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Clic IH Sevila, Seville:
CLIC (Centro de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural) International House Seville is a lively modern language school with an international atmosphere, with two centres in the heart of Seville in Andalusia in southern Spain. We offer CELTA and DELTA courses, as well as TEFL management courses for for experienced teachers who are interested in being trained to take up a senior teaching or management position in a language school. We are one of the largest English language teaching centres in Andalusia and the only Cambridge ESOL CELTA and DELTA centre in southern Spain. CLIC became a fully-affiliated member of the International House World Organisation in 1997, under the new name of CLIC International House Seville.

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CELTA Programme:
The International House Cambridge CELTA programme has been designed in accordance to UCLES 'Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines'. This initial scheme is based on two objectives:

• Cultural and individual needs
• Approaches to learning difficulties & learner styles
• The motivatPhoto of TEFL Courses in Seville, Spainion of adult learners

• Linguistic form, function and meaning, including a knowledge of grammar and its terminology
• Appreciation of structure and function
• An understanding of the principles of selection and grading
• An introduction to how subject matter and context affects language
• The importance of phonology


• Course books and teachers' books and supplementary materials and provision of special interest materials
• Adapting authentic and non-authentic materials
• Teacher-made materials
• Reference works for both teachers and learners


Classroom management and lesson planning:

• The ability to arrange the physical environment appropriately for different learning situations and to establish an appropriate atmosphere for learning
• Giving appropriate instructions for group tasks
• Monitoring the progress of groups and individuals
• The ability to plan both individual lessons and a series of lessons appropriate to student needs, with a range of approaches and lesson

Introduction and practice of new language:

• The ability to select language and language areas appropriate to students' needs and level
• To introduce language clearly and efficiently to students
• To check learning and understanding at all stages of this process using appropriate techniques
• The ability to deal sensitively and effectively with student errors and gaps
• To devise and operate appropriate activities for written and oral

Practice in order to develop the accuracy, fluency and complexity of learner language:
• To encourage and guide students towards noticing language in naturally occurring texts
• Developing the skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing
• The ability to develop the four skills using techniques which foster not only their individual development but also their integration
• To select appropriate materials and to have the ability to use a wide range of techniques to this end
• To use and adapt authentic and non-authentic materials appropriately

CELTA Summer Special Package:
This summertime special has been designed for candidates looking to prepare themselves for the job market, particularly for those who wish to teach in a Spanish speaking country.

The Cambridge CELTA course is a highly regarded as an initial certificate in teaching English to adults, but tImage of TEFL Courses in Seville, Spainhe International House Young Learners Course then provides a very practical introduction of how to adapt your skills to children and teenage classes. Many teaching jobs require you to give classes to younger learners, with up to 50% of a teaching timetable often consisting of classes to the under 16s.

The added Spanish component will be extremely useful as you begin your life in Spain or Central or South America. Two options allow you either to complete a two week Spanish course before the English teacher training courses begin, or a four week Spanish course between the CELTA and Younger Learners course. In our experience, those trainees who have qualified as both adult and young learner teachers are in great demand, with academies often contacting us to see if any of our Special Package trainees are looking for work locally. What is more, the experience gained on the courses will give you more confidence in facing the challenges of teaching diverse groups. You are welcome to apply for the CELTA + IHCYL only, should the Spanish language component not be of interest to you.

8-week Course:
• General Spanish Intensive course (2 weeks)
• CELTA August 3rd – 28th (4 weeks)
• IH Young Learner Certificate Course (2 weeks)

10-week Course:
• CELTA  (4 weeks)
• General Spanish Intensive Course (4 weeks)
• IH Young Learner Certificate Course (2 weeks)


The IH Seville DELTA course programme has been designed in accordance with Cambridge ESOL syllabus guidelines: The following minimum requirements are an integral part of the course programme:

• 120 contact hours between candidates and course tutors.
• 150 hours of reading, research and assignment writing.
• 10 teaching hours of adult students for whom English is not a first language.
• 10 hours of directed observation of ELT professions, including peers, DVD and in-house observation.
The aim of the course is to increase the candidate’s critical awareness and practical skills in the following areas:

Module One:

Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching (20 credits)
This module focuses on the background to teaching and learning ESOL Photos of Clic IH Sevila, Sevillein a range of contexts.

1. Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
2. Different approaches and methodologies, including current developments
3. Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
4. Language skills and learners’ problems
5. Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
6. Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

Module Two:
Developing Professional Practice (20 credits)
This module looks at the theory and practice of teaching and a range of factors which affect teaching and learning:
1. The language learner and the language learning context
2. Preparation for teaching adult learners of English
3. Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
4. Managing and supporting learning
5. Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
6. Observation/evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
7. Professionalism and opportunities for professional development

Module Three:
Extending practice and English language teaching specialisation (20 credits)
1. Research into specialist areas
2. Syllabus design: principles, influences on, methodological effects of, and major syllabus types as applied to the specific learning context
3. Designing syllabus and teaching programmes to meet the needs of learners in the specific context of their selected specialisation
4. Course design and development in the specific context of their selected specialisation
5. The principles and practice of testing and assessment and application to the candidate's specialist area

TEFL Management:
This 30-hour International House Seville course is designed for experienced teachers who are interested in being trained to take up a senior teaching or management position in a language school, such as Director of Studies, Children’s Co-ordinator or Senior teacher. The course is also suitable for those who already hold such a position but would like some ongoing training. This very practical, hands-on course aims to give an overview of what can be expected in a management position, and sessions are designed to give participants the opportunity to experience being in the role of a DOS, etc. Sessions will include background information on the diverse roles of the different positions, case studies and video and “live” simulations.

The course will focus on the different roles of the TEFL Managers, and what is expected of them from the various groups with whom they work:

The Director of Studies/Children’s Co-ordinator and the students:

• Before the course starts – arrangement of classes, classrooms, level tests, materials and course books...
• The first day of the course – welcome pack, meeting the teachers, tour of the school...
• During the course – dealing with changes and complaints, absenteeism, assessing progress, exams and tutorials...
• At the end / after the course – exams, certificates and reports, feedback questionnaires...

The Director of Studies/Children’s Co-ordinator/Senior teacher and the teachers:
• Recruitment – advertising, selection criteria, interviews, contracts and conditions...
• The role and responsibility of the teacher – Teacher’s manual, timetable, the teachers’ room, systems of communication, dealing with problems and absences...
• Teacher development and supervision – provision of materials, teachers’ meetings, observations and feedback, tutorials...

The Director of Studies/Children’s Co-ordinator and the parents / authorities:
• Information gathering / provision – dealing with needs / expectations, conditions and payments, providing course information, methods of communication + meetings, progress reports, parents’ nights...
• Deling with problems – course changes, absenteeism, discipline problems...

The Director of Studies/Children’s Co-ordinator and administration / management:
• Dealing with management/ the director – awareness of DOS responsibilities/duties, organisation and time management, awareness of the company infrastructure, goals and objectives, giving and receiving feedback, support in dealing with conflicts and problems...
• Dealing with administrative/secretarial staff – Dealing with initial enquiries from students, collaborating with regards to student information/demands/complaints...
• Dealing with other departments / areas – marketing, human resources, accounts.

Teaching Younger Learners:

Possessing an initial qualification in teaching English to speakers of other languages (CELTA or similar) our trainees may be new to Young Learner teaching or wish to gain fresh ideas and a formal qualification after several years’ experience of children’s classes. This 50 hour+ course provides an extensive overview of teaching younger learners, aged 4-16 years.

The course consists of:

Input Sessions:
20 sessions of approximately one hour and 15 minutes each, amounting to 30 hours of input time. This will also include observation and analysis of videos of YL classes.

Teaching Practice:
Each participant will be observed teaching Young Learners classes by an approved tutor for a minimum of 3 hPicture of TEFL Courses in Seville, Spainours. These classes may be the teacher's own classes or special Teaching Practice classes created for the course. There will be a minimum of 45 minutes tuition time (pre-lesson guidance and post-lesson feedback) given for each hour of teaching.

Observation of experienced teachers:

Each participant will observe experienced teachers of Young Learners teaching for a minimum of 4 hours. For each of the hours of observation, participants must complete an assigned observation task.

Teaching Business English:
During the Course

• You will attend and participate in 30 input sessions of around one hour each.
• Prior to each session, you will be given a text to read. It is essential you read this before the session as the session itself will revise and extend on the contents.
• After each session, you will have a homework task to complete; this could be reading or action research.

Basic Business Awareness:
This strand aims to demystify the world of business and the language which often serves to complicate quite straightforward concepts. It is designed to give teachers confidence in their business knowledge and a context within which they can discuss the issues in the other two strands. The reading tasks have 2 aims:

• To consolidate and expand on the knowledge gained in the sessions.
• To familiarise teachers with sources for learning about business.

Topics include; Business Speaking Skills, Business Writing Skills, Corporate Structure, Marketing, Sales, Accountancy, Banking, Markets, Human Resources Management, Product Development and Production, Continuing your Business Education.

Professional Skills:
This strand concentrates on the different mind-set that teachers need to bring to business English teaching. This includes how to treat the students as clients and how to meet the (higher/different) expectations of business students.

Topics include; Needs Analysis, Syllabus Design, Principles of Lesson Planning, "The Client Approach" to Teaching Executives, Feedback.

Time Commitment:
• Pre-session reading (of between 2 and 12 pages).
• 30 hours of input.
• 20 hours of homework / action research tasks.
• Writing a 1500 word post-course reflective assignment.

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Address: C / Albareda, Nº 19 , Seville, Spain
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