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Snowy Rider - BMX bike game

Rating: 8.6/10 - 29685 votes

Snowy Rider is one of the best “DIY” type of games, and playing it teaches you about physics, motion and dynamics as well as develops your drawing and logical skills. It is possibly even more sophisticated and easier to handle than the renowned ”Pencil Driver” game. The interface is very intuitive and it is very easy to draw the road with hills by using the curve drawing tool. You have a choice of drawing on one of the pre-made themes; outdoor, city or sky and ride your scenery with a selection of vehicles.

This fun BMX cycling game is limited only by your imagination. Do backflips, wheelie, stoppie (Endo) tricks on your track and have fun. Test your imagination, push your boundaries, explore new territory.

How to Play: use arrow keys to accelerate, slow down and balance back /forward and look ahead of what comes on the track while doing stunts for points. You PC mouse scrollbar can be used to zoom in and out to review the track in detail. Enjoy the game!

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