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International Culinary School in Japan

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Japan Culinary Institute, Shizuoka Prefecture:
Our mission is to bring authentic Washoku to people all over the world by realizing a high-level education on Japanese food culture as a whole. Located in Atami, Shizuoka prefecture (a seaside city just one hour southwest of Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train), we offer short, intensive cooking courses for all who want to learn authentic Japanese cuisine, both for professional purposes and personal fulfillment, from the level of beginner, to brushing up their skills, to opening their own restaurants.

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Designed especially for International Students in English:

The courses are available in English, so that international students can easily reach the top-level culinary training without the language barrier. Also, as culinary art is inseparable from its culture, we offer rich opportunities to learn Japanese culture, along with culinary training.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine (Washoku) Training Courses:
For Professionals and Amateur Cooks.

-Japanese Chef Training
-Home Cooking
-Sushi Training
-Yakitori Basic Course
-Yakitori Professional Course
-Ramen(Noodle) Basic Course Basic
-Ramen Professional Course
-Gyoza(Dumpling) Course
-Fast Food Course
-Japanese Confections Course
-Sake Course
-Green Tea Course
-Dashi(Stock) Course
-Culture Courses
-Shop Interior Design Lesson
-Japanese dishes and cutlery lessons
-Restaurant preparation workshops

Bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to outside Japan:

Photo of International Culinary School in JapanJapanese Cuisine has become a global trend, known for the use of a wide variety of seasonal ingredients, healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet, and for intricate culinary methods to create a world of a mixture of food, art, nature and people(combining its food, art, nature and the people). It is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2015 as "Washoku".

However, compared with the increased attention and high demand for Japanese cuisine, the chances to taste authentic Japanese cuisine abroad are extremely limited. The level of Japanese cuisine available in other countries is generally kept low because ingredients and culinary methods are applied superficially, without fully conveying its spirit underneath. In fact, Washoku represents not only food in Japan but it is a concept that encompasses all aspects of life, respect, gratitude and thoughtfulness for others and the nature.

History of Japan Culinary Institute:

JCI (Japan Culinary Institute) is based on 35 years of culinary education experience of Florence Culinary Art School (Florence, Italy), a professional culinary school reputed for the highest quality of culinary training designed specially for foreign students.

Over 2000 international students from all over the world studied at the school aspiring to be professional Italian chefs. Another 5000 students took its Italian home cooking course for personal fulfillment.

With the experience and established quality that we have built over those years, we now proudly open the door in Japan to those who wish to explore the world of Japanese culinary arts.

We offer the highest-level education to students from all over the world aspiring to be professional Japanese chefs, through an intensive and comprehensive training on Japanese culinary techniques.

Living in Japan & Atami:

Image of International Culinary School in JapanLocated in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture, Atami gives an ideal environment both for learning cuisine and enjoying Japanese culture. It takes just 40 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen; easy to reach metropolitan cities, yet it is blessed with nature, with rich variety of food from mountain and from the sea, fresh seafood landing at Atami Port each morning. The city has been prospering in tourism with high quality hot spring resort since ancient times. There are numerous restaurants proudly following traditional recipes and taste.

In addition, as culture of sweets is rooted with tea consumption in the travelers' inns, there are many Japanese sweets shops that manufacture sweets following methods since its foundation 100 years ago.  Atami's fireworks festival is famous nationwide, not just in the summer but throughout the year as well.

The city uniquely preserves authentic Japanese culture in a relaxed atmosphere that cannot be found in other cities. Students will stay in such environment, using various ways of stay - the school will help each student to find places to stay in the city of Atami or neighboring cities depending on the preference of the student. There are our dormitories with hot springs, or apartments with good access to metropolitan cities, or traditional Japanese inns.

Do not worry if you don't speak Japanese, the school staffs will support you in English to make your stay in Japan comfortable and trouble-free!

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Address: Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
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