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Point & Click Mystery Detective Game - Harry Quantum 1: TV Go Home

Rating: 8.6/10 - 593 votes

Investigative sleuth types required to play an unusual point and click adventure puzzle game with a zany storyline and wacky twists! Harry Quantum 1: TV Go Home is a funny hidden object-style brain teaser game where you must use your logic, cunning, and sleuthing skills in order to help eccentric private detective Harry Quantum to find a way to get into space so that he can solve the bizarre mystery of lost or stolen TV shows! Detective Quantum first needs your assistance in finding and collecting seemingly useless items hidden around his office and surrounding areas. You must then figure out a way to combine these odd objects (tools) to form an overall plan that gets Harry into space!

This madcap hidden object adventure challenge provides a stern test of your concentration and observation skills, creative thinking & problem-solving skills, strategic planning skills, and decision making ability. You must use smart logic and analytical thinking in order to combine similar objects, and to advance Harry through the various scenarios. You need an inquisitive mind and sense of fun adventure in order to search every nook and cranny of each scene – some items might be hidden in the most unthinkable spots! Good luck Harry!

How to Play: In each scene / level, you must interact with the game environment using your computer mouse or touchpad as your detective tool. Left Click on anything interesting that you find, and then move any ‘found’ objects to the boxes at the bottom of the game screen for future use. Some scenes feature mini-games, while others are simply hidden object levels.

Hints: Here are some tips to get you thinking in the right way for this game. Once you have found everything of note in Harry’s office, move on to scene 2, outside the barn. Note the loose plank on the wall of the barn – perhaps the hammer you found can knock it off? This plank could then be used in tandem with the broom handle and the nails to form a ‘crop broom’. Making a crop circle might attract the alien transport you need to get into space! Don’t forget to light up the area with the flashlight you found in scene 1!

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