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Fun Online Breakout Game - World Cup Breakout 2010

Rating: 8.9/10 - 210 votes

World Cup Breakout 2010 is a fun online arcade game where you have to advance through a series of soccer-based breakout challenges! Breakout games are an iconic type of 1970’s and 80’s classic games where the player has a paddle at the bottom of the game screen, and has to eliminate rows of bricks in the top half of the game screen with a bouncing ball! In World Cup Breakout, the bricks to be eliminated are in the form of opposition soccer players, and you have to blast them off the game screen with your own soccer player paddle and rebounding soccer ball. Loosely based around soccer football’s World Cup, you have to choose a country, and try to negotiate 4 rounds of 6 challenging levels.

This unusual and eccentric sports / arcade game mash-up requires sharp reactions and good observation skills as you have to keep an eye on the increasingly fast-moving ball and move your paddle to deflect it accordingly. Earn cool power ups in each level to increase your chances of progression to the World Cup Final! You can choose from the heavyweights of the soccer world, for example, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Italy – but at the end of the day, it all boils down to your mouse control skills and quick reflexes! Ok Soccer Superstar, remember to keep your eye on the ball! Happy brick breaking!

How to Play: Before getting to the action, you have to choose your team from 32 different countries (the same nations that took part in the real-life World Cup in 2010, so more modest, hard-working teams such as the USA, Japan, and Australia are also available). To win the coveted trophy, you have to negotiate 4 different rounds of 6 breakout levels. In each level, you have to eliminate all of the soccer-player-shaped bricks before scoring a goal past a paddle-shaped goalkeeper at the end (Your own paddle/player is located at the bottom of the game screen). Left Click to launch the ball upwards, and move your player to the left and right using your computer mouse cursor.

There are 3 different types of players/bricks to be eliminated. Normal Defenders are eliminated after 1 hit of the ball, Bruisers need 3 hits to be removed, and Super Defenders can only be eliminated by hitting them from behind on the top of their heads. Certain bricks release Power-ups when eliminated. Catch these with your paddle to avail of upgrades such as bigger balls, bigger paddles, extra lives, fire balls, and more. Avoid the Yellow and Red Card power-ups, as these sneakily reduce the size of your ball and paddle. After all bricks have been destroyed, you are placed in a 1-on-1 duel with a goalkeeper paddle positioned at the opposite end of the pitch. Deflect the ball past that big goalie to complete the level. There are 6 challenges like this in each round, and you have to complete all of them to progress to the Quarter Final, Semi-Final, and Final.

If you allow the ball to make contact with the bottom of the game screen by letting it slip past your paddle, you lose a life. You can see the number of remaining lives at the bottom of the game screen. Once all of your lives are gone, it's game over, and you have to go all the way back to the first round. If you eliminate 3 bricks in double quick time, your ‘Rage Meter’ in the bottom right corner fills up, and you can knock out bricks more easily as your paddle / player is pumped up! In some levels, the opposition players move around the game screen. A Referee Brick occasionally scoots across the pitch – eliminate him to freeze the opposition players in their tracks, making them easier to target. Enjoy!

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