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Washoku Cooking School in Japan / Shizuoka

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Image of Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture:
Japan Culinary Institute is located in Atami, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan (a seaside city just one hour southwest of Tokyo in a Shinkansen bullet train). At JCI, we believe that when learning cuisine, the environment is very important.

Using fresh ingredients, vegetables that grew taking sunlight, seafood from the port every morning, fresh water filtered through the mountains, makes all the difference. Atami offers an ideal place to learn Japanese cuisine as it was born and cultivated, connection to the nature.

Atami is also known for high quality hot spring. As it has flourished as a city for travelers since ancient time, it keeps authentic Japanese culture in a relaxed environment that cannot be found anymore in metropolitan cities like Tokyo or Osaka. In just an hour in a Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo, it offers a whole different experience from learning cooking in metropolitan cities.

Location and Facilities:


Photo of Washoku Cooking School in Japan / Shizuoka Atami is a city rich in nature and culture. Atami hot spring came to be famous as the first Edo shogunate general Ieyasu Tokugawa visited there for hot spring treatment, and then made the hot spring water delivered to Edo (Tokyo). Atami was visited by numerous cultured people, as well as imperial families and important politicians and influential people, including prominent novelists, who built their summer houses.

As Atami is surrounded by rich nature - mountains including Mr.Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, and the ocean, mild climate that nurtures various vegetables and fruits - it flourished as holiday destination, with many vacation villas and tourist spots, nurturing its own regional products.

There are many restaurants, not only the main streets but also in small back streets. Each restaurant has its own characteristics. You can find Sushi, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Ramen shops, Italian restaurants, etc.


Image of Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture Atami has a mild climate, and flowers bloom all around the year in the city of Atami. In January-February, you can see both Atami cherry blossom and plum flower together, in May, you can enjoy roses and azalea. In the fall to winter, you can enjoy leaves in red and yellow colors. 


Photos of Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture This historic fireworks display that first commenced in 1952, is held not only in summer but more than 10 times annually throughout the entire year, an event unique to Atami.  Set in Atami Bay using the three sides of the surrounding mountains in the topographic form of grinding mortar, the exploding fireworks reverberate creating sound effects that resemble a large stadium.  The full impact of some 5000 fireworks set off in the night sky, reflected in the ocean water is a sight of flickering beauty not to be missed.  The finale of a sky-like “Niagara Falls” is a must-see.


Picture of Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture Geiki-Kenban is a theater where the geisha practice their arts or dance, music and singing rigorously. The present building was completed in 1954, and was known to be the best Geigi (Art) association in the area. Each weekend, they perform “Yumemachi Dance” at the venue.  During weekdays, you may be able to see them practicing.


There are 3 beaches in the city of Atami, you can enjoy swimming and sun bathing with family, friends and partners. Atami sun beach boasts 400 meters long sand beach with palm trees, with mild waves.

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• One of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, it is home to numerous globally recognized restaurants, markets full of fresh ingredients, and special experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of Italian cuisine!

• FCAS can organize comfortable and safe accommodation for our students, in order that they can enjoy Italian life with the greatest possible ease.
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• Illustration
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• MakeUp for Media & Performance
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Established in 2003, we tailor our Japanese programs to suit the needs of each individual, making sure that you are truly comfortable with the language before your course is over. We offer intensive Japanese courses, evening classes, summer programs, and a homestay program. We place equal emphasis on each of the key language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Most of our students master up to intermediate level of conversation within three months.

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