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Online Skill-based Game - Basket Balls: Level Pack

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Basket Balls: Level Pack is a challenging online physics & skill-based ball game where you have to sink the ball into a basket as well as ricocheting it off of any pesky referees in as few mouse-clicking shots as possible. This is not like any conventional basketball game you’ve played. Basket Balls: Level Pack introduces a series of wacky maze-like platform levels where you also have to flip switches, open doors, and smash through obstacles using strategically placed basketball players as well as the terrain around them. Similar in concept to mini-golf, each level has a ‘Par’ score, and you have to eliminate all of the refs as well as scoring in each basket with the Par amount of shots or less.

This fun and unusual sport-based skill game requires pinpoint accuracy, a steady hand, patience, great determination, and an element of strategic planning as you have to decide the best course or direction to attack each basket. There is even an element of creative engineering required as you sometimes have to create pathways and bridges for future shots. Remember that the ball responds to the effects of gravity, and you have to plan the trajectory and angle of each attempted shot. Even our top MBA stars would be challenged by this entertaining and addicting basketball brainteaser! Strap on your high-top sneakers and strategy cap – it’s time to plan some outside shots!

How to Play: In each of the 38 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to get the ball into each of the baskets, and eliminate each of the referees in as few shots as possible (There may be more than one basket, and more than one referee!). In the bottom left corner of the game screen, you see how many shots you have taken (the basketball icon), and how many shots the ‘Par’ score is (the skull icon). If you take more shots than the Par, it’s game over, and you have to begin the level again. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to aim, and Left Click to take a shot. You can see a faint white outline of the trajectory the shot will take, and this acts as your aiming guide.

You usually have more than one ‘shooter’ in each level (wearing an orange jersey), and you can throw the ball between these shooters. They automatically catch the ball if it is in their vicinity. If the ball is not caught by one of your shooters, and the 'Ball Clock' at the bottom of the game screen rotates all the way around, you are penalized one extra shot. Try to ensure that each of your throws is either going to land in a basket, hit a referee, or go to another shooter. In later levels, you have to flip switches and open doors with your shots in order to create further pathways for the ball. There are also cheeky opposition players (wearing a dark kit) who try to block your shots. Click on the circular arrow in the bottom right corner of the game screen to restart the level at any point. Enjoy, and good luck!

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