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Play Little Drop - Puzzle Arcade Game for Kids

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Little Drop is a straight-forward online ‘rolling ball’ puzzle arcade game for both younger and older kids that requires careful analysis and strategy. Here, you have to maneuver a cute blue sphere (named Droppy) around a maze-like grid, munching up all of the randomly-placed green emeralds in the process. The catch is that Droppy is a cute and nimble ‘rolling ball’ character. This means that, once he is on the move (either horizontally or vertically), he can only be stopped once he impacts with one of the solid blocks located around the game grid. You play the role of Droppy’s guide, and must contend with teleporting platforms, complex mazes, gaps or doorways in the wall perimeter, and other tricky impediments. This stimulating and challenging maze-based brain teaser is a good test of your observation skills, strategic and analytical thinking skills, and your ability to react quickly to evolving puzzle situations. Are you ready for some clever problem-solving action to help Droppy gobble up some delicious treats?

How to Play: Your objective in each of the 24 progressively difficult levels is to collect all of the spherical green emeralds in as few ‘moves’ as possible. Droppy, the large blue sphere, can only move horizontally and vertically around the maze-like game grid. Using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, you can set Droppy on his way – but he only comes to a stop once he impacts with one of the (normally) sand-colored blocks dotted around the perimeter or center of the maze grid. The fewer ‘moves’ it takes for you to collect all of the randomly-positioned emeralds, the more points you score. You are shown the minimum number of moves needed to engineer a successful solution for that level in the top left corner of the play area – Try to score as close to that number as possible.

In later levels, you must contend with an array of unusual obstacles that might impede Droppy’s path. Red spikes are to be avoided at all costs – if Droppy comes into contact with one of these, you must restart the level (Click on the yellow Restart button in the top right corner of the game screen). Contend with and utilize teleporting black holes, movable ice blocks, gaps in the wall perimeter (through which Droppy passes right through to the opposite side of the grid), and more! Tip - plan your moves ahead, just as in playing chess!

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