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Ninja Action Game Online - “N” Game

Rating: 8.1/10 - 3729 votes

“N” Game is a breathtaking Ninja-based stickman action game for teen kids and adults alike, where you have to help your sleek ninja character attain the illustrious “N” - a highly advanced system of spiritual, cognitive and physical training – also known as the “Way of the Ninja”. To do so, you must guide the ninja through a series of 5 treacherous rooms, before the end of his short lifetime and collect as much gold as possible, along the way.

This super-slick ninja game is endless hours of fast-paced fun with superb minimal graphics and stunning acrobatics! To succeed in this grueling challenge, you need God-like speed, razor-edge reflexes and a level of physical dexterity and mental determination that only a true spiritual warrior could possess. Could that be you? If so, your challenge awaits you…

OK, so you are the ninja – the elite fighter and philosopher. You need to achieve “N” by whatever means necessary! It’s what you’ve been trained for and yearning for your whole entire life. Now’s your chance! This intense adventure will see you performing classic ninja moves (running, jumping, bouncing, flying), dodging heat seeking missiles, collecting precious gold and exploring rooms infested by lethal ninja-destroying robots! Be warned; It’s not for the faint-hearted!

Here are the rules: You have a limited lifespan with which to complete an episode of 5 levels, which will then unlock the next episode. If you are eliminated in the middle of a level, your lifespan will be reset to whatever it was when you began that level. The number of attempts allowed is infinite. Time for action - do your best Oh Wise One!

How To Play: First, see the in-game HELP for full details on how to perform the ninja’s movement techniques (jumping, falling, wall sliding etc.). Learn about how the ninja can interact with a variety of objects (bounce blocks, launch pads, locked doors, remote terminals etc.) and learn about the types of enemy robots and bombs the ninja encounters (floor chasers, mines, heat-seeking missiles, laser drones etc).

Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to move: Left Arrow = Run left, Right Arrow = Run right and (Z)/(SHIFT) to jump. Press (K) to eliminate yourself (Seppuku or Harakiri in order to save yourself from capture and imprisonment), (P) to pause and (R) to replay. Press SPACEBAR to begin. You can see your health bar at the top of the game screen. Once this gets to zero, you have to start over.

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