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Language Stars:
Are you a parent in the Washington DC area looking for a high-quality Italian immersion program for your toddler, preschooler or elementary school age child? A leading provider of language lessons for kids, Language Stars offers our award-winning Italian classes for kids at our schools in Alexandria, Fairfax, Reston & McLean / North Arlington VA as well as in Bethesda and Gaithersburg MD. Named "Best Foreign Language Instruction" 3 years running by readers of Washington Family Magazine in their annual readers' poll, our play-based full immersion language programs are specially designed for kids ages 1-12. Language Stars makes learning a second language fun for kids!

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Benefits of learning a second language as a child:

Photo of Italian classes for kids in the Washington DC areaLearning a second language at a young age is cognitively as easy as learning a first language. Between birth and adolescence the brain is hard-wired to acquire language naturally. 

Taking advantage of this window of opportunity by exposing your child to a second language young allows a child to optimize his or her learning potential, helping to shape the brain at its most flexible stage.

Overall, the ease of learning a second language diminishes with age. As a child approaches puberty, the nature of language learning and storage changes, becoming less flexible.

The more stimulation language centers in the brain receive during this critical window of opportunity in childhood, the more neural connections develop, enhancing not only long term language skills, but overall intelligence development.

Benefits of learning Italian with Language Stars:
Immerse your child in "La Dolce Vita" with a fun foreign language experience that will take them into one of the world's most amazing cultures! 

The language of Dante, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and countless other Renaissance figures can surely turn your little artist into a Renaissance Man or Woman and help you order some of the finest food in the world.

Italian Language Immersion Programs:

Image of Italian classes for kids in the Washington DC areaThrough our FunImmersion® teaching method, our engaging, native-speaking teachers immerse kids 100% in the Italian language.

Your child will learn through an engaging mix of games, songs, puppet shows, arts & crafts, cooking projects, treasure hunts, movement and drama, all in Italian. All of our programs are developed by the Language Stars team of educators, early childhood experts and linguists.

• Parents and Tots programs for kids ages 1-3
• Italian for kids ages 3-5 (Kids Only)
• Italian for kids ages 5-8 (Kids Only)
• Italian for kids ages 8-10 (Kids Only)
• Italian for kids ages 10-12 (Kids Only)
• Private / One-on-one Italian classes
• Italian immersion summer camps (ages 1-12)

Other Languages Taught:
We teach Spanish, French, German, Arabic & Mandarin Chinese at all six of our DC Metro area language schools. Morning, afternoon & weekend classes may be available.

Parent Testimonials:

Photos of Language Stars“I would like to again commend you for the exceptional job you do. You offer a fabulous program with a wonderful balance between learning and fun. What a great way to introduce young children to something they might not otherwise be exposed to in their lives.

The games and activities are always age appropriate and well planned. My son’s Italian teacher is dedicated and qualified and we know that Michael truly enjoys the time he spends in his class. My husband and I look forward to many more seasons in your program for all three of our children.”
- Denise, Language Stars parent

“Language Stars is simply a great program. I have never found anything that works as well for my children. Language Stars makes learning fun.”
- Karen, Language Stars Parent

“My Husband and I firmly believe we are giving our children a tremendous advantage. Language Stars allows them to learn from native speakers and acquire a flawless accent during that very narrow window from birth to age 10 when the human brain is primed for language acquisition. We believe their immersion in another language has expanded their intellectual capability and will provide a tremendous advantage for them as adults”
- Cathy, Language Stars parent

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