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Private Catholic School in Lake Forest, Lake County IL

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East Lake Academy, Lake Forest:
Founded in 2001 as a Roman Catholic school of academic excellence, East Lake Academy focuses on the academic and spiritual wellbeing of each student. We are situated in Lake Forest (located in Lake County in Illinois and part of Chicagoland and the North Shore). We educate children from pre-kindergarten through to eighth grade. We are dedicated to forming the whole child by providing the highest level of academics.

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Photo of Private Catholic School in Lake Forest, Lake County ILEducational Model:
East Lake Academy is one of more than twenty-five schools in the United States following the educational model developed by National Consultants for Education (NCE), a Roman Catholic group that has successfully developed schools of academic excellence throughout the World.

For each child enrolled, these schools create an environment more conducive to learning, spiritual growth and development as leaders. A rigorous academic curriculum is supported by individualized character and values formation. As a result, families are attracted by the unique opportunities provided by the Academy. The success of NCE and its schools is well recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. East Lake Academy offers personalized attention, challenge, and seeks nothing less than the total development of each student.

Integral Formation:
The Academy recognizes four essential areas in the formation of the human person. By thoroughly cultivating each of these areas, East Lake moves its students toward the realization of their greatest individual potential.

Academic Formation:

The curriculum challenges the students daily. They are encouraged to think critically, develop a healthy curiosity about the world around them and to express themselves clearly. Core subjects are complemented by an array of programs in the areas of academics, fine arts and athletics.

Faith Formation:

Students are taught the Catholic faith both as an academic subject and a guide for life. Key to Christian living is the awareness of Christ’s unconditional love for each person and his commission to make this love known to all people. True faith formation leads to harmony between knowledge and life.

Character Formation:
Character is shown in fidelity to one’s principles and convictions. It implies self control, perseverance, trustworthiness, a sense of duty and responsibility, and generosity. Every aspect of school life Image of Private Catholic School in Lake Forest, Lake County ILis an opportunity to develop character. Character is developed through respect for teachers and others, punctuality, fulfillment of assignments, teamwork, order, cleanliness and helpfulness.

The accelerated curriculum of East Lake Academy is coordinated by the National Consultants for Education (NCE), a nationally renowned consulting agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from curriculum, NCE advises East Lake Academy in such areas as educational philosophy, operational procedures, teacher formation, and development. Our school uses Stanford standardized testing twice yearly to benchmark and measure student performance and progress against the broader population. East Lake Academy students have consistently tested a full grade level above their age groups in core subjects.

- Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs:
During these early years, the Academy’s primary goal is to foster a life-long love of learning. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs feature a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a nurturing environment. Committed teachers give personal, loving attention to each child helping to cultivate imagination and to teach basic skills and good habits. Creativity weaves its way through learning activities such as a phonics-based pre-reading program that leads children to begin reading as they enter kindergarten. Areas of study contribute to a cheerful and enlightening atmosphere for these young children.

- Grade One and Grade Two Programs:
An accelerated program rooted in the fundamentals is complemented by an emphasis on communication skills. Students keep journals to enrich writing skills, practice recitation and public speaking, and begin to prepare multi-media presentations. With an understanding of their students’ individual talents and motivations, teachers lead them on an exciting path of discovery. They not only impart specific information, but help children apply this knowledge to their lives using critical thinking skills. Teachers are careful to build a skill-set of study habits that will serve their students well not only at this level, but beyond.

- Grade Three through to Grade Eight Programs:
East Lake Academy teachers provide a challenging and stimulating environment for completing Lower School classes and entering Middle School. The academic program continues to focus on core subjects with major emphasis on writing, math, and science. Teachers further challenge and stimulate their students with contests in oratory, poetry, math and spelling.

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Address: 13911 W. Laurel Drive, Lake County, Illinois , USA
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Our mission is to provide each student with a thorough understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Faith and to provide a foundation of academic and personal skills that will be necessary to thrive as a responsible member of the school and parish communities as well as the world at large.
- St. Bernadette's Pre-K-8 academic program is officially recognized by the State of Illinois.

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- In addition to these curricular areas, students are instructed in Religion, Physical Education, Music, Art, Computers and Library.
The Stage School
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The Stage School is a part time performing arts school for children ages 4-16. Our classes for kids and teens are held in Park Ridge IL, 20 minutes north-west of Downtown Chicago.

The Stage School nurtures your child’s potential as they experience fun activities in drama classes, dance classes, and singing classes every Saturday.

In our classes, students will develop the core fundamentals of acting, singing, and dance. All students receive top quality, personalized instruction in all three disciplines.

Our classes consist of a variety of fun and engaging activities which help kids succeed both on and off the stage.

There are many worthwhile children’s activities in Park Ridge, but The Stage School provides a unique and fun learning environment.

Every Saturday our school is filled with children singing, children dancing, children acting, and engaging in a variety of fun activities. We look forward to having you join the fun!
Part-time Performing Arts Classes for children ages 4-16:

The Premier Program (Ages 4-6 years)
- Classes held every Saturday
- The class is a 90 minute program
- Each student takes a 30 minute acting class, a 30 minute singing class, and a 30 minute dance class

The Company Classes (Ages 6-16 years)
- Held every Saturday for three hours.
- Students are divided into three groups based on their age.
- Each group attends a one hour acting class, a one hour singing class, and a one hour dance class
Kingswood Academy
Courses / Programs
Kingswood Academy is an independent Catholic school located in Darien (a suburb of Chicago) in DuPage County, Illinois, serving grades PreK-3 through to 8. Kingswood Academy partners with parents to cultivate academic excellence and human virtues, inspiring each child to become a leader who lives by Christian principles. Our students come from many of the suburbs surrounding Darien. Most, if not all of our families, help each other with carpooling.

Kingswood Academy is dedicated to the academic, moral, physical, and spiritual formation of our students. We provide challenging academics through a classical curriculum in a morally sound and spiritually enriching environment. Teachers will provide a quality instructional program to all of our students. Kingswood Academy supports parents as the primary educators of their children.

Our goal is that Kingswood students become competent and responsible men and women who live by Christian principles. We adhere to the teaching of the Catholic Church and emphasize the philosophy of the laity. At Kingswood, we believe that parents are the primary educators of their own children. We are here to reinforce your beliefs and assist you in this goal.
Education programs for grades PreK-3 through to 8th Grade:

- Challenging academics are provided through a classical curriculum in a morally sound and spiritually enriching environment

- Subjects include Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Religion & Enrichment classes (Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education & Fine Motor Skills)

- Character Education program: Each month there is a school-wide virtue featured in the curriculum

Additionally: A wide range of extra-curricular activities
The Russian School of Mathematics
Courses / Programs
The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) was created in Boston 15 years ago. Today, RSM has over 6,000 students in more than a dozen branches located in 5 states. This fall, we are very excited to be opening a Russian School of Mathematics in Naperville, IL, just 30 miles west of Chicago.

RSM provides a unique, award-winning after-school mathematics enrichment program, based on the best practices of advanced math schools in Russia and Europe and adapted to the U.S. educational environment. We teach students at all levels - elementary school, middle school, high school and home school. We offer a whole academic year program, with weekly classes and homework.

The RSM program was developed based on classical traditions of systematic math education. Our goal is to help children build a solid foundation for future success in taking the SAT and college mathematics. We provide our students with a thorough understanding of every mathematical concept and help them develop excellent problem solving skills.
- Mathematics: K-12, all levels, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry

- Test Preparation: ISEE, J. Hopkins CTY, SAT I, SAT II, AP, ACT

- Mathematics Competitions Preparation: MOEMS, Math Kangaroo, AMC 8-12

- Summer School: Grades K-12, High School Prep, SAT, Math Circles

- Classes for Home-schooled Students

- Chess
St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School, Chicago
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Located in Blue Island, a south suburb of Chicago in Cook County, IL, St. Benedict Elementary School is a private, co-educational, Catholic school, serving 178 students in grades PK-8. St. Benedict School fosters a learning climate within our school conducive to academic excellence and spiritual maturity. This helps to develop the children into thinking, problem-solving adults. As a parochial school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, we encourage our students to develop their individual gifts and talents, and we provide the tools to do so though our gifted education curriculum.

This includes a creative hands-on art program and access to a resource room with accelerated reading and math. After school programs such as athletics, band, art club and performing arts are offered to enhance the curriculum. Through the ongoing collaboration of the administrator, educators, parents, clergy and parish, we fulfill our commitment to academic excellence.

Our overall student population consists of 40 Caucasian, 46 Hispanic, 89 African American and 3 others. We cater for families from Blue Island, Calumet Park, Morgan Park, Merrionette Park, Robbins, Dixmoor, Riverdale and surrounding communities.
- Pre-kindergarten program
- Kindergarten program
- Elementary School program
- Middle School through to Grade 8 program

- Gifted Education Curriculum
- Talented and Gifted Program with art, accelerating reading and math
- After school program including athletics, band, art club and performing arts
Maternity BVM
Courses / Programs
Maternity B.V.M. Chicago is a Roman Catholic Parish & Elementary School providing quality Christian Education in Chicago, Illinois, at the intersection of North Avenue & Lawndale in West Humbolt Park. Maternity B.V.M. School creates an atmosphere in which students can develop their potential for growth, independence, and knowledge.

We believe our students are unique individuals who approach learning through various cultural backgrounds, modes of development, and natural abilities. Consistency and flexibility of the curriculum meet the various needs for academic growth.

Our small classes ensure students receive individualized attention from caring teachers and staff in a nurturing and loving enviroment. Our test scores soar above those of neighborhing public schools. We also provide generous scholarships to families who qualify.
Elementary Education programs for Children in Kindergarten through 8th Grade:

- Small classes enable students to receive individualized attention from teachers in a nurturing and caring enviroment.

- Test scores at Maternity B.V.M. soar above of those of neighboring public schools.

- Scholarships are available to families who qualify.