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Bloons Tower Defense

Rating: 8.6/10 - 1351 votes

Bloons Tower Defense 1: Don’t let any "bloons" attack the tower - protect the path to the tower from the balloons!  In this fun, action strategy game for children aged 8 to 88, the rules are simple yet the tactics are complex. In this game, you are the general officer and must create a strategy to use your defense as efficiently as possible.

You earn virtual money (credits) by shooting the balloons as they move along the path. You can then buy defensive weapons (defenders) such as monkeys, a Hypersonic monkey (super monkey), piercing darts and extended range darts to help you in this battle against the fierce and fast balloons. A Hypersonic monkey is a monkey that can shoot 10-20 times faster than a regular monkey and at 3-4 times greater distance.

How to play: There are 50 rounds, where the higher rounds becomes very fast and require extremely quick reaction and strategy. Monitor your virtual money total and the cost of each additional weapon. Use your mouse to select a new weapon and position it (when positioned, the area and range it covers is highlighted). You start each round when you have your weapons positioned (ready). Monkies and be replaced, sold and upgraded.

Hints: You should aim to stop the balloons in the beginning of their attack. The rule of thumb in any defense is to have your defensive line fully covered and your defenders covering as much area as they can (All monkies should be positioned where they will be busy shooting balloons as much of the time as possible). For example, an angle will have much more path covered by the monkey compared to a straight line.

For the higher rounds: Note that 4 Hypersonic monkeys, for example, cannot withstand the number of balloons that 2 Hypersonic monkeys with the help of 30-40 monkeys can while the total price paid is the same. 20 regular monkeys are better than one Hypersonic monkey. If you choose to spend your virtual money on weaponry that is expensive yet not needed in that particular situation, your game will be lost in the end. In the lower rounds, you should use the regular monkies with piercing darts.

In the higher rounds, you will need the more advanced weaponry. Leave some spots in strategic areas for a super monkey to be placed, otherwise you’ll have to sell one regular monkey to make space for a super monkey when you buy it.  Selling is not profitable!  You lose some 30% of the value you paid initially, so ensure that you play prudently. Good luck, good strategy, have fun!

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