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Difficult Skill-based Action Game - Hyper Sphere

Rating: 7.6/10 - 323 votes

Mayday, Mayday! A computer virus has hijacked your space station, and has turned all of your on-board defenses against you! However, there is one remaining hope – a speedy ball-shaped drone robot called Hyper Sphere. Get ready for a fun, hectic and addicting sci-fi action and skill game where you have to restore order to a chaotic space station by sending the Hyper Sphere to take on the bad guys, and collect the Red Power Crystals along the way that are needed to repair the system and destroy the virus. Drone Controllers beware, there are all kinds of dangers out there – lethal turret gun robots, scurrying spiders, treacherous trapdoors, and more!

This all-action 3D space adventure requires fast fingerwork and a steady hand, as the Hyper Sphere is incredibly difficult to control. Dodge and weave your way around the dangerous maze-like environment, making sure that you don’t fall over the sides! Ok Space Commander – the fate of the space station is in your hands. Guide "Hyper Sphere" on its perilous mission! Good luck!

How to Play: After the computer virus took hold of your space station, the space station's diamond-shaped Red Power Crystals were randomly strewn throughout the 20 different levels. You must navigate the Hyper Sphere through these platform challenges, collecting all of the Red Power Crystals in each one to progress. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver the Sphere. The longer you hold down an Arrow Key, the faster the Sphere travels in that direction. Collect the Crystals by simply rolling over them. You can see how many you have to collect in each level in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

If you fall over the sides of the platforms & ledges, you lose a life, regenerating at the last Checkpoint (White Square) that you rolled over. Once you activate a Checkpoint by rolling onto it, it flashes red. There are trapdoors and moving platforms that must be carefully navigated around. There are also lethal bad guys and other robots that try to reduce your Energy, or knock you off the sides. Once your Energy Level along the right hand side of the game screen reaches 0, you lose a life. You begin each level with 5 lives, and have to restart the level from the very beginning if you lose them all. Keep an eye on your Radar in the top right corner. Crystals flash red on the Radar Screen, so that you can quickly find their location. You progress to the next level the moment you collect the last remaining Crystal.

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