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Play this Online Strategy Game – Bloxorz: This is a quality strategy / puzzle game which provides hours of fun passing the 33 stages.
Your aim is to get the block to fall into the square hole and to stay on the board while moving the block toward the hole. There are bridges and switches. You must move the block on to a switch (marked X) or a circle-marked square. A switch can only be activated by a block standing on its end while the circle switch can be pressed on by any part of the block.

Orange tiles are fragile, and the block cannot stand on its ends while on an orange tile. You must roll through the orange area with the block on its sides. If your block stands vertically on the orange tile – it will break and the block will fall through.

There is a split circle ( ) switch. If you stand on it – the block will be separated into two parts – each teleported to different ends of the board. Each part can be controlled separately and they will rejoin when they are put next to each other. Press the spacebar to select which part you wish to control.

Small blocks can activate circle switches, but not X switches. Small blocks cannot go through the hole, only the full block can.

The Passcode, located in the top right corner, will allow you to return to the same level next time you play.

Arrow keys – Up, Down, Left, Right
Spacebar –  to select the part of the block to control when separated

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