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Catch 33 is a quick-fire concentration game for kids, teens and Big Kids and also works as a good online hand and eye coordination exercise activity, where you have to catch a series of moving onscreen numbers in the shortest amount of time possible. They move at lightening speed so you have to be super-duper-speedy to catch them. It’s a simple fast-paced action game that might just drive you bonkers – and going mad has never been such delicious fun! 

This dizzying challenge is guaranteed to put a smile or two on your face, and offers endless hours of addicting entertainment. Have a go speedster; see if you’re fast enough…Enjoy! This quirky little number chasing game requires expert hand-eye coordination skills, bionic mouse-coordination capabilities and the eyes of a hungry hawk. Once you start, you’re hooked – there’s no stopping you; you’re now in the mind warp zone going at super-sonic speed… Good luck! 

How To Play:Use your computer mouse to “catch” the red moving numbers in the game screen. Once you hover over the correct number it disappears. You don’t need to click on them. The numbers go in sequence from 1 – 33 (for example, 1,2,3,4,5…33). You can see the number you need to catch beside “catch this“ in the top right corner of the game screen. When you have caught all the numbers (1-33) you can see your game time (in seconds). You are now given the option to try again.

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