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French Courses in Montreal, Canada

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ILSC Montreal:
You´ve arrived in a place where learning has no limits. A complete learning experience where speaking French becomes a natural part of your everyday life. At ILSC, you´re learning by living…and you may just amaze yourself. ILSC, one of Canada's most reputable French and English language schools, is located right in the heart of downtown Montréal. ILSC teaches a wide range of courses at various levels. Our small classes are taught using "student-centered" and communicative methods by our highly qualified instructors. We also offer customized groups, summer youth homestay, private tutoring and work experience. All of us at ILSC take pride in making our school one of the finest language learning institutes in the world. Through our innovative student-centred approach to education, you’ll learn French while pursuing your own interests and passions. For almost 15 years we have been developing our teaching methods. They have proven successful with thousands of students from over the world.

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French Programs:
Learning French at ILSC-Montréal is an interactive adventure. All classes are based on a student centred curriculum that accommodates each student's interests and passions, giving learning the freedom to flourish.

Our focus is to help you strengthen aspects of the four basic French skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

We use various teaching resources such as computers, magazines, videos, etc. and such activities as field trips, group and pair work, language games, etc.

You can choose study schedules that range from Full-time Intensive to Part-time. Classes at ILSC run for 4 weeks. (except Tutoring) We also offer a liPhoto of French Courses in Montreal, Canadamited selection of evening/night courses.

We accept students every Monday, except beginning French students must start in the first week of a new session.

French for Academic Studies:
Develop your reading, writing, conversation, grammar and vocabulary skills. Eight levels are offered from Pre-Beginner to Advanced, and the program is especially advised if you wish to pursue academic studies in North America and abroad.

Students are given a percentage grade for completion of this course. To advance to the next level, a minimum grade and certain criteria must be met.

French for Business situations:
Take one of two levels of Business French to acquire business French vocabulary, grammar and social etiquette for professional situations, i.e. making appointments, attending meetings, writing a resume, business conversation, etc. The course combines the four basic French skills with interactive activities.

Two levels are offered from Intermediate to Advanced.

French Communication Skills
Build your vocabulary, improve your listening skills, increase accuracy, learn idioms and practice speaking in a range of situations. The focus is on you and your interests. Eight levels are offered from Pre-Beginner to Low Advanced.

Learn French in a business environment:
The Cooperative Education Program is an innovative model of enriched education combining your French language studies with experience in the Canadian workplace. The name Image of French Courses in Montreal, Canada"Cooperative Education" reflects the cooperative relationship between you, the school and the host company. Since the program began in 1994, it has grown to become one of ILSC’s most popular programs, attracting students from all corners of the world.

ILSC-Montréal now offers a French and bilingual Cooperative Education Program. This innovative, 2 to 6 month program combines 1 to 3 months of in-class language instruction with 1 to 3 months of language practice in a professional French speaking business environment. While the primary purpose is to practice French in the Canadian workplace, our Coordinators will try to find a placement that is suitable to your educational background and interests.

Prepare for University Studies in French
The DELF diploma (Diplôme d’études en langue française) is designed to assess French students' communicative skills, through authentic documents. It taps into practical knowledge rather than standard grammatical knowledge. It is recognized internationally.

The DELF diploma is composed of 4 units: A1- A2 - B1 - B2. There iPhotos of ILSC Montreals an exam for each unit. Successfully completing DELF A1 and A2 indicates an ability to communicate in everyday situations. Successfully completing DELF B1 and B2 indicates an ability to defend one's opinion, develop a solid argument and self-correct

ILSC-Montréal offers DELF preparation courses at all levels, upon request. Each unit is offered in a 3 hour-class, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. It is important to specify to the registrar, prior to your arrival, that you are planning on following a DELF preparation course and which unit you wish to pass. If you are not certain of which unit corresponds to your level, an assessor from ILSC will get in touch with you to discuss it.

Private French Tutoring
Private teaching provides on-site catering to your individual learning needs. Scheduling is flexible and all tutors are qualified, experienced French teachers. Choices range from 10 to 30 hours per week of one to one instruction. General French tutoring, Business French tutoring and Executive French tutoring are available.

All levels are offered. Please note that all courses are subject to availability Picture of French Courses in Montreal, Canadadepending on the interest and level of the students.

Specific Language Skills
The courses listed below have 1.5 hour classes which are designed to focus specifically on one aspect of your French language skills.

French Grammar:
This course will focus on your particular areas of difficulty evident from your speaking, writing and language level. The class is designed to meet your individual needs with the aim of improving your understanding and use of French grammar. Two levels are offered from High Beginner to Advanced.

French students in language class at International Language Schools of Canada in Montreal Quebec

French Pronunciation:
Achieve greater fluency by focusing on the details of pronouncing the French language. Sound, intonation, stress as well as the mechanics (positioning of the mouth and tongue) of producing the French language are all areas covered. Three levels are available: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

French Writing:
Is there a novel in you? Perhaps a poem or two? This course focuses on your writing dreams... Learn correct language structure for various genres and audiences. Be prepared to write on a daily basis and to take some assignments home to complete. Three levels are available: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

French Listening:
Do you have a good ear for French? Practice listening activities taken from daily social situations and build your comprehension of spoken French. There are three levels offered ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

French Vocabulary:
This course is designed to help you develoImages of ILSC Montrealp vocabulary, current idioms and slang through speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Four levels are available from Pre-Beginner to Advanced.

French Literature
This academic course focuses on improving reading and writing through in-depth study of classic literary novels, short stories, plays and poetry from Canada, France and other French speaking countries. It is aimed at High Intermediate to Advanced Level students.

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Address: 1134 Ste. Catherine Street West, Suite 310 , Montreal, Quebec , Canada
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Bouchereau Lingua International
Courses / Programs
French immersion programs in Quebec City to people coming from many different countries as well as language courses to Québec business people and provincial and federal civil servants. Homestay available.
6 different levels, small groups (4 to 9 people), one-to-one) classes, business
Business French Summer School - HEC Montréal
Courses / Programs
Conveniently situated close to downtown, HEC Montréal School of Management is ranked among the top university business schools worldwide.

We provide a 4-week Business French Summer School that will help you reach your language and professional goals.

Available to students from around the world aged 18 and older, our Business French program allows you to participate in a total immersion experience to acquire or refine your writing and speaking skills in Business French, thereby increasing your opportunities in the international job market. All participants are awarded a Course Certificate at the end of the Summer School.

HEC Montréal was the first university business school in North America to be awarded the three most prestigious accreditations in its field: AMBA, AACSB International and EQUIS. Our Business French Summer School – Language and Culture is part of the various language programs offered by the Centre for Communication Quality of HEC Montréal.

HEC Montréal campus is situated on the northern slope of the magnificent Mount Royal Park, only a few short minutes away by Métro (subway) from downtown Montreal.

Renowned for its varied cultural offerings and historic richness, Montreal was recently awarded the title of best university city in Canada (according to the British firm QS).

Student Testimonial:
"You learn French both inside and outside the classroom through many visits and outings all related to the program...A little of Paris in North America!"
- Iain, Boston
4-Week Business French Immersion Program - For Beginner to Advanced Levels:

- Intensive courses in Business French focusing on the 4 key skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking
- Oral communication workshops based on the workplace and the French-speaking business world
- Short seminars / conferences in Marketing and Management
- Numerous sports / sociocultural activities (afternoons, evenings, weekends)
- No prior knowledge in Business (work or studies) required
- On-campus lodging option
Kaplan International Toronto
Courses / Programs
• Kaplan International is a world leader in English education and has been teaching English as a foreign language to students and professionals since 1967.

• Our modern English language school is located in Downtown Toronto, and offers a wide range of exam preparation and English courses for students of all levels. University placement services are also available to help you advance your academic or professional career.

• Choose from a comprehensive selection of English courses in Toronto at our English school. We welcome students of all levels, and have courses of varying lengths and levels of intensity. You can also personalise your courses to match your language goals through electives and supplementary study sessions.

• Kaplan International’s language school in Toronto is accredited by Languages Canada. Join Kaplan International Toronto, and achieve your language goals today.

Student Review:
”When I got to Toronto two months ago I couldn't understand anything and today my listening is so much better! I can speak with people from all over the world and understand them.”
- Diogo
English Language Courses:
Beginner to Advanced Levels

• General English
• Intensive English
• General & Intensive English Academic Year or Semester
• Vacation English
• Business English for professionals
• Cambridge Exam Prep (FCE, CAE, CPE)
• IELTS Exam Preparation
• TOEFL & Academic English courses
• Homestay program with local Canadian host family
Edu-inter Language School in Quebec
Courses / Programs
• Edu-inter is a French Language School for adults and teenagers located in downtown Quebec City.

• Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment. This makes it the ideal location for learning and practicing French. Québec was voted 10th BEST DESTINATION in the world and number 1 in Canada! 

• Edu-inter offers year-round French immersion programs and summer French courses. 

• Our French programs are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; consequently they coincide with programs offered by the Alliance Française and prepare students for examinations recognized around the world, such as the DELF, DALF, TEFaQ, TFI and TCF.

• Instructors focus on providing students with a foundation in French that will serve them wherever they go in the future.

• Our French language school is situated on the campus of Collège Mérici, a short 15 minute walk from Old Quebec.

• The campus features exceptional facilities including a gym, an aerobics room, a library, computer labs, an internet cafe, a cafeteria and a student lounge. The campus has ample space for outdoor sports and recreation activities.

• Edu-inter is accredited by Languages Canada which is an organization recognized by all Canadian embassies in the world that certifies language schools.

Student Review:
"I like that school offers classes to students of all ages. At 42, I was never feeling too old to study here. Thanks!"
- Sandra, Canada
French Immersion Programs for Adults & Youth (16+)
• Core French
• Intensive French
• Super Intensive French
• Exam Preparation for DELF, TFI, TEFaQ
• Private French Lessons
• Business French
• French & Music
• French & Volunteering
• Learn French & Work for Canadians & international students with a working holiday visa
• French & Higher Education (Career / Technical programs)
• Winter French Camp for teens & adults

Summer French Courses:
• French for Teachers
• French & Cooking
• French & Dramatic Arts

We also provide Summer French Courses for ages 10-17
Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy
Courses / Programs
École de langues - Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy is a language school offering French immersion programs for adults on an American-style college campus. The Language School of Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy offers to its international clientele a total immersion in a 98% French-speaking environment. The Campus is located only 20 km from downtown Quebec City. Come and live our learning travel packages French/Sport/Culture! Come live French in Quebec City…come live l'amour!
La Escuela de idiomas del Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy maneja programas de inmersión en francés para adultos en un colegio preuniversitario de estilo americano donde se otorga un programa de turismo-aprendizaje que concilia idioma francés / cultura/ deporte. El Campus está situado a sólo 20 kms del centro de la ciudad de Quebec, Canadá.
French Immersion Program; Customized Program - French as a foreign language, year round in Quebec City - For school groups, professional groups, and private programs; French Summer Immersion Program; Pre-University Program; French Immersion and Ski / Golf Package; Special Language Programs...
Omnicom School of Languages, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Learn English in Toronto with Omnicom School of Languages! Conveniently situated in North York (only 12km from Downtown Toronto), we have more than 40 years of experience in providing top-quality English language courses to students from around the world.

At Omnicom, we offer group English classes and private English lessons to adult students of all levels - from total beginner to advanced. We also have a campus in Calgary, Alberta.

You can choose from short to long-term study options, with courses ranging from 2 to 48 weeks in length. We also provide a range of Summer & Winter ESL programs at our schools.

Upon arrival, you will take a complete placement test (listening, speaking, reading, writing, structures & grammar) to ensure that you are placed at the correct level. You will be awarded a Certificate after you successfully complete your studies.

We have a variety of English language courses to suit all your needs, including a homestay program for you to experience North American culture and lifestyle. In addition, we arrange exciting and fun activities to guarantee a rich and fulfilling experience. 

Student Testimonial:
"Omnicom is an excellent school. There are many good teachers and I have classmates from many different countries, this is very interesting because I can learn about other cultures. Once you are in Canada, you can learn a lot of vocabulary because you need to communicate all the time in English. I’m very happy here. It’s a terrific experience!"
- Vanessa, Brazil
English Language Courses for Adults:
Beginner to Advanced Level 
- Intensive English Programs
- Private English Lessons
- Summer/Winter Language Activity Courses

Level-Specific English Courses:
- English Exam Prep (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge FCE/CAE, CAEL, GRE, GMAT)
- Study & Work in Canada
- Academic/College Prep Pathways
- Business English
- English for Tourism & Hospitality
- English for Nursing
- Power English for Life
- Focus on Communication
- Homestay Program
- TESL Teacher Training (Calgary only)