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Art Restoration Courses in Naples, Italy

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Istituto Europeo del Restauro, Ischia (NA):
The Istituto Europeo del Restauro (European Restoration Institute) in Ischia (NA), Italy, is a key centre for the Cultural Heritage restoration and preservation sector that operates in the fields of training, research and professional specialization in cooperation with important Italian and foreign universities and industries. We offer many training paths within articulated study programmes, sensitive to the European cultural-occupational policies and addressed to an international public of operators and students.

All courses aim at providing the participants with a theoretical-practical grounding, that will increase employment opportunities by detecting alternative career paths in the public or private sectors, or increasing entrepreneurial know-how in order to raise the value of activities already started.

Academic Programs:

Photo of Art Restoration Courses in Naples, ItalyThe study programmes of the different courses were generated after several important demands from the sector operators, concerning the need to deepen and to update one’s personal technical-scientific and cultural knowledge, to enhance entrepreneurial know-how, and to confront oneself with teachers and colleagues from other countries.

At the Istituto Europeo del Restauro, training and research are complementary in the professional activities conducted by a team made up of professional restorers, university professors and students, who in this way can carry out direct experience in field-work.

The teachers of the courses are highly qualified. Very often they are the most expert in their field, and their personal prestige stands as a further guarantee of the Institute’s authority and reliability.

Taking part in courses and in restoration activities with teachers and students coming from different countries offers a unique opportunity for professional growth, and furthermore guarantees an educational-cultural variety which otherwise would not be possible in a more limited reality.

This is also the place where Italian and foreign realities – not only relating to the cultural heritage preservation but also to the industrial world – meet Its aim is to promote a synergic relationship between the two sectors, creating also socio-cultural opportunities. Important partners in the industrial field offer their economic, scientific and ethical contribution, supporting the initiatives of the Institution and its young students.

Courses / Programs:

Annual and Half-yearly Courses:
We offer an annual course for the restoration of wooden works of art, and a half-year course for the restoration of wall paintings.
The study plan contemplates compulsory attendance eight hours a day from Monday to Friday and the duration goes from 900 to 1600 training hours.

The materials, equipment, clothing and accident prevention materials are provided entirely by the Institute.

Monothematic Courses:
Our monothematic course programmes are short but intense, the ideal for people with work or study commitments. “Full-immersion” training, together with our teaching staff’s high level of proficiency and the students’ living and teaching environment, encourage a sure and rapid learning. Courses include:

    - Biodeteriogenic Microorganisms of Wood Carving
    - Integrations on mosaic flooring and murals
    - Writing materials and illuminating techniques in the Middle Ages
    - Photography of works of art
    - Laser cleaning/ablation for the conservation of cultural heritage
    - Gilding techniques
    - Identification and control of insects that are harmful to the conservation of cultural heritage
    - Illuminating Images
    - Carving
    - Methodological orientation for the conservation and restoration of seals
    - The Executive Tecniques of Wall Paintings
    - Intervention Phases fot the Restoration of Wall Paintings
    - The Removal and the Tearing of Wall Paintings

Monthly Courses:
Specially conceived for specialists and graduates or undergraduates in the heritage conservation sector who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of the theoretical notions obtained during their academic studies.
The courses are carried out directly on the field, thus giving participants the opportunity to experience a real operative situation.

A) The “Restoration Site” course where students and teachers together make up a regular intervention team destined to carry out the restoration of a great work in the field.
B) The “Restoration Laboratory” course in which students can access the Institute’s laboratories and take part in one or more operations on mobile works of art (sculptures, panels, decorations, gilded artefacts) in order to become familiar with modern methodologies and problems of this type of restoration.

Experimental Course for the underwater restorer:
During this theoretical-practical course, students will learn how to apply the innovative laser system for underwater restorers.
The course is divided into two groups:

Class A is for those who do not yet have a diving licence.

Class B is for those who have a diving licence.

The duration is 72 hours per week; room and board, insurance, the Institute polo shirt and individual diving equipment are included in the fee.

Summer School
Theoretical and practical lessons about wood restoration are held from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m to 13 p.m., giving the student free time in the afternoon. Study programs can be directly organized with the professor, requesting the topic at the time of enrollment.

The registration fee includes materials, equipment, insurance, clothing, personal accident prevention means  and the program "Learning Italian".

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Address: Island of Ischia, Naples, Italy
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Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano - NABA - Italian design school
Courses / Programs
NABA is a recognised school of Visual Arts, Communication, Design and Restoration located in the centre of Milan, Italy - the recognised capital of fashion, publishing and design. NABA trains students and professionals in the areas of Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Theatre Design, Graphic Design and Art Direction, Media Design and Visual Arts through our undergraduate / graduate degree programs, diploma and certificate programs as well as summer courses. Transfer students (students wishing to enrol in the 2nd or 3rd year of a course) are welcome.

The BA & MA degrees & diplomas are valid in all European countries and all countries outside Europe that have a bilaterlal agreement with Italy. The language of instruction for most courses is Italian.

NABA is an international institution, which integrates students of 45 different nationalities in its educational programs and promotes intensive educational exchanges with Art and Design universities in USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. NABA collaborates with prestigious institutions such as Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Philadelphia University, Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt Institute.
- 1 Year Master Degree Programs

- 2 Year MA Degree Programs:
Multimedia Communication Design; Textile and New Materials Design; Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies

- 3 Year BA Honors Degree Programs:
Design (Industrial, Interior); Fashion and Textile Design; Graphic Design and Art Direction; Media Design; Theatre Design; Visual Arts

- Diploma & Certificate courses
- Summer courses
Centro Koinè
Courses / Programs
Koinè, named after a Greek word meaning “common language”, is a special kind of school set up in 1980 as an association of teachers, all with personal and professional experience in the area of teaching Italian as a foreign language. These teachers decided to create a new type of organization which would differ from other private schools in its style of working and teaching methods. Today Koinè has developed teaching materials, books, and audiovisual tools, whilst also organizing seminars and teacher orientation courses. All of our teachers are specifically trained in these didactic methods. The lessons are not limited purely to language teaching, but completed by a series of introductory courses and guided visits to show our country’s landmarks. Koinè has expanded over time from its main school in Florence, with schools in Lucca, Cortona, Rio Marina on the Island of Elba and Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy.

Accreditation: Our school gained official recognition from the Italian Ministry of Education in March 2002 and belongs to ASILS association of Italian schools for foreigners.
Art & Language Courses:

- Painting and Drawing Courses in Florence
- Photography Workshop
- Travel & Learn Italian in Tuscany
- Bread, Wine and Language
- Learn Italian and Cook with an Italian “Mamma" in the Evening
Istituto Superiore di Design, Naples
Courses / Programs
Located in Naples, the cradle of Mediterranean culture, The Istituto Superiore di Design is one of the leading institutions of Art and Design in Southern Italy. Study options include 3-year undergraduate programs, 1-year masters courses, Summer courses, and more. Specializations include Graphic Design, Media Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Fashion Design among others. The language of instruction is Italian with simultaneous translation into English.

Our mission is to provide students with the cultural and technical means to realise their passion for Art and Design to a professional level. Our courses fall in line with the expectations and the demands of the labour market in the areas of Design, Fashion and Communication.

The Istituto Superiore di Design is made up three of departments: ISD Fashion, ISD Design, ISD Media Arts and Communication Design that each offer courses of different levels and duration. We also provide beginner and advanced level Italian language courses.
3-Year Undergraduate Courses:
- Fashion & Textile Design
- Interior & Industrial Design
- Graphic & Multimedia Design

1-Year Masters Courses
- Fashion Design; Fashion Styling; Interior Design; Product Design; Graphic Design; Multimedia Design

1-Year Intensive Courses:
- Graphic & Multimedia Design
- Interior & Industrial Design
- Fashion & Textile Design

1-Month Summer Courses
- Graphic Design; Interior Design; Product Design; Fashion Design

Italian Language Courses:
- Basic Beginner
- Advanced
Accademia del Lusso, Milan
Courses / Programs
• Situated in the heart of Milan - Italy's fashion capital, Accademia del Lusso provides a range of fashion-related Masters programs, 3-year courses, intensive 1-year programs, summer professional courses, and short courses designed to train and prepare the fashion industry’s most sought-after professionals. 

• Available to students from around the world, our courses are taught in English or Italian. Subjects include Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Brand Management, and Interior Design among many others.

• Our comprehensive courses allow students to enter the job market as experienced and competent professionals with expert skills and knowledge.

• The Accademia del Lusso’s innovative educational approach comprises two closely interconnected areas of specialization: a technical-creative emphasis and a management emphasis.

• In order to improve the student-to-faculty ratio, the maximum class size is 12 made up of international students.

• Our school was founded with the intention of providing high-level training to motivated young people who plan to build a career in fashion as well as to industry professionals who seek to improve and update their skills. 

Student Testimonial:
"I really enjoyed the time I spent in Accademia del Lusso. The courses that I have attended have helped me to develop my knowledge of the fashion business and to open my mind and see things from a different point of view. The teachers too have been very good to me (with very little exceptions)."
Specialized Fashion Design Courses:
Taught in English and / or Italian

1-Year Masters Programs:
• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Communication Management
• Fashion Collection Management

3-Year Courses:
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Styling & Communication
• Fashion Design & Modelling

Intensive 1-Year Courses:
• Fashion Product Design
• Interior & Retail Design
• Footwear & Accessories Design
• Visual Merchandising

Professional Short Courses:
• Made in Italy & Luxury Goods
• Specialized Preparatory Courses
• Summer Fashion Courses
Accademia Riaci, Florence
Courses / Programs
• Would you like to take the first step towards a new career in the exciting fashion industry, or take an advanced fashion design or fashion business course to improve your job opportunities in this competitive field?

• Conveniently located in the heart of Florence, Accademia Riaci is an international art and design school that provides fashion design and fashion business & marketing courses to Italian students and international students from around the world.

• Taught in Italian with English & Spanish interpretation, our quality courses include professional one-year master courses, one-year / semester programs, internship programs, summer courses, and short courses (including intensive options & private lessons available for students with limited time).

• Taught by experienced and dedicated faculty who are leaders in their respective fields, courses offered at Accademia Riaci also include Bag Making, Bag Design, Shoe Making, Shoe Design, Painting & Drawing, Graphic Design, Product Design, and Interior Design among many others.

Accademia Riaci
 Student Testimonial:
"The teachers are excellent, very knowledgeable, and very devoted. I had a great stay and learned a lot. My skills definitely grew and I will apply them in the future. I spent my free time in culture events in and around Florence."
- Svenne, Netherlands
Fashion Courses in Florence:
Taught in Italian with English & Spanish interpretation

• One-Year Diploma Course / Semester Programs:
Fashion Design; Fashion Business & Marketing 

• Master Courses: Academic Year & Semester Programs available
Fashion Design; Fashion Business

• Short Courses: Study for 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 weeks
Fashion Design; Fashion Business

• Summer Courses: Study for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 weeks
Fashion Design
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence
Courses / Programs
• Alchimia is a private professional contemporary jewellery school in the historic city of Florence in Tuscany, Northern Italy.

• We provide academic jewellery design courses at Bachelor's (BFA) degree, Masters (MFA) degree, and 1-year academic courses, as well as short-term, intensive programs including weekend courses, 2 week to 6 month courses, and summer study options. 

• Our short courses are available year-round, and have open dates, with individual study programs (max. 5 students) to offer the opportunity to experience contemporary jewellery to both beginners and advanced students.

• Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree courses are accredited by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools (E.A.B.H.E.S.), an organisation that allows all of our students to obtain a European Bachelor’s degree.

• Alchimia’s objective is to teach students to express their creativity through contemporary jewelry, developing high-quality technical and theoretical skills.

• The students of Alchimia are mentored and tutored by a team of experts in jewellery, design, and the visual arts.

• Our mission is to provide students with a supportive and practical work environment. Interaction with our instructors and technicians gives students the conceptual and technical knowledge about contemporary jewellery necessary to prepare them as professional makers, artists and designers.
Accredited Jewellery Degree Programs:
• Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree in Contemporary Jewellery (2 Years)
• Master Of Fine Arts Degree: Major in Contemporary Jewellery and Body Ornament (2 Years)

1-Year Jewellery Design Courses:
• Jewellery Training Foundation (JTF)
• Advanced Jewellery Training (AJT)

Short Intensive Courses in Jewellery Making: 
• Advanced Jewellery Techniques
• Basic Jewellery & Design
• Resin Jewellery
• Surface Treatment Of Metals
• Experimentation With Materials
• Precious Metals & Alloys
• Textile Techniques With Metal
• 3-day intensive Weekend Courses
• 1-week Summer Jewellery Courses