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Makeup Artist Training Classes throughout the USA

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MicMakeupSchool is a world-renowned traveling makeup school that offers one-day professional make-up artist training and certification programs in a range of cities throughout the United States. We offer our make-up classes in San Diego, CA; Los Angeles CA, Orange County, Pasadena CA among many others. Our makeup programs are only offered in each city four times a year so early booking is essential.

One-Day Professional Makeup Artist Certification Programs:

Makeup Principles Certification (1 Day) Program Schedule: 

Photo of Makeup Artist Training Classes throughout the USA9am-10am Makeup Theory:
- History of Makeup- trends and styles from ancient times to contemporary times
-  How does color work in makeup? Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors. Cool and Warm Colors. Analogous Colors. Blending colors. Learn how all interact and how to use them.
-  Complementary colors- How and when to use them
- How to choose makeup color based on Skin Color, Eye Color, Hair Color

10am-11am Foundation Application:
- Foundation Color Matching
- Foundation Selection- A crucial point in selecting a foundation shade is to recognize that the appearance of the shade in the container may not accurately gauge the color impact on the skin. Other times intentionally using a mismatch can achieve a desired result.
-  Foundation Coverage- Sheer, Light, Medium, Full. When to use each technique.
-  Foundation Formulation/Powders, creams and lotions- Oil and emollient, Oil-based shakers, Alcohol based, Powder based, Mineral Makeup, Water based, Water-based cream, Water-based oil-free, Silicone-based
- Foundation application techniques

11am-11:45am Eye and Facial Makeup:
Image of Makeup Artist Training Classes throughout the USA- Eye Theory- Eye Shapes, Concealer, Eye Base, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Highlighter, Brows, Eyelash Curls, Mascara
- How to Create a Natural Eye Look
- How to Create Smoky Eye Makeup/Red Carpet Makeup
- Blush- The application of blush-on comes after the complete makeup/foundation and concealer has been put into place. Blush is also referred to as rouge. The proper use of blush can help liven up an ordinary face and bring out the radiance of an unusual one. How one applies blush makeup determines whether they can bring out the structural beauty of a face, add shape or refine a too-plump one and narrow it down or simply give your complexion the warm glow of youth.
- Facial Shapes/Bone Structure Theory

11:45-1pm Hands-on Student Demo

1pm-1:45pm Lunch Break

1:45pm-2:30pm Contouring and Lips:
- Contouring- Contouring is a method of shading and highlighting certain areas of the face to create different angles and focus points. Contouring can be used to bring out small cheekbones or give a square face some softer curves. Contouring creates a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color.
-  Lips- Create a flawless mouth

2:30pm-5pm Hands-on Student Demo

Bridal Makeup Certification (1 Day):
Bridal Makeup is a fun, exciting and lucrative area of expertise! You will learn color coordination, special techniques and step-by-step corrective makeup techniques for challenging situations. You will learn how to market and promote your services to brides. You will learn the application techniques for making a bride look her best on her wedding day. Learn how to handle a "test" makeup. Learn what to charge for your services. Learn how to "prep" for the wedding day. Learn organizational skills for an effective makeup station. All makeup products, tools and supplies are provided. 

HD Film / Photo / TV Makeup Certification (1 Day):
This class is geared to focus on artistic and technical end to land you a job in the entertainment industry. You will learn flawless makeup application techniques for different mediums such as HDTV, photography, music videos and film. You will learn how to create a seamless makeup that will look superb through the camera and the proper products to use. Airbrushing will be discussed. All makeup products, tools and supplies are provided. 

HD Red Carpet Makeup Certification (1 Day):
Learn beauty makeup for both dynamic (natural) and nighttime (dramatic). For those of you who've always dreamed of becoming a professional makeup artist this is the class for you. You will learn corrective makeup techniques and products used for professional makeup application. You will master fundamental skills in makeup theory, color, foundation, eye and facial makeup, contouring, and lips. All makeup products, tools and supplies are provided. 

Basic Hairstyling for Makeup Artists Certification (1 Day):
As a freelance makeup artist, you will sometimes be expected to do hair. This class is probably one of the best supplemental classes you'll ever take because you'll instantly increase your marketability. This class is designed to cover the majority of those hair styling situations. This class focuses on specific technical details that make the difference between an ordinary hairdo and an attention-grabbing appearance. You'll learn how to create hairstyles with volume and movement. You'll learn how to work with messy loose waves, straight styles, and tighter springier curls. You will also learn several difficult Up Dos. This class is not a cosmetology program; it's a hairstyling class designed for makeup artists by makeup artists.

Makeup Artist Portfolio Day Certification (1 Day):
The entire day of class is a professional photo session with an extraordinary pro photographer. Bring a friend to work on! Students will work on a friend, have photos taken, then switch friends and start again. We start with the basics, making sure everyone is competent in color theory, sanitation, foundation and concealer work. When the day is done, you'll walk away with professional pictures for your portfolio with different models and looks to showcase your talent, along with the skills and confidence to go out and conquer the makeup world!

For further information on make-up certification programs in your area, please e-mail us via our Contact Page.

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Rancho Cucamonga California;   Escondido;   San Diego / CA / Linda Vista;   San Diego;   and more.
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CMC School, Yucatan - Color Reading / Chromatology Workshop
Courses / Programs
Psychic ability practitioners, medical professionals & color therapy healing enthusiasts living in California may be interested in this unique short program in Mexico:

• Develop your psychic ability with Divination through color in the abundantly colorful and spectacularly scenic state of Yucatan in Mexico!

• Chromatology or Chromatics is the study of color, and at CMC School in Yucatan, we offer an exciting and highly educational chromatology, divination & color reading workshop (taught entirely in English) to develop your psychic ability and enable you to make color readings.

• Today, color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is used extensively by interior designers, fashion designers, beauty therapists, holistic and healing therapists, doctors, mediums, and artists to enhance the power of color and color combinations.

• CMC School is owned by U.S. citizens from Texas, and we are excited to welcome tourists and alternative adventure travelers to our new destination workshop in Progreso Beach, a tranquil & picturesque location just 30 minutes north of the city of Merida (renowned in many articles for its safety, architecture, food and voted the #1 place to retire in Forbes Magazine!).

• Our programs appeal to professionals, therapists, vacation seekers & travelers from the neighboring border states of CA, TX, AZ and NM, from across the U.S., local students from Mexico, as well as international students from Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, and around the globe.
Chromatology Workshop - Fall 2018:
• Learn how to develop your psychic ability through color, and how to do divination readings by utilizing the power of color.

• Divination is the art or practice of seeking to gain an insight into future events by gathering hidden knowledge through interpretation.

• Chromatology (also called chromatics) is the study of color - which has an enormous impact on our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual body.

• Learn how color influences our perception, and study color for its healing qualities.
Bosso Intensive Makeup School Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Conveniently located in the Hollywood area, Kimberley Bosso Makeup School Los Angeles is a private make-up artist school providing quality make-up artist training programs to novices, aspiring make up artists and professionals alike.

One of the most sought-after celebrity make-up artists in LA, Kimberly Bosso offers 6-day and 4-day intensive certificate courses, and a 1-day intensive course in Make up Artist Training.

Students of Kimberley Bosso's affordable 6-day and 4-day intensive make up training courses are awarded with a professional certificate upon completion.

This certificate will prepare you for an exciting career in the make-up industry. So get ready to learn some serious makeup skills and be on your way to a wonderful new profession!

Kimberley Bosso's make-up classes are held in Hollywood, close to CBS Studios. Sunset Boulevard is situated close to Bel-Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Pacific Palisades, and runs along the northern boundary of UCLA Westwood campus.

Student Testimonial:
"Not only did I get the results I was wanting from Kimberley's course, but just learning the airbrushing alone was worth the entire course. It was definitely worth the investment!"
- Sara Malek, Austin TX
6-day & 4-day Intensive Professional Make-up Artist Certification Courses:
Traditional and Airbrush Make-up techniques taught via theory and hands-on training.

The 6-day program includes all of the content of the 4-day program but also includes Red Carpet Makeup and Fashion Week with extensive airbrushing.

1-day Intensive Make-up Artist Course:
For beginners or those looking to sharpen existent makeup skills.

Short Makeup Lessons:
- 2-Hour Makeup Artist class
- 1-Hour Private Makeup Artist class
California Institute of Jewelry Training, Sacramento
Courses / Programs
California Institute of Jewelry Training (CIJT) is located in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento CA. Students from all over the world come to CIJT to learn the skills and art of jewelry making, gemology, and appraising. The Jewelry Arts curriculum of CIJT is exceptional, and is a comprehensive, hands on program with intense individual instruction, testing and state of the art equipment. We have developed these programs to provide a thorough knowledge of metal art, jewelry design and gemstones to our students.

The successful completion of our programs provide graduates with diplomas and certificates in Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Arts, and Advanced Jewelry Arts and prepares you for testing for JA Bench Certification. You can enroll with absolutely no experience and expect to receive a full well rounded education.

We also offer a range of workshops including Digital Goldsmith; Gemstone Carving; Metal Weaving; Hand Engraving and many more.

CIJT is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students, and is fully dedicated to the educating and well-being of each and every student.
Jewelry Arts Certificate & Diploma Programs:
- Certificate in Jewelry Repair
- Diploma in Advanced Jewelry Arts
- Diploma in Jewelry Arts

Jewelry Valuation Programs:
- Master Valuer Program in Jewelry Appraisal Studies
- Gemology Certificate Program

- We also offer a range of Jewelry Workshops
California College of the Arts
Courses / Programs
California College of the Arts (CCA), founded in 1907, is the largest regionally accredited, independent school of art and design in the western United States. California College of the Arts is noted for the interdisciplinarity and breadth of its programs. We offer studies in 22 undergraduate and 11 graduate majors in the areas of Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, Writing, and more. CCA has two campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, a global hub for technological and cultural innovation.

Our courses balance innovation with tradition and integrate theory with practice. Additionally, the college offers public adult and youth programs that are specifically geared toward professional and academic advancement.

The historic Oakland campus is a traditional college setting, spread over four acres in the picturesque Rockridge neighborhood. The San Francisco campus is located in Potrero Hill, near the design district, SOMA (the South of Market neighborhood).

Campuses combined, CCA currently enrolls 1,740 full-time students. The college prepares its students for lifelong creative work and service to their communities through a curriculum in fine art, architecture, design, and writing.
Undergraduate & Graduate Degree programs:

Undergraduate subject areas include:
- Animation
- Architecture
- Fashion Design
- Graphic Design
- Interior Design
- Media Arts
- Photography
- Writing and Literature

Graduate subject areas include:
- Architecture
- Curatorial Practice
- Design
- MBA in Design Strategy
- Fine Arts
- Visual & Critical Studies
- Writing
MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print, Los Angeles
Courses / Programs
Located in Hollywood, just north-west of Downtown Los Angeles, MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print is the creation of world-renowned makeup artist and author Margaret Kimura. MKC Academy provides a unique experience for novices, students and professionals who want a makeup school to help them excel in in the beauty makeup industry, in Fashion, Film, Television, Runway and Print.

Known for excellence, MKC Academy, a State of California-approved institution, offers makeup courses in beauty, special FX makeup, fantasy, avante garde and airbrushing. MKC also offers a Hair Styling School with courses in celebrity and print hair styling for fashion, runway and television.

Ideally situated in the heart of the entertainment industry of Hollywood on Seneca Avenue (just off Glendale Boulevard and close to the Golden State Freeway), MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print is just a short drive from Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Disney Studios and the world-famous Hollywood sign, and within easy reach of neighborhoods such as West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Oakwood, Burbank, Pasadena and Alhambra.
- The Works-Makeup & Hair program (504 clock hours)
- Master's Makeup Artistry program (343 clock hours)
- Professional Makeup Artistry program (147 clock hours)
- Professional Hairstyling program (140 clock hours)

- Short Makeup Courses
- Short Hair Styling Courses
- Makeup Workshops
- MKC Internship Program
and more...
Online Candle Making Classes for California, U.S. & global students
Courses / Programs
• Learn how to make unique candles from the comfort of your own home or work studio in California with The Candle Academy, a leading international candle design school owned by a UK candle designer based in Jamaica.

• Home Study / Online Candle Making Classes in California, nationwide or around the world include the choice of Live Seminars via Skype with Gary Simmons - one of the top candle designers in the world from the UK, or lessons via HD Video & PDF information files.

• These distance learning candle making courses for complete Beginners to Advanced artists will start you on the path to an exciting new career in candle design or a very rewarding hobby!

• These intensive candle making training courses are Hands-on and Very Visual, and follow the same techniques as our onsite programs, making it an ideal solution for people that live too far to be able to attend in Jamaica in person.

• Perhaps you would prefer to learn in person through an incredible educational program and vacation in beautiful Jamaica in the Caribbean!

• Business start-up and Hobby courses offered year-round, both onsite or online. Welcome to this very special profession!

Candle Academy Student Reviews:

"Very detailed and intensive. I was looking for the wow factor and that's exactly what I got."
G. Woodard, USA

"You have proven to us that you are only limited by your imagination."
Steve and Christian, Florida, USA

"I realized after the first hour my investment was justified."
Alex English, NBA Allstar, USA
Online Candle Making Courses:

Live Seminars via Skype
• 6 Day Complete Business Set Up Course
​• 4 Day Condensed Business Set Up
• 2 Day Introductory Course

HD Video Courses
• Business Set Up Course
• Platinum Course
• Interactive Course
• Hobby Course

Year-Round Candle Making Courses in Jamaica:
One-to-one & small group classes for beginners to advanced designers.

• Candle Making Business Set Up (6 days)
• Condensed Business Setup course (4 days)
• Advanced Candle Making course (2 days)
• Candle Making Weekend Retreat Workshop (2 days, minimum 2 persons)
• Encaustic Art / Wax Painting Workshop (2-3 days)