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Centers of Learning, San Fernando Valley:
Centers of Learning is a private Christian school situated on a beautiful campus in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles serving families in North Hills West, North Hills East, Mission Hills, Granada Hills and surrounding communities. We offer a quality education for all grade levels including preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. We have served the San Fernando Valley since 1974. Extended care is available for children in preschool through to grade 6. The Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs are for children age three to five years old. Centers of Learning offers a full or half-day program for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten and a full-day program for Kindergarten, with extended care to 5:30 pm daily.

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Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs:
The Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs are for children age three to five years old. Centers of Learning offers a full or half-day program for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten and a full-day program for Kindergarten, with extended care to 6:00 pm daily. The programs are designed to create an excitement anPhoto of Private School / Preschool in Los Angelesd openness to learning. Formal instruction is coupled with creative play and hands-on experiences, giving each child the skills and motivation to become a successful learner.

The Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten is a fun place to be. It is the child's introduction to school. Therefore, we stress learning through exploration and hands-on experiences, as well as formal instruction. Foundational skills of shape and number discrimination are developed in preparation for reading and math. Number concepts are explored through the use of math manipulatives. Games, arts and crafts, and directed play help develop the small and large muscle coordination necessary for reading and writing. Creative and dramatic play, story telling, music, and art help children discover the world around them and foster their own imaginations and creativity.

The Kindergarten is a time of exploration. In the Kindergarten we strive to foster and guide each child's own curiosity and natural desire to learn. Concepts in reading and math are first discovered through directed games, play and activities and then taught. Discovery of sound combinations, creative story telling and writing open the door to instruction in phonics, reading, language and writing. Math manipulatives introduce number patterns and relationships. Creative play, art, music and science are vehicles for each child's imagination and creativity. In the Kindergarten we strive to maintain and enhance each child's desire to learn while giving them the building blocks to do so.

Elementary School Program:
The first years of schooling lay the foundational experiences of a child’s education, and, as such, are perhaps the child’s most important years. The elementary school program creates a firm foundation for academic, physical, spiritual and social growth. As students proceed through the elementary grades, they learn the skills and disciplines needed for JunioImage of Private School / Preschool in Los Angelesr High School; they learn both freedom and boundaries and how to work both independently and with others. Our elementary program encourages each student to progress at his/her own pace in both reading and mathematics. Students who progress quickly can move ahead, those who are slower have the opportunity to work at a slower pace.

In addition to reading and mathematics, students receive instruction in computers, art, music, gardening, physical education and library and research skills. Field trips, creative projects and research are used to extend and solidify learning, and to give students creative expression. Bible study exposes students to both the Old and New Testaments and encourages the development of each child’s personal relationship with God. We work, at all grade levels, to make learning fun and life-long.

Junior High School Program
In junior high school, students are exposed to an increasingly mature environment. Projects, field trips, research, hands-on and fun-filled activities are still a major part of the academic program, but are coupled with lecture and discussion on a more sophisticated level. Students in the junior high school find themselvePhotos of Centers of Learning, San Fernando Valleys with more individual responsibility. The junior high program is designed to meet the needs of the students both academically and socially, as social needs are increasingly important at this time of life.

Students in the junior high school are transitioned from the combination classrooms of the elementary program into the departmentalized program of the junior high where students have several teachers and switch classrooms. Some subjects will be taught to the 7th & 8th grades in combination, while others will be taught to each grade individually. Each junior high student’s coursework includes four academic subjects, one elective subject, physical education and Bible study. Junior high is a time of preparation for high school of growth and of fun!

In addition to academics, junior high school students may broaden their interests through involvement in student government and community service. Centers of Learning has a small intramural sports program and students are encouraged to participate in available local community sports programs.

Senior High School Program
The goal of the Senior High School is to prepare students to live fruitful lives, therefore the Senior High School concentrates on preparation for college, preparation for career, and the preparation of character. The curriculum of the upper school is designed to meet college entrance requirements of California junior colleges, California state colleges and the University of California or private universities. We also try to maintain the flexibility in our program to allow students to pursue preparation for careers in trades and other jobs that don’t require a college background.
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The upper school’s curriculum uses the resources of Centers of Learning’s staff, as well as opportunities offered in the local community. Students take classes at Centers of Learning, local junior colleges, California State University – Northridge and, at times, independent study and internships with local businesses and tradesmen.

Students from Centers of Learning High School have attended the best schools in the nation, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, George Washington University, UCLA, USC and others. Our graduates are busy pursuing careers in business and finance, the military, politics and government, education, the ministry, scientific research, engineering, carpentry, art, writing, photography, computer programming, music and drama, all a testimony to their preparation here at Centers of Learning.

* Fine Arts
As part of a learning atmosphere that promotes excitement and possibilities, Centers of Learning provides a strong foundation in fine arts instruction. The arts curriculum helps students discover their creative talents and unique artistic expressions by offering instruction in fine art, graphic arts, drama, music, choir, beginning band, harp ensemble and video production. Extra-curricular classes, such as dance, voice, piano and individual instruments, are also offered. Opportunity is provided for both performance and artistic display at all grade levels. As part of Centers of Learning's commitment to its Fine Arts Program, the campus expansion plans include a new performing arts building that will give students a professional performance venue for dramatic productions and musical events.

* Technology
Technology pervades every aspect of our lives, therefore Centers of Learning endeavors to prepare students to be successful in this ever-growing technological world. Beginning with elementary school, all students have access to basic computer instruction, either in their individual classrooms or in a lab equipped with current software and Internet connections. More advanced instruction is offered through junior and senior high elective choices that teach software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and professional video editing software instruction are also a part of advanced technology instruction.

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Address: Haskell Avenue, North Hills, San Fernando Valley, California , USA
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Kidsville, U.S.A. is a full-service private school, serving 6 weeks to 15 year old children. We are located in the City of Northridge in LA in San Fernando Valley, 1/2 mile from the famous Northridge Fashion Center. We provide a re-modelled infant and toddler center, an academic oriented pre-school, kindergarten up to grade 1 & 2, after school pick up and drop off services and activity filled camps for summer, fall and winter for the people of Northridge, Canoga Park, Winnetka and throughout the wider San Fernando Valley and West Valley communities.

We believe that all children are entitled to an early childhood education, that is rich in knowledge, social interaction, and one that enhances the cognitive development of all young children whether they are an infant, toddler, or just began kindergarten. We serve hot lunches for all pre-school through 15 year students, along with snacks.
Childcare / Preschool programs:

- Infant and Toddler programs

- Academic oriented pre-school programs

- Kindergarten up to Grade 1 & 2 programs

- After School pick up and drop off

- Activity filled camps for summer, fall and winter
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The Learning Castle (TLC), located in La Canada (approximately 20 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles), Southern CA, is an Independent private co-educational school offering an excellent, accelerated Kindergarten through to third-grade education. The Learning Castle focuses on each student’s needs through an individualized curriculum.

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