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Play Space Shooting Game - Stargazer

Rating: 6.5/10 - 408 votes

Stargazer is a brilliantly-simple yet awesomely-addicting spaceship piloting and shooting arcade game where you have to survive for as long as you can against seemingly endless waves of bizarre alien cyborg spacecraft. Set in the infinite side-scrolling vastness of outer space, you have to masterfully dodge and weave your shuttle-style spaceship around a whole host of unusual and dangerous hostile beings from galaxies billions of light years away. However, you aren’t just on the run from these would-be destroyers – you can counter with some awesome firepower of your own! Blast these callous robot enemies into eternity, and steer your way to victory in this breathtaking battle for mankind's survival in space!

Spaceship navigation has never been so intense and nerve-racking! Your rocket comes under constant attack, so your concentration levels have to be extremely high at all times if you want to keep hold of your precious, limited lives. Swift, calculated missile firing and slick spacecraft maneuvers are all that stands between you and an explosive and fiery end! Have you got the nimble keyboard-tapping prowess to survive and wipe your brow? Well Captain, you’re a long way from Houston, and we definitely have a problem! We wish you very Good Luck out there in your determination to see this through!

How to Play: Before you begin the alien blasting action, you must choose a difficulty level. Your journey always features the same enemies but the amount of spare lives you have depends on the difficulty level that you select; Click on Easy (8 lives), Normal (5 lives), or Hard (3 lives) using your computer mouse or touchpad. When you have chosen your preferred game play difficulty, click ‘Start Game’ to begin. Unlike most side-scrolling games, the enemies approach from the left side of the game screen.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control the movement of your spacecraft; Up Arrow = Ascend; Down Arrow = Descend; Left Arrow = Move Forward; Right Arrow = Move Back. As the robot spacecraft approach, press the Z Key to fire your primary weapon, and the X key to fire your secondary weapon. We recommend keeping your finger held down on Z for a continuous flow of missile fire for maximum protection. If you impact with an enemy spacecraft, your spaceship explodes, and you lose a life (You can see how many lives you have remaining in the bottom right corner of the game screen). Once all of your lives are gone, it’s game over. Enjoy the fight for survival!

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