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Adventure Puzzle Platform Game - Andrew the Droid

Rating: 8/10 - 374 votes

Andrew the Droid is a very clever and highly-entertaining, online physics-based, adventure puzzle game where you have to dramatically alter an environment in order to guide a friendly yet mechanically-limited robot through a series of maze-like levels. You play the role of Andrew, the golden droid robot tasked with collecting red gems, and then teleporting from level to level. The catch is that Andrew’s mobility is quite restricted, and instead of leaping around each maze, he has to instead utilize constantly shifting states of gravity to move around! Your big advantage is that you can completely flip the maze clockwise or anti-clockwise, allowing a static Andrew to fall onto ledges that would have otherwise been impossible to reach!

This is an imaginative and addicting online robot platform game with a refreshing futuristic-style twist. You have the opportunity to become the all-seeing creative force and to literally ‘flip the situation on its head’ in order to increase your chances of guiding Andrew to the end of each level. Accordingly, your strategic planning and logical thinking skills are extremely important as you try to position Andrew in areas where a gravitational switch proves advantageous. There is also an incremental ‘upgrade’ style element where Andrew learns new skills as you go deeper into the more complex levels. Great patience and steadfast determination is also compulsory in order to crack the solution to later levels. OK, let’s turn the tables!

How to Play: In each of the 25 progressively difficult levels, your goal is to open the green diamond-shaped Exit Portal by collecting the green and silver ‘Remote Control’ in each level. Once Andrew comes into contact with the ‘Remote’, the Exit Portal is activated. Then, he simply has to come into contact with the Exit Portal to ‘teleport’ to the next level. At the beginning of the game, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control Andrew’s movement (you learn the Jump motion – Up Arrow – later on). As you progress through the early levels, you earn ‘rotation’ attributes. This means you can flip the orientation of the level. Once you have unlocked these attributes, press your C Key to flip the level anti-clockwise, and the B Key to flip it clockwise. This makes it easier for you to access seemingly impossible ledges. In later levels, you must avoid hindrances such as grey rocks, lava, and other tricky obstacles. If Andrew comes into contact with any of these, he unfortunately explodes, and the level restarts automatically. Good luck with your strategy!

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