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Aerospace Technology School in Russia

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Representation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technology:
The Representation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technology provides the direct admission and enrollment service to the international applicants to the engineering, humanitarian and medical Universities and Colleges which have an excellent reputation in international academic world. Reprussunivers low cost programmes provide the foreign students with accommodation available in university campus, libraries, research centers, laboratories, lecture halls on equal terms with Russian students and covered by study fees.

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Photo of Aerospace Technology School in RussiaPROFESSIONAL DEGREE PROGRAMS AND COURSES
Aircraft Engineering
Aircraft Engines and Power Plants
Rocket Engines
Electro-Rocket Engines and Power Plants
Rocket Engineering
Space Vehicles and Booster Units
SpaceRocket Complexes
Testing the Flying Vehicles
Flying-Vehicles Protection and Life Support Systems
Flight Dynamics and Flight Control
Aircraft and Space Ship Heat Engineering
Guidance and Navigation Systems of Flying Vehicles
Automatic Control Systems of Combat Aircraft Complexes
Drive Systems of Flying Vehicles
Robotic Systems of Aircraft Armament
Designing and Producing Articles Made of Composite Materials
Information Systems in Economy
Controlling, Aerobatics-Navigational, and Electric-Power Complexes of Flying Vehicles
Flying Vehicles Electrical EquiImage of Aerospace Technology School in Russiapments
Gyrosystems and Devices of Attitude Control, Navigation and Stabilization
Aircraft Instruments, Measuring and Computer-Based Complexes
Radio Engineering
Designing the Radioelectronic Means and Technology of Their Manufacture
Means of Communication with Moving Objects
Radio-Electronic Systems
Flying Vehicles Automatic Control Systems
Applied Mathematics
Computers, Computer Complexes, Systems and Networks
Automatic Systems of Data-Processing and Control
Computer-Aided Design Systems
Computer Components Designing and Production Engineering
Aerodynamics and Thermal Transfer Processes in Flying Vehicles
Designing the Flying Vehicles
Flying-Vehicles Structure
Strength of Flying Vehicles
Flying-Vehicles Production Technology
Thermal Engines of Flying Vehicles
Testing the Flying Vehicles and their Components
Dynamics, Ballistics and Control of Flying Vehicles
Electric-Rocket Engines and Power UniPhotos of Representation of Russian Universities: Aerospace Technologyts of Flying Vehicles
Thermal Conditions of Flying Vehicles
Electric Machines
Electrical Complexes and Systems, their Adjustment and Control
Semiconductor Converters of Electric Power
Gyroscopes, Navigation Complexes and Devices
Instrument Engineering and Instrument-Making Technology
Metrology and Metrological Support
Information-and-Measuring Systems (for Various Branches of Aircraft Engineering)
Radars and Radar Navigation
Radio Equipments and Means of Communication
Radio-and-Television Systems and Devices
Optical Systems of Detection, Ranging, Communication and Data-Treatment
Special-Purpose Radio Equipments, SHF Systems and Technology of their Production
Control of Technical Systems
Computer Elements and Components, Control Systems
Automated Control Systems
Automation of Technological Processes and Production (General Aspects, and Branches of Aircraft Engineering)
Software Support of Computers, Computer Complexes, Systems and NPicture of Aerospace Technology School in Russiaetworks
Systems of Automation in Design Work
Computers, Computer Complexes, Systems and Networks
Systems of Control and Data Treatment
Computer Systems, their Software Support and Organization of Computing Processes
Use of Computers, Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Methods in Scientific Research (for the Branches of Science)
Theoretical Fundamentals of Heat Engineering
Conversion and Installations of Renewable Types of Energy
Differential Equations
Computing Mathematics
System Analysis and Automatic Control
Theoretical Mechanics
Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma
Dynamics and Strength of Machines, Instruments and Devices
Physics of Solid Bodies
Physics and Chemistry of Plasma
Thermal Physics and Molecular Physics
Physics of the Charged-Particles Beam and the Acceleration Equipment
Applied Geometry and Engineering Graphics
Science of Materials Used in the Branches of Machine Manufacturing
Science of Machines and Machine Parts
Drive Systems
Automation in Mechanical Engineering
Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
Processes of Mechanical and Physical Treatment; Machine Tools and Equipment
Processes and Tools of Pressure Treatment
Science of Metals, Heat Treatment of Metals
Labor Protection and Safety
Integrated Radio and Electronic Equipment
History of Social and Political Movement and of Political Parties
Economics, Planning, Organization and Management of National Economy and of its Branches
Economics and Mathematical Methods
Organization of Production in Branches of Economy
History of Philosophy
Theory and History of Culture
Theory and History of Political Science

Major Programs available for Foreign Medical Specialists:

 Space Biology and Medicine;
 Gravitational Biology and Medicine;
 Emergency medicine;
 Hyperbaria;
 Ecological medicine;
 Life-support medico-technical means for preserving and maintaining healthand work capacity in space crews and operators in hermetically closed environment;
 Biomedical and medico-technical operational support of Russian and multinational space expeditions and rescue teams under emergency conditions
 Implementation of developed equipment, devices and technologies in national economy and public health protection, as well as in practical cosmonautics, hyperbaria and ecology
• Effect of hypergravity upon animals
• Physiological effects of microgravity in ground-based simulated human studies
• Altitude physiology and hypoxia
• Medical support of crew Flights, National and International Programs of biomedical studies
• Factors of space flight
• Modelling of microgravity effects
• Physiological effects of microgravity. Processes dependant on gravitation
• Sensory systems. Spatial orientation, perception of the body scheme, sensory foundation of the motor control
• Motor system and muscular system. Movement control system
• Space motion sickness. Pathogenesis and preventive countermeasures
• Cardiovascular system and respiratory apparatus. Orthostatic instability
• Water-electrolytic metabolism
• Calcium metabolism and bone state during short-term and long-term flights
• Changes in the blood cells and immune system during space flights
• Metabolism and hormone control of a person at the near-earth orbit
• Radiation safety of space flights
• Extravehicular activity
• Medical criterion for selection and cosmonaut training
• Medical control and diagnostics during space flights. Application of space medicine achievements in telemedical projects
• Counermeasures, prophylaxis of negative effects of microgravity
• Rehabilitation foundations of cosmonauts after long-term flights
• Gravitational biology and physiology
• Radiobiology and radiation risk
• Selection, training and assignment of flight and space crews
• Methods and equipment for medical monitoring in spaceflight
• Countermeasures against the unfavorable effects of extended microgravity
• G-force protection of pilots and cosmonauts
• Morbidity of flying personnel and cosmonauts
• Rehabilitation after air and space flights
• Metabolism and its regulation in long-term space missions
• Microgravity effects on muscles and the motor control system
• Microgravity effects on bones and metabolism of calcium
• Sensory systems and spatial orientation
• Mechanisms of the cardiorespiratory deconditioning
• Habitability of manned space vehicles
• Extravehicular activity of cosmonauts
• Barophysiology
• Life support means and systems
• Human engineering, professional activity, performance
• Telemedicine and its space, clinical, and educational applications
• International space station: Biomedical problems and strategy for their resolution
• Instrumentation of biomedical research in spaceflight
• Reporting systems in aerospace medicine
• Space biotechnology
• Exobiology
• Space environmental monitoring
• Closed space Ecology.
• Environmental Monitoring using remote ground probing technologies.
• Space technologies and the environment of the Earth.
• Outer space Ecology
• The " virus - cell" system under microgravity conditions.
• Production of biologically active substances with enhanced activity and purity.
• Living and malignant cell selection
• Studying the tangibility of yeast genome (of industrial and medical utilization) under conditions of microgravity.
• Biodamage of industrial structures and materials.
• Radiation safety of crews of space vehicles or enterprises by using ionizing emissions.
• Spacecraft electronic circuit protection system against harmful effects of high - energy galactic emissions.
• Medical and preventive aspects of health - support for the aerospace technology experts.
• Biological monitoring
• Pharmacodynamics and medicaments action mechanism under the outer environment.
• Medical support of space flights.
• Recycled ecology and toxicology
• Experimental models of human diseases as an objective of the research in space biomedicine.
• Individual development and spaceflight factors
• Pilots health.
• Flight safety.
• Rehabilitation in aviation medicine.
• Inciting factors of flight and vocational activity of the crewmen.
• Human factor, methods and means of research.
• Methods, means and results of pilot studies in a simulated flight.
• Vertebroneurology in aviation medicine.

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• Our master's programs in International Industrial Management, Automotive Systems, and Design & Development in Automotive & Mechanical Engineering each take 1.5 years (3 semesters) to complete.

• Thanks to our dedication to meeting current industry needs, our programs keep abreast of industrial change and respond to the needs of the industry for highly-qualified, international talent at management level.

• We work closely with many renowned companies in the Neckar Valley, such as Bosch, Festo and Daimler.
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• In recent years, Munich has developed into one of the leading economic centers in Europe. Located close to the Austrian and Swiss borders, at the foot of the Alps, Munich’s influences are abundant.

• Munich offers a unique symbiosis of quality of life and economic opportunity. With its wealth in culture and art, the Bavarian capital is one of the most popular cities in Germany.

• Internationally renowned, our MBA program is featured in the top tier of the European MBA listings and our full-time MBA has been placed fifth highest for salary uplift in Europe in the QS Return of Investment Report 2015.

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Student Review:
"I can immediately apply what I’ve learned and help my company achieve success. EU was the best investment I've made in my future."
- Magdalena, Germany - MBA Program
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• Business Foundation Program

• Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Business degree with the University of Roehampton, London UK

• BA (Hons) in Business (Marketing)
• BA (Hons) in Business (Finance)
• BA (Hons) in Business (HRM)
• BA (Hons) in Business (Enterprise)

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