscany. The students work on semi-finished objects in silver or other alloys, with high-quality, well-cut syntetic stones. Each exercises is aimed at teaching different setting techniques, and at the end of the one-year course the students will be able to carry out complex, technically very advanced work. those who cannot attend the one-year course can opt for three or six month periods. In addition to the practical lessons in the workshop (16-20 hours per week), the courses include some weekly hours of Gemmology. Short and intensive courses are organised in the summer period (July-September), and other courses are suggested in the section Academic Courses.

The best masters of the rifined, sought-after, subtle art of burin engraving, in which the working techniques and the taste for the ornament combine admirably, are to be found in Tuscany. The school re-evaluates this technique, which can also be used with excellent results in contemporary creations. LAO offers two types of course:

- Engraving on flat metal sheets with decorative and figurative subjects. With this technique it is possible to produce dies for etchings, decorative panels, boxes and frames. The school offers courses of different lenghts and levels.

- Engraving on jewellery. This surprising technique allows you to make engravings on jewellery with almost sculptural results, giving the objectsgreat added value. Only students who have already attended at least a basic engraving course can enrol in this one.

The courses include just Workshop lessons and exercises: they are open to all and can be combined with other courses on different subjects (Academic Courses).

Academic Course
The school offers the possibility to combine several courses, which can last one, two or three years. The total cost is fixed, that is to say not subject to any annual increases in the fees for the individual courses, and the formula allows the student to complete a full training programme in a shorter time, particularly suitable for people who can commit to an intensive daily routine which ensures good results but requires consistent application. 

Intensive courses and workshop
Every year the school organises some short courses, seminars and summer courses. The intensive courses are taught by school or invited Teachers: they often have a technical content, are open to all and are attended above all by people with work commitments who cannot attend the longer courses and by students from other schools. The workshop are events that lie outside the normal teaching activities of the school: they are held by Teachers, artists and designers invited by the school, and are a great opportunity to meet internationally-known jewellery creators and to work with them.  

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Address: Via dei Serragli 104/124, Florence, Italy
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