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Art Restoration Courses in Naples, Italy

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Istituto Europeo del Restauro, Ischia (NA):
The Istituto Europeo del Restauro (European Restoration Institute) in Ischia (NA), Italy, is a key centre for the Cultural Heritage restoration and preservation sector that operates in the fields of training, research and professional specialization in cooperation with important Italian and foreign universities and industries. We offer many training paths within articulated study programmes, sensitive to the European cultural-occupational policies and addressed to an international public of operators and students.

All courses aim at providing the participants with a theoretical-practical grounding, that will increase employment opportunities by detecting alternative career paths in the public or private sectors, or increasing entrepreneurial know-how in order to raise the value of activities already started.

Academic Programs:

Photo of Art Restoration Courses in Naples, ItalyThe study programmes of the different courses were generated after several important demands from the sector operators, concerning the need to deepen and to update one’s personal technical-scientific and cultural knowledge, to enhance entrepreneurial know-how, and to confront oneself with teachers and colleagues from other countries.

At the Istituto Europeo del Restauro, training and research are complementary in the professional activities conducted by a team made up of professional restorers, university professors and students, who in this way can carry out direct experience in field-work.

The teachers of the courses are highly qualified. Very often they are the most expert in their field, and their personal prestige stands as a further guarantee of the Institute’s authority and reliability.

Taking part in courses and in restoration activities with teachers and students coming from different countries offers a unique opportunity for professional growth, and furthermore guarantees an educational-cultural variety which otherwise would not be possible in a more limited reality.

This is also the place where Italian and foreign realities – not only relating to the cultural heritage preservation but also to the industrial world – meet Its aim is to promote a synergic relationship between the two sectors, creating also socio-cultural opportunities. Important partners in the industrial field offer their economic, scientific and ethical contribution, supporting the initiatives of the Institution and its young students.

Courses / Programs:

Annual and Half-yearly Courses:
We offer an annual course for the restoration of wooden works of art, and a half-year course for the restoration of wall paintings.
The study plan contemplates compulsory attendance eight hours a day from Monday to Friday and the duration goes from 900 to 1600 training hours.

The materials, equipment, clothing and accident prevention materials are provided entirely by the Institute.

Monothematic Courses:
Our monothematic course programmes are short but intense, the ideal for people with work or study commitments. “Full-immersion” training, together with our teaching staff’s high level of proficiency and the students’ living and teaching environment, encourage a sure and rapid learning. Courses include:

    - Biodeteriogenic Microorganisms of Wood Carving
    - Integrations on mosaic flooring and murals
    - Writing materials and illuminating techniques in the Middle Ages
    - Photography of works of art
    - Laser cleaning/ablation for the conservation of cultural heritage
    - Gilding techniques
    - Identification and control of insects that are harmful to the conservation of cultural heritage
    - Illuminating Images
    - Carving
    - Methodological orientation for the conservation and restoration of seals
    - The Executive Tecniques of Wall Paintings
    - Intervention Phases fot the Restoration of Wall Paintings
    - The Removal and the Tearing of Wall Paintings

Monthly Courses:
Specially conceived for specialists and graduates or undergraduates in the heritage conservation sector who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of the theoretical notions obtained during their academic studies.
The courses are carried out directly on the field, thus giving participants the opportunity to experience a real operative situation.

A) The “Restoration Site” course where students and teachers together make up a regular intervention team destined to carry out the restoration of a great work in the field.
B) The “Restoration Laboratory” course in which students can access the Institute’s laboratories and take part in one or more operations on mobile works of art (sculptures, panels, decorations, gilded artefacts) in order to become familiar with modern methodologies and problems of this type of restoration.

Experimental Course for the underwater restorer:
During this theoretical-practical course, students will learn how to apply the innovative laser system for underwater restorers.
The course is divided into two groups:

Class A is for those who do not yet have a diving licence.

Class B is for those who have a diving licence.

The duration is 72 hours per week; room and board, insurance, the Institute polo shirt and individual diving equipment are included in the fee.

Summer School
Theoretical and practical lessons about wood restoration are held from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m to 13 p.m., giving the student free time in the afternoon. Study programs can be directly organized with the professor, requesting the topic at the time of enrollment.

The registration fee includes materials, equipment, insurance, clothing, personal accident prevention means  and the program "Learning Italian".

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Address: Island of Ischia, Naples, Italy
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The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts of Florence offers academic courses of 3 plus 2 years (restructured duration) for diplomas at 1st and 2nd level (equivalent to the short degree and specialization degree) in five subjects: Photography, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Design, Painting and Restoration.

Students of the Liberal Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia use the laboratories of the Institute as logistic support. Besides structured university courses the Academy offers further completion with Professional Courses, Liberal Courses and Post-degree Masters in Visual Arts, Photography, Graphic Design and Pedagogy of the Art (the Laba offers scholarships for the Masters students).

The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts is a an institute of top level artistic training. An institute where teachers are professionals in the subjects, the Liberal Academy of Fine Arts has created synergies and cooperation with important institutions both private and public such us: The Cartiere Fedrigoni (international paper mill industry), EX3 - Contemporary Art Centre in Florence, Piaggio Foundation, Alinari Musuem,and so on. Therefore students have the opportunity to start working through training and internships.
Masters Degree Courses:
- Professional Cinematography
- Visual Arts and curatorial studies
-Jewellery design
-Interior and Living Design

Diploma Courses:
- Painting
- Graphic Design and Multimedia
- Design
- Photography
Istituto di Moda Burgo, Milan
Courses / Programs
• Founded in 1961, Istituto di Moda Burgo is a long-established fashion school located in Milan's vibrant city centre.

• We offer high-quality academic year and short summer courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Stylist, Dressmaking, and Pattern Making - taught in English and Italian language.

• We provide 'Normal' and 'Intensive' study options for each course. 'Normal' courses last from 1-2 years, while 'Intensive' options run between 5 months and 1 year.

• Thanks to over 50 years experience in the fashion industry, Istituto di Moda Burgo's methodology and passion for Italian fashion and style has been exported to many fashion design schools, colleges, public and private universities abroad.

• We also offer our 4 main academic-year fashion programs at our school in Rome.

Student Review:
"I had a great time at this school where I noticed the care with which the subjects are taught. The teachers are precise. I learned in a short time a new method. I'm very satisfied!"
- Francesca
Year-Round / Academic Fashion & Creative Arts Courses:
- Taught in English or Italian language

Fashion Design:
• Normal Duration: 2 years
• Intensive I Duration: 10 months
• Intensive II Duration: 5 months

Fashion Stylist:
• Normal Duration: 2 years
• Intensive Duration: 1 year

Dressmaking Course:
• Normal Duration: 2 years
• Intensive Duration: 1 year

Pattern Making:
• Normal Duration: 1 year
• Intensive Duration: 5 months

We also provide a range of 2-4 week, private summer Certificate courses in a range of fashion & design topics.
Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts, Florence
Courses / Programs
Located in Florence, Northern Italy, Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts offers special and unique contemporary studio arts, Italian cultural studies, Italian language and art history programs with an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Our class sizes are small, often with individualized attention and field study is an integral part of the curriculum.

A key factor that distinguishes Firenze Arti Visive apart from other programs is our emphasis on small classes, on-site learning, and interdisciplinary study. We provide a number of opportunities that will enrich your stay with an authentic Italian experience.

Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts is a unique place where students can become more conscious of themselves and of the cultural reality surrounding them according to their personal ways of observation and communication.

The studio center is housed in a magnificent 15th century Palazzo in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Florence.
2D Studio Arts Courses:
- Drawing
- Painting
- Printmaking
- Letterpress

Media Arts Classes:
- Photography
- Video
- Digital Media
- Super8

Art History Courses:
- Italian Renaissance
- High Renaissance
- Contemporary Art History

Italian Studies Courses:
- European Cinema
- Food, Culture & Society
- Creative Writing
- Italian Literature

Italian Language:
- Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Italian
John Cabot University, Rome
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• We offer Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Associate of Arts degrees as well as semester and year-long study abroad programs, and summer courses.

Our graduates are globally-recognized, and have been accepted at top-tier universities in the U.S. and Europe, and for being employed by well-known international companies.

• JCU is enriched with an international environment. Our diverse student body comprises about 1200 students from over 60 countries from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, and from more than 130 U.S. universities.

• Students benefit greatly from culturally conscious views and discussions through which they become well prepared for successful and productive engagements in our fast paced global world.

• JCU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All courses are taught in English, have small class sizes with an average of 15 students per class and are taught by faculty of international distinction.

• Whether you are pursuing a four-year degree or are seeking to study abroad, you will do so in the heart of Rome surrounded by the extraordinarily rich offerings of a city of culture, history, art, creativity, business and international affairs.
• Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs (4-years)
• Associate of Arts Degree Programs (2-years) 
• Year-long and Semester Abroad Programs
• Summer Study Programs
• Master of Arts (MA) in Art History

Majors include:
• Business Administration
• International Affairs
• Political Science
• Communications
• Art History
• Classical Studies
• Economics and Finance
• English Literature
• History
• Humanistic Studies
• International Business
• Italian Studies
• Marketing
Italian Culinary Institute
Courses / Programs
• Situated in Copanello, just 5 minutes from the beautiful seaside town of Soverato in the Calabria region of Southern Italy, Italian Culinary Institute (formerly Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts) is one of Europe's finest chef training academies.

• Founded by Chef John Nocita, ICI presents Italy's most advanced culinary programs for professional chefs, pastry chefs, students, serious home cooks & epicureans. Courses (taught in English or Italian) include full immersion culinary, baking, pastry and gelato programs, with 1-week, 2-week, & 3-month study options available.

• Each of our culinary arts programs include quality hotel accommodation, meals with wine, course materials, culinary travel, market visits, and more!

Student Reviews:
"Life changing experience. They approach all culinary endeavors paying due respect to the ingredients being used"
- Mark, USA

"Studying at ICI was among the most amazing experiences of my life. I attended courses both as a student and was then invited to be an assistant to Chefs John and Nic. Not only did I get a Great Education but the setting overlooking the Ionian Sea was absolutely marvelous and breathtaking."
- Charles, USA

"Attending ICI was the best investment I have ever made for my future. Not only did we learn everything about authentic regional Italian cuisine and become better industry professionals, I learned how to taste and trust my palate. Chef John is a true master and will always be a mentor to me."
- Mike, USA
Professional Italian Cooking Courses / Chef Training
(Short & intensive culinary courses taught in English & Italian languages)

3-month course:
• Master of Italian Cuisine

2-week course:
• The Evolution of Italian Cuisine

1-week courses:

• Foundation of Italian Cuisine
• Traditional Italian Charcuterie
• Artisan Italian Cheese Making course
• Pastry, Desserts and Gelato course
• Pizza Focaccia and Specialty Breads, Artisan Baking
Istituto Marangoni, Milan
Courses / Programs
Situated in the heart of Milan, Italy's fashion capital, Istituto Marangoni provides a comprehenisve range of 3-week Short Introductory Fashion courses as well as 2-week Advanced Programmes to students from all over the world who are interested in fashion and design. Courses are offered in Summer, and throughout the year. Topics include Fashion Drawing, Fashion Image, Fashion Production, Kidswear Design, Pattern Cutting, and Fashion Retail Management among many others.

During our Short Introductory courses, students become familiar with various fashion disciplines and more specific aspects of their chosen subject. Each course allows you to grasp the basic principles of the subject. In our Advanced courses, students learn specific technical skills and methodologies, as well as those relating to project proposals and the development of ideas.

At Istituto Marangoni, students find the motivation and skills to grow and become fashion designers of excellence who are capable of operating in a vast array of professional environments. We help students find the tools to interpret and guide and grow through study programs which are constantly updated to become highly skilled professionals in the fashion industry at the highest creative, organizational and business levels.
3-week Short Introductory Fashion Courses:
- Fashion & The Cities
- Essential Fashion Design
- Basics of Fashion Image
- The Business of Fashion
- Fashion Mix
- Visual Merchandising
- Fashion Drawing
- Pattern Cutting for Designers
- Fashion Image...

2-week Advanced Programmes:
- Kidswear Design
- Fashion Film Storytelling
- Fashion Production
- The Retail Experience
- Social Media for Fashion
- Fashion Retail Management...