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Technology Degree Programs in Sweden

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KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm:
Located in Stockholm, Sweden, KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level. KTH offers a large number of master's programmes taught in English including architecture, biotechnology, chemical science and engineering, industrial management, materials science and engineering, mathematics, medical engineering, physics and other areas. They are open to students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualifications and last one to two years.

Courses available in English:
The following Master's programmes taught in English are currently available at KTH. The courses last one to two years.

- Architecture
* Architecture

- Biotechnology

- The Built Environment
* Architectural Lighting Design (60 ECTS)
* Economics of Innovation and Growth
* Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure
* Geodesy and Geoinformatics
* Infrastructure Engineering
* Land Management (contract education, special requirements)
* Transport Systems
* Water System Technology

- Chemical Science and Engineering

- Electrical Engineering
* Electric Power Engineering
* Electrophysics
* Network Services and Systems
* Photonics
* System-on-Chip Design
* Systems, Control and Robotics
* Wireless Systems

- Industrial Management
* Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (60 ECTS)

- Information Technology
* Communication Systems
* Computational and Systems Biology
* CompPhoto of Technology Degree Programs in Swedenuter Networks (60 ECTS)
* Design and Implementation of ICT Products and Systems
* Engineering and Management of Information Systems
* Information and Communication Systems Security
* Media Management
* Software Engineering of Distributed Systems

- Materials Science and Engineering
* Materials Science and Engineering

- Mathematics
* Mathematics
* Scientific Computing

- Mechanical Engineering
* Aerospace Engineering
* Engineering Mechanics
* Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering
* Naval Architecture
* Production Engineering and Management
* Project Management and Operational Development (60 ECTS)
* Sustainable Energy Engineering
* Sustainable Technology

- Medical Engineering
* Medical Imaging

- Physics
* Nanotechnology
* Nuclear Energy Engineering

Erasmus Mundus Master´s Programmes:
In addition to the programmes mentioned above, KTH participates in six Erasmus Mundus Master´s programmes in cooperation with other European top universities.

Erasmus Mundus is an EU programme supporting university cooperation at the master's and doctoral levels. It aims to provide top-quality European education to attract the best students form all over the world. The Erasmus Mundus label is associated with the highest academic quality and standard of excellence.

The programmes are offered by a group of partner universities (consortium) and include studies in at least two countries. Scholarships covering both tuition fees and living costs are available.

Students can apply for the following programmes:

* Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)
* Distributed Computing (EMDC)
* Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT)
* Systems Biology (euSYSBIO)
* Turbomachinery Aeromechanic University Training (THRUST)
* Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics
* Industrial Management
* SecuriImage of Technology Degree Programs in Swedenty and Mobile Computing
* Photonics
* Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3)
* Materials and Sensors System for Environmental Technologies

Study programmes given in Swedish:
Studies at KTH are organised in study programmes. The Master of Science (MSc) programmes in Engineering and the Master of Architecture all encompass five years of studies (300 cresits). KTH also offers Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes in Applied Engineering, which encompass three years of studies (180 credits). The programmes lead to one of the following professional degrees:

* Master of Science in Engineering ("Civilingenjör")
* Master of Architecture ("Arkitekt")
* Bachelor of Science in Engineering ("Högskoleingenjör")

KTH also offer a variety of Bachelor’s programmes (three years, 180 credits) and Degree Programmes (two years, 120 credits) in

# Business Engineering
# Information and Communication Technology
# Medical Informatics
# Real Estate and Finance .

These programmes lead to one of the following degrees:

* Bachelor of Science (“Kandidatexamen”)
* University Diploma (“Högskoleexamen”)

Please note that Swedish is the main language of instruction and knowledge in the Swedish language is required in order to be admitted.

Technical Preparatory Education:

For students that want to get a degree in master or a Bachelor of Sciece but don't meet the basic requirements in science, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. Students can choose to study a year (60 credits) or a semester (30 credits). After completion the student is guaranteed a place in one of the KTH educational programs.

Other Courses:
For professionals interested in further education courses KTH can now also offer two-year programmes leading to an academic degree, the ”University Diploma”
* in Building & Construction
* Real Estate.

Both have a strong professional touch. Teaching is given in close co-operation with active business operators, both as project assignments and / or lectures held by professionals of each trade.

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Address: KTH Campus, Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm, Sweden
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2021-08-31 were from:

Atyrau, Kazakhstan;   taif, Saudi Arabia;   Midland/Texas, USA;   Fes, Morocco;   BIDA ZAYED, UAE;   Beirut, Lebanon;   Kuwait;   Zaragoza, Spain;   New York, USA;   Manta, Ecuador;   and more.
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The Royal Veterinary College
Courses / Programs
The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), located in the borough of Camden, Central London, is a small independent college of the University of London offering fully accredited programs designed to produce practising veterinary surgeons, bioveterinary scientists and veterinary nurses – all with the knowledge and skills to make a significant contribution to animal health and welfare.

The Royal Veterinary College is one of only four vet schools in Europe to have achieved accredited status for its undergraduate programmes from the AVMA (The American Veterinary Medical Association). A degree from the Royal Veterinary College is well-recognised around the world. It represents hard work and dedication on the part of both the College and you, its brilliant students.
- BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science
- Batchelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed)
- BVetMed Graduate Accelerated
- Combined Degree (BSc (Hons)/BVetMed)
- Veterinary Gateway Programme
- BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing
- Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing
- BSc (Hons) Veterinary Pathology (Intercalated)
- BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science (intercalated)
Örebro University
Courses / Programs
Örebro University is a young, modern and rapidly growing university located in the heart of Sweden. With Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo within easy reach, Örebro provides a stimulating and supportive environment for Swedish and international students. Örebro University offers a number of Master programmes that are taught in English.

If your university has an exchange agreement with Örebro University, you can spend a semester or a full year with us. The credits you earn during the period of exchange will be transferred back to your home university, as part of your academic programme. As an exchange student you have access to all courses taught in English at Örebro University, as long as you meet the prerequisites. For students with a good knowledge of Swedish and the appropriate prerequisites, the whole range of courses offered by Örebro University is available. Before you can apply to Örebro University, you must be selected by your home university for participation in the exchange programme.
Master Degree Programmes in English:
- Biomedicine and Methods in Medical Diagnostics
- Economics and Econometrics
- Global Journalism
- Health and Environmental Economics
- Master in Applied Statistics
- Master Programme of Electronic Government
- Molecular Medical Biology
- Robotics and Intelligent Systems
- Sports Physiology and Medicine
Bath Spa University, Bath
Courses / Programs
Bath Spa University, situated 120 miles west of London, offers pre-degree study, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of programmes. The University is linked with over 50 institutions in Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa.

Bath Spa University is a teaching-led university with an emphasis on teaching of the highest quality. In each of our Schools of study there are programmes with outstanding results in sector-wide quality assurance processes. The University has achieved exceptionally high rankings in national newspaper league tables. Its popularity is growing each year, and in the past five years it has achieved a 40% increase in undergraduate applications.
Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Degrees in Biology; Development Geography; Diet and Health; Environmental Science; Geography; Health and Social Care Management; Sociology; Master of Science (Msc) Degrees in Ecological Impact Assessment; Health Studies.
University Of Freiburg - Faculty Of Engineering
Courses / Programs
• The University of Freiburg, founded in 1457, is one of the oldest universities in Germany and looks back on a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research.

• Whether in the humanities, the sciences or engineering, Freiburg's students and faculty have made a significant impact on the academic world.

• The 11th and newest faculty of the university is the Faculty of Engineering which was established in 1995. It comprises the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Microsystems Engineering offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to approximately 1,200 students.

• The University of Freiburg, with 22,000 students, is strongly integrated into the city and most evenings it becomes clear that this is a college town.

• Situated on a new campus at the edge of Freiburg, both departments feature modern facilities for research and teaching including a cleanroom, electronics, optics and chemistry laboratories, robotics laboratories, facilities for tele-teaching, mobile computer pools for students and an engineering library.

• Located in southwest Germany at the foothills of the Black Forest, Freiburg benefits from a mild climate and its proximity to France and Switzerland.
3-Year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree Courses - Taught in German:

• Embedded Systems Engineering
• Computer Science
• Mikrosystemtechnik (Microsystems Engineering)

2-Year Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree Courses:
• Computer Science
• Embedded Systems Engineering (in English)
• Microsystems Engineering
• Sustainable Systems Engineering
• Neuroscience
• Renewable Energy Engineering & Management
• Sustainable Materials
University Of Westminster, London
Courses / Programs
University of Westminster is located in the heart of London and is one of England's leading Universities. Since its foundation in 1838 as Britain's first polytechnic, the University of Westminster has been closely involved in the business, professional and academic life of London. On the international stage, we were the first modern university to be awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise. Whether you want to study for a full-time Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programme, Study Abroad programme (studying on our courses for one semester or one year and transferring the credits back to your school), or Exchange programme our friendly and dedicated team are here to give you help and advice. You can take English as a Foreign Language courses during the Summer and Easter Vacations. The University of Westminster offers courses at its English language school that focus on conversational English to help you improve your general linguistic ability. Scholarships scheme for UK, European Union and international students. If you are in London, please pop in to our office between 10:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Friday.
A wide range of Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, Diplomas and PhD programmes from English literature, law, biomedical sciences and architecture to acupuncture, sports science, e-commerce, business, tourism and urban development, fashion, film, photography, media and music.
Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)
Courses / Programs
• Study for 1, 2 or 3 semesters at the UK’s No. 1 arts university!

• Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leading university specialising in arts, performance, design, and media education. Easily accessible less than 2 hours south of London by train, AUB provides study abroad BA (Hons) courses for international students and professionals who wish to spend time abroad in pursuit of careers in creative arts, graphic design, interior design, fashion, makeup, visual communication, architecture, acting, film production, photography, dance, and more.

• Our short study abroad courses are designed for students who want to spend time in university or college in the UK, developing their creative skills and perhaps gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend as much as 2-3 years studying in the UK.

• Students are fully integrated with our full-time BA (Hons) degree students, and these courses can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms, or 3 terms.

• If you can't find the exact course you want, we can design a course tailored to your individual needs. You can join several groups of students on a range of different courses and also receive one-to-one tuition.

• We also provide summer study abroad programs.

Student Review:
“I like the fact that the course has a good structure. You can always give your work a personal touch. I really appreciate that all my tutors are helpful, open-minded and have an immense knowledge, which they enjoy sharing.”
- Shivaji, India
1, 2 or 3 semesters on the following degree courses:

• Acting, Animation Production, Architecture, Photography, Costume with Performance Design, Creative Events Management, Fashion Studies, Film Production, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Visual Effects Design & Production, Illustration, Interior Architecture & Design, MakeUp for Media & Performance, Textiles, Modelmaking, Dance.

Further Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (1 or 2 terms)
• Preparation for Masters (2 terms)
• Summer creative arts courses for ages 13-14, 15+, 18+ / adults.