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Oxford Tefl:
OxfordTEFL provides EFL teacher training courses in Barcelona, Malaga and Cadiz in Spain, as well as in London, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Kerala in India. With 4 weeks top quality, practical training in Barcelona and Cadiz, accredited by Trinity College London, you will receive a Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). As a qualified TEFL teacher you will be able to travel and teach English anywhere in the world, learn new languages, experience new cultures, and improve your students' chances in life.

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Trinity Cert. TESOL
Photo of Oxford Tefl Trinity TESOL Courses in Spain - Teach English Worldwide4-week intensive TEFL course (Trinity Cert. TESOL), an internationally recognised qualification, validated by Trinity College, London. The content of our TEFL course is highly practical, with teaching practice with real students taking a central role.Our course provides you with a headstart in an exciting new career as an English Language Teacher and is designed to give you the skills to enjoy teaching and teach effectively while you travel, experience new cultures and earn money.

Course Content

- Teaching Practice
The practical nature of the course is emphasised from the very beginning. Trainees are divided into teaching practice groups on the first day and begin their teaching practice on the third. Each group is assigned a practice class of real Spanish or Czech students and a teaching practice tutor. Teaching practice includes a feedback session where the teaching practice tutor discusses the lesson with you and gives you guidance on the teaching point for the following day. Halfway through the course the practice class is changed to provide trainees with an opportunity to teach classes whose English is at a different level.

- Input Sessions
We believe in learning through involvement, and students are expected to participate in many different ways during the sessions. Where necessary information will be supplied, but more commonly you will experience a workshop approach, where your tutor acts as a "facilitator/animator" rather than as a lecturer.

- Teaching Skills

Image of Oxford Tefl Trinity TESOL Courses in Spain - Teach English WorldwideDuring these sessions you will acquire and practise a wide range of teaching skills found in mainstream current English Language Teaching. A large number of activities and areas are covered in detail and these are all of immediate practical value for planning your teaching practice lessons. Video is used in some sessions and observation of Oxford Tefl teaching staff and students provides further insights into lesson planning, staging and management. 

- Language Awareness
These sessions cover areas of grammar and phonology and are designed to provide trainees with a basic working knowledge of these subjects and how to teach them effectively. Trainees find these sections particularly rewarding (and challenging!), as most native speakers of English have had very little previous opportunity of studying the nuts and bolts of their own language.

- Learning an Unknown Language
You will participate in four language lessons in a language you have no prior experience of, taught completely in the language itself without recourse to English. This helps you put yourself in the position of a basic level learner of English and to experience communicative language teaching at first hand. Languages taught on past courses have included Greek, Hindi, Swedish, and Japanese.

Trinity Diploma in TESOL
Trinity Diploma in TESOL: With a TEFL Diploma you can deepen your practical and theoretical knowledge of English Language Teaching and expand your career opportunities. We offer three modes of study: a full-time intensive Diploma, a part-time Diploma and our distance Diploma or on-line Diploma. Whichever mode you choose, you will have to spend at least one month of your TEFL Diploma Course in Barcelona.

Course Content

Photos of Oxford TeflDuring the course, you will participate in input sessions and workshops designed to cover a variety of aspects of English language Teaching. Sessions are face-to-face or using our virtual classroom. The exact mix depends on whether you are doing summer intensive or distance/on-line Diploma. Input sessions include pre-reading, group and pair tasks, reflection on your teaching and short written tasks. In addition you will be required to do regular grammar and essay practice in preparation for the written exam, with feedback from tutors. 

- Grammar
Linguistic analysis which will improve your understanding of learners difficulties and the nature of the English language and how it works, including an analysis of syntax, lexis and discourse.

- English in the World
Here you will develop your global view of English, looking at students´ needs, economic and political influences on language use, models and varieties of English and issues relating to teacher training and development.

- Personal and Professional Development
You will gain familiarity with published and on-line professional materials and basic principles of teacher education. Appropriate research methodology for classroom-based research. Theories and application of syllabus design. You will be encouraged to attend teacher development workshops and professional conferences during the course.

- Classroom Practice
Here we look at the nitty gritty of what we do in the classroom, including areas such as teaching the four skills, classroom management, error correction and teacher talk.

- Teaching Observation
You will be observing 10 hours of teaching by colleagues and other experienced teachers using observation and tasks, which you have devised. On summer intensive courses you will have the opportunity to do some or all of this at OxfordTEFL.

- Phonology
Input sessions/workshops in this area of the course include the study of such areas as rhythm, stress, intonation, weak forms and individual sounds and how they relate to teaching. You will become "fluent" in using phonemic script and increase your awareness of teaching techniques and strategies. The 30-minute interview with the Trinity examiner to assess this area of the course will include the presentation of a prepared topic of your choice, as well as a discussion of phonology in theory and in the classroom.

- Classroom Teaching
Our trainers will observe your teaching and give you feedback during the course, encouraging you to develop your ability to reflect on your own teaching and provide constructive feedback to fellow teachers. Teaching practice groups will be foremed in the centre for this. This teaching will be observed and discussed with your tutor. Four one-hour lessons will be assessed by your tutors and a fifth one-hour lesson will be externally assessed by a Trinity examiner.

Other Courses
Also: Certificate for Teaching Business English, Certificate for Teaching Young Learners, Certificate in One-to-One Teaching, Online TEFL Course (this starter course aimed at people who would like an effective and flexible low-cost introduction to TEFL, in some cases before going on to take a full face-to-face qualification).

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Address: Bajos Calle Diputación 279, Barcelona, Barcelona, 08007, Spain
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• The Cambridge Delta course modules that we offer in Barcelona is the most prestigious and widely recognised qualification in English Language Teaching. It is intended for candidates who have substantial experience of teaching English.

Student Review:

"I was working as an elementary school teacher in a New York City suburb. I wanted a change, to travel, to learn Spanish and to learn more about English as a language, too. I really enjoyed the CELTA course in Barcelona, particularly the parts which involved looking at language, and it was especially useful to me to consider how to present it to adults. Like most teachers, I now find myself with classes of both teenagers and adults."
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