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Fun Keep It Up Soccer Game - Scooby Doo: Kickin’ It

Rating: 8/10 - 1764 votes

Who’s your favorite soccer star? Lionel Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo? David Beckham? Well, how about Scooby Doo? That’s right – the cute and famous cartoon character has his very own soccer skills game! In Scooby Doo: Kickin’ It, it’s your job to help Scooby keep the ball off the ground by using the kind of cool soccer skills that even the most talented world football stars would be proud of. Scooby must make sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground. He can use his head, paws or tail to play "keepy up". If he keeps the ball up long enough to get his ‘Trick Meter’ full, he can try out some of his more amazing ball-juggling moves! The fancier the flicks, the more points Scooby scores!

This addicting sports game is fun for all the family. It’s quite challenging however, because Scooby is a dog after all! He isn’t a natural soccer skills master, and that’s why he needs your help. You need to be quick-fingered to make sure Scooby keeps the ball up. Ready for some canine chaos with Scooby? Give that dog a ball and let’s get juggling! Good luck.

How to Play: Control Scooby using your computer keyboard. Use the Left and Right Arrows to move him across the game screen. To hit the ball into the air – press Spacebar when Scooby is underneath it. If he isn’t right below the ball, it falls to the ground and you lose a life. You start off with 3 lives and once you lose them all, it’s game over! If you keep the ball up very well, Scooby’s ‘Trick Meter’ gets filled up. Once it’s full, you hear the sound of a bell. That’s the signal for some fancy flicks! Once you hear the bell, press the Up Arrow instead of Spacebar when underneath the ball. Scooby then shows you some of his finest tricks and you score a lot of points. If you keep that up, another ball will be introduced. When there are two balls on screen, they are allowed to hit the ground, but only for the amount of time on the clock that pops up.

Tip: Press one of the arrows at the same time as Spacebar to slide Scooby toward the ball if you don’t think he’s going to make it!

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