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Fun Adventure Puzzle Game to Play - Ticket

Rating: 7.3/10 - 1124 votes

If you won a lottery, would you be highly motivated to immediately go and collect your winnings? Well, meet two very lucky fellows, Bob and his dog Jerry in Ticket, a light-hearted and innovative puzzle adventure game for older kids and teens where you have to guide Bob and Jerry through 15 obstacle-filled levels using a combination of good teamwork, smart strategy, and fast reactions. The scene is set when Bob suddenly learns while watching one of his favorite shows on TV that he has won the lottery! Now, he needs to quickly get to the airport if he wants to cash in his winning ticket! Leaving fresh and early the following morning, Bob and his best pal Jerry (an adorable Dachshund dog), must navigate their way through a series of challenging brain teaser levels.

Your job as good citizen and expert problem solver is to find and engineer a solution to each level. For example, through creating pathways and passable jumping routes, carefully and creatively lowering bridges, and more. Good teamwork is the order of the day here as you must craftily utilize the individual attributes of both characters to contribute toward both pals reaching the Finish point of each level.

This fun and original interactive problem solving game requires good observation skills, patience, determination, logical and creative thinking skills, the ability to find a smart strategy and to learn from your mistakes, as well as fast reflexes. There will likely be lots of trial and error as your try to find a solution to each tricky level. Some players could benefit from the way the game champions the virtues of teamwork and cooperation, while others can simply enjoy an eccentric and difficult online brain teaser activity. Now, have you got the vision and tenacity to steer this lottery-winning duo through thick and thin to collect their big pot? Happy teamwork in the process!

How to Play: In each of the 15 increasingly challenging levels, your objective is to get both Bob (the man), and Jerry (the dog), to the ‘spotlight’ finishing mark at the opposite side of the game screen. Bob and Jerry begin each level on the left side of the play zone, and must navigate their way to the ‘spotlight’ by jumping over obstacles, leaping across ravines, lowering objects, creating bridges etc. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control each character. Press the 1 and 2 Number Keys to toggle between them (or alternatively, click on their respective icons in the top right corner of the game screen). Use each character’s individual skills to help their cause – for example, Jerry can run through small pipes while Bob can jump longer distances. Enjoy the great adventure!

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