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RPG Sword Fighting Game - Armed with Wings

Rating: 8.7/10 - 11364 votes

Armed with Wings is a super-stylish and challenging sword fighting platform game for teens where you play the role of “Armed with Wings” on his epic quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed his rebel army. You must go through different levels containing cold-blooded enemies and mind-boggling puzzles - which are solved using your trusted eagle friend. This slick shadowy online action adventure game requires the high-speed sword skills of a Samurai, the foresight of a genius and a thirst for fun and intense excitement. Good luck Brave Warrior!

In this fascinating journey, you travel the bleak landscapes, armed with several swords and an eagle in search of the king (Vandheer Lorde). He is the “one”. Your mission is to overthrow him and take his throne. On the way, you have to solve grueling puzzles and take out the bad guys (fast and without remorse). This intelligent action-packed game is both a physical and mental challenge, so be prepared! There are two modes to choose from: (Story mode - where you score points by defeating countless enemies) and (Survival mode where you pass levels by defeating enemies and solving puzzles). Both require the strength of a hero and the spirit of an eagle.

How To Play: Click on “Walkthrough” in the main menu for a good visual guide on how to play. Use the following arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move: (LEFT) Left, (RIGHT) Right (UP) to climb. To attack, press the (Z) key. To block, press (X). To perform an uppercut, press (UP) arrow and (Z). Hold (DOWN) arrow and (Z) to charge up, then release. To pick up items, press the (S) key. To release and return the eagle, press (A). To keep the eagle idle, press (D). You can see your score and health status (life bar) at the top of the game screen. Once your health bar gets empty, you have to start over. You can restart the level or return to the min menu by clicking on “Restart Level ”or “Menu” in the in the top right corner of the game screen. Time for action – Move like the wind!

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