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Play Alien Shooting Game - Starbot 17

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Starbot 17 is an all-action space alien shoot-em up game set in a futuristic century where the Earth is under attack from mechanical sphere-shaped robotic orbs. You have specifically been given the honor of leading and controling a ‘Starbot‘; one of 17 self-aware defense units designed to protect the Earth from meteorite showers and other dangerous space debris. Each Starbot is equipped with jet pack-style flying capabilities, and (most importantly) a deadly missile-firing weapon. This firepower comes in extremely handy against the many hundreds of hostile alien creatures that stream menacingly across the side-scrolling game screen.

This easy-to-play yet hugely-enjoyable, mouse-clicking space arcade adventure puts a unique modern twist on iconic arcade titles such as Space Invaders and Astro Fire. Simply going ‘Gung-Ho’ and keeping your finger on the trigger is not wise – you have to carefully conserve your ammo, strategically pick out the most dangerous aliens, and shrewdly collect health and bullet Power-ups. Earth’s survival is in your more than capable hands, and we’re all counting on you to save our day! It’s time to send these dreadful droids back into the wilderness of space where they came from! Lock and load Starbot, and Good Luck!

How to Play: After reading through an introductory explanation about the Starbot defense system, click the ‘Play’ button on the main menu screen to begin the action. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your Starbot; simply use the mouse cursor to move it around the game screen, and Left Click to fire your weapon. Your goal is to destroy as many of the alien robots as possible. These mechanical orbs approach at a variety of different speeds from the right hand side of the game screen. One single shot from your weapon destroys an oncoming droid.

If your Starbot collides with one of the invaders, the alien ‘self-destructs’, and you lose 5 points from your Health Total (You start with 100 points). If your Health Total is reduced all the way to zero, its game over. Collect Health Power-ups (floating white orbs with a red cross) to replenish your Health by 25 points. Likewise, your Ammo reduces by one for each missile fired. Collect the floating Ammo Power-ups (shaped like four adjacent bullets) to increase your total by 25 missiles. You score 50 points for each alien creature that you eliminate. See how many times you can continue to better your own high score!

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