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Thai Language Hut, Bangkok:
Located in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thai Language Hut is a professional language school in Thailand offering private classes to students that are serious about learning English. We have experience teaching senior managers, those learning business English, students studying for English based University examinations and for TOIEC, TOEFL and IELTS - in addition we have coached students to deliver high impact speeches for social occasions and business. Courses may be delivered at our school, at your site or online via Skype. We also offer Thai language courses.

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Interchange - Course 1 (Beginner/Intermediate)

Unit 1: Please call me Beth. Introductions and greetings; names; countries and nationalities

Unit 2: How do you spend your day? Jobs, workplaces and school; daily schedules; clock time

Unit 3: How much is it? Shopping and prices; clothing and personal items; colors and materials

Unit 4: Do you like rap? Music, movies and TV programs; entertainers; invitations and excuses; dates and times

Unit 5: Tell me about your family. Families; typical families

Unit 6: How often do you exercise? Sports, fitness activities and exercise routines

Unit 7: We had a great time! Free-time and weekend activities; chores; vacations

Unit 8: What’s your neighborhood like? Stores and places in a city; neighborhoods; houses and apartments

Unit 9: What does she look like? Appearance and dress; clothing and clothing styles; people

Unit 10: Have you ever ridden a camel? Past experiences; unusual activities

Unit 11: It’s a very exciting place! Cities; hometowns; countries

Unit 12: It really works! Health problems; medications and remedies; products in a pharmacy

Unit 13: May I take your order? Food and restaurants

Unit 14: The biggest and the best! World geography and facts; countries

Unit 15: I’m going to a soccer match. Invitations and excuses; leisure time activities; telephone messages

Unit 16: A change for the better! Life changes; plans and hopes for the future

Interchange - Course 2 (Intermediate)

Unit 1: A time to remember. People; childhood; memories

Unit 2: Caught in the rush. Transportation; transportation problems; city services

Unit 3: Time for a change! Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes; wishes

Unit 4: I’ve never heard of that! Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods

Unit 5: Travel; vacations; plans

Unit 6: OK No problem! Complaints; household chores; requests; excuses; apologies

Unit 7: What is this for? Technology; instructions

Unit 8: Let’s celebrate! Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations

Unit 9: Back to the future. Life in the past, present and future; changes and contrasts; consequences

Unit 10: I don’t like working on weekends! Abilities and skills; job preferences; personality traits; careers

Unit 11: It’s really worth seeing! Landmarks and monuments; world knowledge

Unit 12: It could happen to you! Information about someone’s past; recent past events

Unit 13: Good book, terrible movie! Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and opinions

Unit 14: So that’s what that means! Non verbal communication; gestures and meanings; signs; drawing conclusions

Unit 15: Money; hopes; predicaments; speculations

Unit 16: What’s your excuse? Request; excuses; invitations

Additional English Courses
- Touchstone - Online Training jointly delivered with Cambridge University Press
- Passages - Intermediate/Upper English training for Adults and Young Adults
- Business training - vertical market training (based on Cambridge University Press materials)
- Entrance examination preparation
- Customer Service - Letter / Telephone / Comprehension

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Address: 9/1 Sukhumvit 43, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand
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samut prakarn, Thailand;   Maharashtra, India;   Cleveland Ohio, USA;   Anhui, China;   Suthisan;   Scotland, UK / GB;   Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil;   Germany;   wuhan china, China;   Alexandria, Egypt;   and more.
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Stamford International University, Bangkok
Courses / Programs
• Stamford International University Thailand (STIU) is an accredited university that offers semester abroad programs, fast-track MBA programs and bachelor's degrees which are taught in English to international students and students from Thailand.

• In addition to our academic programs, we offer the Laureate English Program (LEP), which was specifically designed for students preparing for or currently enrolled in degree courses at Stamford International University, to provide you with the English language skills you need to meet the standards required in the competitive global marketplace.

• As well as our Laureate English Program, we also provide a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English. 

• Students enrolling for international degree programs at Stamford International University take the Stamford English Placement Exam.
Laureate English Program (LEP)
• A highly-interactive program designed specifically for students preparing for or currently enrolled in degree courses at Stamford, to ensure they meet global standards of English on graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in English:
• This course touches upon the traditional aspects of a BA in English (literature, poetry and drama) and also includes the more modern applications of the English language in disciplines that have a global perspective.
British Council Singapore
Courses / Programs
Located on Napier Road, the British Council Singapore is an English language and culture education centre for adults and children.

We provide a range of English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses for local and international students from around the globe.

We offer beginner to advanced level, full and part-time General English courses, Business English, a range of professional and academic exam preparation classes (IELTS, Cambridge, Edexcel), English for children / academic purposes, English teacher training, and more.

We have been teaching English in Singapore for more than 60 years, and we understand how to help you to learn successfully. Our mission is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and Singapore and to increase Singaporeans' appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements.

We have created an environment that is interesting, social and fun. Enrol in one of many courses based on your needs and learn from professional teachers who are all native English speakers with years of training and experience.

Student Feedback:
"The teachers are well-trained, professional and know how to teach Asian students. They know our problems. I have made big progress in my time here."  - Sun

"The course has encouraged me to speak and write proper English."  - Neo
English Courses at Beginner to Advanced Levels:

- General English Full-Time courses (Certificate in General English: Elementary, Foundation & Academic / Advanced levels)

- English for Business Professionals
- English Exam Preparation courses (IELTS, Cambridge FCE & CAE, Edexcel)
- English for children / academic purposes
- Part-time English courses
- "myClass" - Flexible English courses for adults (that suit your interests, needs and schedule)
- Corporate training (customer service, written communication, etc)
- English teacher training (TEFL / CELTA)
My Thai Language School, Bangkok
Courses / Programs
My Thai Language school in Bangkok proposes enjoyable Thai lessons wtih experienced teachers for those who are interested to learn Thai. Our students feel at home with our warm and friendly staff. We also assist our long term students with the one year non-immigrant ED visa.
Intensive Thai Courses; Thai Group Courses; Private Thai Lessons; Thai Business Classes.
Spring College International
Courses / Programs
• Spring College International (SCI) is a leading language learning and exam preparatory course provider in Singapore with two school locations.

• Spring College International (Jurong East) is located near Jurong East MRT station, while Spring College International (Bishan) is situated close to Bishan MRT station. Both schools are within a 5-minute walk from the MRT.

• At SCI, we provide a wide range of English language courses for adults, college students, children, tourists, and professionals. We believe in building a strong relationship with each of our students.

• Our teachers and lecturers are selected based on their language proficiency, experience, and the dedication shown to be accepted as a teaching staff.

• Spring College International is registered with Council for Private Education (CPE Registration: 201001911N Validity: 23 July 2016 to 22 July 2020).

• SCI is registered with Singapore’s Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), and awarded with 4-years Edutrust Certificate (valid from 19/01/2018 to 18/01/2022).

Student Review:
"I have only come to Singapore to study for a mere 7 months. As the only son, I did not have any interest in studying and failed to go to university. My parents then decided to send me to SCI to learn English.

I was immediately influenced by the keen learning attitude of the students in SCI. The teachers also inculcated moral values to us, making us feel the passion for learning."

- Student from China
Full-time English (ESL) Courses for adults & international students
• English Certificate courses
• Preparatory courses for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT tests

Part-time English Courses:

• General English
• Conversational English
• Business English classes
• One to One (Private) English lessons
• Private TOEFL / IELTS prep
• Online English classes

English for Children / Teens:
• Preparatory Course for Admission to Government School (P2-P5 & S1-S3, primary & secondary schools for children ages 7-16)
• Preparatory courses for GCE O Level exams
• Preparatory courses for GCE A Level exams
• Summer English camp for groups
Sage Education, Bangkok
Courses / Programs
Sage Education is an English language tutorial center located in Bangkok, Thailand that specializes in helping children and young students develop their internal abilities that enable the students to make wise career decisions in the future. Our teaching medium is through the English language, but our course designs are based on subjects that will help develop childrens' minds at a young age through modules such as: architecture, science, engineering, statistics, economics and much more.

We believe that if students are exposed to these underlying theories early on in life and not during college / university, they will be more well rounded and be able to make the most suitable career choice that they will inevitably excel in. As such, we offer professional admissions courses such as the SAT, GMAT, GED, GCSE, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and counseling services to ensure that students get into the college / university that best suits them.

We want to be there throughout a child's life and walking through life's challenges with them.
- English for Early Learners (up to age 10)
- English for Success (ages 10 - 15)
- Custom English Classes
- English Grammar
- Exam preparation courses including; SAT; GMAT; GCSE; GED; TOEFL; IELTS; TOEIC
- Cognitive Development in: Architecture; Statistics; Economics; Science; Engineering
- Study Tours
Stanford English Academy, Navi Mumbai
Courses / Programs
• Stanford English Academy (SEA) is a highly-experienced institute of English language studies located in Kharghar and Vashi, Navi Mumbai, less than 1 hour drive from the heart of Mumbai city, Maharashtra.

• In 2016, the Academy won the prestigious ‘Best English Language Training Institute in India’, award from the Asia Education Summit & Awards.

• We provide a range of English courses and an outstanding educational experience for local students from the Mumbai area and throughout India, and also to international students from over 25 countries around the world.

• Our diverse teaching methods include lectures, class discussions, class presentation, role play and group assignments.

Student Reviews:
"....The English course involves lot of student activities, PowerPoint presentations which helped me to learn English better way.  The best thing was the teachers. Everyone is very kind and intelligent; they gave me many good knowledge and confidence in English."
- John Seo, South Korea

"....I have developed the four major skills of language learning in Stanford English. The teachers with patience help me in solving my doubts and make me understand everything. SEA is an amazing and great team!"
- Alyona, Intensive General English
English Courses at Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels:

• Intensive General English (General Purpose for Everyday use)
• Intensive General English (Skill Base Study)
• Academic English Preparation
• IELTS Test Preparation course
• TOEFL Test Preparation course
• TOEIC Preparation course
• Business English Communication course
• Spoken English / Conversation course
• Personality Development program