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Art Classes in Queens NY for Adults & Kids

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Bridgeview School of Fine Arts, Queens NY:
Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in Queens, New York City, is a professional art studio specializing in College Portfolio Preparation, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture classes for children and adults. The Bridgeview approach is based on the centuries-old techniques developed by generations of European masters. These techniques were painstakingly preserved in Russia through the 20th century while they were much forgotten in the west.

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Photo of Art Classes in Queens NY for Adults & KidsArt Classes for Adults in New York:

Absolute Beginner Drawing:

Working from simple still life setups students will learn the fundamentals of drawing. Step-by-by-step instruction in building the form through line and value will be given. Individual critiques covering the basics of drawing such as proportions, value, construction and perspective will be offered. No experience necessary.

Drawing from Observation. Still Life, Portrait, Figure:
Using tone and line students will approach drawing like it was done by the classical masters. Subject include still life and live models. Students will focus on understanding the movement and structure of the human body. Human anatomy will be discussed. Individual critiques covering the basics of drawing such as proportions, value, construction and perspective will be offered. This class is ideal for both beginner and advanced students. This course is also good for students looking to develop a strong college portfolio.

Sketching at the Metropolitan Museum:
There is nothing more inspiring than studying the masterpieces at the Met. Each class will include a short introduction into to a specific period or art genre. Afterwords, students will be advised in their choice of subject matter to draw from. Individual critiques covering the basics of drawing such as proportions, value, construction and perspective will be offered. Class size is limited to 12 students. Some prior drawing experience. This Winter the class will focus on portrature.

Special Techniques of Oil Painting. Learning from the Old Masters:
This class is designed for students with a lot of drawing and painting experience. Students will copy from old master paintings using step-by-step guidance, who will explain and demonstrate the concepts and techniques behind those masterpieces. This class is taught by Polina Osnachuk, who for many years had taught this course to graduate level students of painting and art resotration in Ukraine. Some prior drawing and painting experience is necessary.

Portrait and Figure Sculpture. Classical Approach:
Students will learn to understand the three-dimensional form by focusing on such essential issues as anatomy, construction, proportions, and balance. The class is recommended to students of all levels. Beginners may be advised to start working from the Greek and Roman sculptures before proceeding to a live model.

College Portfolio Preparation & Pre-College Classes in New York

College Portfolio. Drawing and Painting from Observation:
During this 12 weeks course which should be continued by a student through more than one semester, students will divide their time between drawing and painting in a variety of media. Each class will include a short art history lecture. Subjects include still life, portrait and figure. Please note, that nude models are used in this class. Minimum age is 15.

Personal Art Project. Conceptual Approach:
In this class students will create a project or conceptually unified series of works. Media choice may include (but not limited to) drawing, painting, mixed media and performative art. Because visual arts are not only traditional paintings and sculptures, students must be more educated in order to understand contemporary concepts. Students will become more comfortable with contemporary art by taking a closer look at what art looks like in the 21st century and how it evolved from the 20th century movements.

Art Classes for Children in New York:

Sketching at the American Museum of Natural History:
- Ages 8 - 12.
This class is for younger students. The Museum of Natural History is one of the most exciting educational resources when it comes to children. Children's creativity peaks when they are inspired by this museum's artifacts. This is a two hour sketching class preceded by a short lecture on a specific theme. Subject matter can include animals, both living and pre-historic, plants, gems and etc. Fundamentals of drawing will also be discussed and drawing skills perfected.

Art Classes for Kids:
- Age 7 - 17
This program was designed by Polina Osnachuk, an experienced and talented teacher and artist. The program is based on the time-tested methods developed by the Russian schools for artistically gifted children, and adapted for special needs of American schools and colleges. Students accomplish a series of assignments in a specific progression, from easier to more complex ones.

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Address: 10-27 46 Avenue, Long Island City, New York City, New York , USA
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Fields of study range from basic silversmithing and wax carving to high karat gold alloying and stone setting.

Our weekend workshops highlight specialty techniques such as filigree, enameling, granulation, chain making, and more.

Our focus is to provide an artistic and creative classroom in which to learn and explore the art of jewelry making. Small class sizes and personal attention are a hallmark.

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Quality Jewelry Casting Classes:

- Stacking Rings
- Ring Making from Wax to Metal
- Pendant Making from Wax to Metal
- Wax Working
- Jewelry Soldering Workshop
- Creative Jewelry Semester
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Conveniently located on 46th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue (only a few blocks from Grand Central Station) in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, PhotoUno Photography School provides beginner and intermediate-level photography courses, private classes, seminars and workshops.

PhotoUno Photography School is ideal for hobbyist photographers who are living in, working in or visiting the New York City metropolitan area. At PhotoUno, we have made a great effort to make photography fun and easy to understand. We offer hands-on training within an atmosphere that fosters collaborative learning. In our photography courses, we take no more than nine students to insure the quality of training.

Our private classes are tailor-made for each student. Our formally trained instructors from distinguished institutions working in a variety of specialties have undergone additional training to insure you have a consistently positive and instructive experience at our school.
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