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Prediction Puzzle Game for Kids - Trajestimate

Rating: 5.4/10 - 130 votes

Are you ready to predict the future? Trajestimate is a prediction-based puzzle game where you have to quickly figure out (against the clock) and select which hole a fast-moving ball in space will end up in. The bouncing ball ping-pongs off the sides of the playing field, and you score points by correctly predicting where the ball will end up. This is a decision-making under pressure game where you have to quickly envisage the flight angles of the ball. The earlier you guess (in the least time, the more points you earn.) However, if you incorrectly predict the final destination of the ball, you lose a large number of points.

This fun brain teaser will test and exercise your spatial awareness, as well as your observational skills. This arcade-style game could be used as a fun problem-solving activity could help to promote and improve quick-thinking skills and decision making.

How to Play: The 12 levels progressively increase in difficulty as more holes are introduced in higher levels. The ball (moving object) automatically appears and starts bouncing around the game screen. You have to predict where it will end up by carefully observing its flight. As the ball travels, it leaves a path and angle behind it that you can use as a guide. When you think you know which hole it’s going to fall into, quickly Left Click on that hole with your computer mouse. If you are correct, you earn points. The amount of points you score depends on how early you have predicted the destination of the ball.

If you select a hole just before the ball enters it, you score less points. The trick is to decide on the path of the ball as early as possible. If you choose too late, or pick the wrong hole, you lose a whopping 35 points from your total. You can see how many levels (balls) are remaining on the left hand side of the game screen.

Tip: Be patient but decisive; Don’t just click on a hole randomly. Wait until you are 100% certain where the ball is going before choosing the hole.

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