Best fighting games for PC/ Top online shooting game free to play with no download: Chaos Faction, a totally cool fighting game, and beat em up-style melee combat game for PC, Mac, iPad. Play classic fighting action games for kids (boys/ girls), destruction games for teens/ youth to play on the internet.
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A Top Fighting & Shooting Game - Chaos Faction

Rating: 9.2/10 - 9376 votes

Chaos Faction is a chaotic beat-em-up fighting and shooting game for kids, teens and grownups where you get to destroy your opponent, using a huge range of characters, arenas, weapons and power ups! This is a crazy, all-action fightout (with lots of cool stuff) that will leave your head in a spin! Things move at lightening-speed here - only the best and bravest players will survive this frenzied onslaught! This is magnificent mayhem and endless hours of fun!

If you’re looking for that “Awesome Factor”, then you’ve come to the right place. This super-fast game has it all - and more! You can customize nearly everything according to your own personal preferences; from the number of weapons and power ups that appear per minute to the color of your avatar’s eyeballs! You can even change how the game levels look! Go into Level Editor and you’ll see. Chaos Faction is one of those fighting and shooting games that has A LOT going on. There's plenty to mess around with - 29 weapons, 18 characters and 15 levels – all in one game! Thankfully though, it’s not tedious or confusing – just loads of fun! Enjoy!

There are three Game Modes to choose from: Campaign (where you try to defeat the boss of each arena to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels), Deathmatch (where you create your own custom game with your own teams, settings and rules in a melee-style dogfight) and Survival (where you defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the online scoreboard). Both Campaign and Deathmatch have three levels to choose from (Easy, Medium and Hard).

First choose your Game Mode and Level and then customize your character; you can change its eyes, hands, body and feet. Make him look as ferocious and funky as possible. He needs to stand out! Most importantly, make him move fast! During the game, collect as many weapons and power ups as you can; don’t fall off (or get kicked off) the screen - and make sure to destroy all of these loony characters before they destroy you! OK, ready for some insane virtual fighting action and turbo-charged fun? Well, let’s get going. Do some damage Tough Guy!

How To Play: Use the following arrow keys on your computer keyboard: (LEFT) Move Left, (RIGHT) Move Right, (UP) Jump, (DOWN) Block. Press (Z) to Kick and (X) to punch (or shoot, if you have a gun). Press SPACEBAR to pause the game at any time. (NOTE: You can change the controls in the settings menu). You can see your green health bar, your remaining lives (heart icons) and the amount of eliminations you have made at the bottom of the game screen. During Deathmatch games, you can see a white arrow and the number (1) over your character. Tips: Try and make your character look as unique as possible – so you can easily distinguish yourself from the other guys! Move at high speed; make use of your jumping capabilities to evade. Run from attacks and then sneakily counter attack

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