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Free Fun Pool Games Online - Blast Billiards: The Combo

Rating: 8.3/10 - 396 votes

Pool and snooker; billiard games that are normally pretty relaxed, wouldn’t you say? A nice, leisurely, table-top sport with no distractions and definitely no danger involved... right? WRONG! Blast Billiards: The Combo is an interesting, wild and wacky pocket billiards game where the pool balls are replaced with - wait for it - TICKING TIMEBOMBS! In a series of different potting challenges that include volatile sticks of dynamite, barricades, a barmy little old lady, and a Pacman-style ghost, you have to pocket each of the bombs before they explode on you. Yikes! Race around the table and defuse these dangerous objects by potting them before the clock runs out!

This intense fun and unusual ball-potting experience requires a cool head and a steady hand – it definitely isn’t easy to play when a bomb could go off at any second if you make a mistake! A basic knowledge and understanding of physics is also useful, as you have to figure out the correct angles from which to shoot the cue-ball in order to improve your chances. Your decision making ability under pressure will also be severely tested, as you have to strategically choose the correct shot depending on the position of the balls. Multiple snooker and pool World Champions have never been under this much pressure, so can you handle it, Cue Master? Let’s hope so!

How to Play: There are 6 different mini-challenges to take on in Blast Billiards, each with a different element of danger attached. In each of the challenges, the controls are the same. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to aim your cue, and Left Click to shoot (the cue mimics the movement of your mouse cursor). The longer you hold down the click, the harder your shot.

- Bombs On Spots: In this mode, you simply have to pot all of the balls on the table in 100 seconds (the timer is ticking down as indicated on all of the balls). However, there is a stick of dynamite randomly placed somewhere on the table. If any of the balls touch off this dynamite – BOOM – game over. Likewise, if you don’t pot all 7 balls within the time limit, they explode. Pot the Black Ball last to earn extra Bonus points.

- Trick Shot: Here, you have 30 seconds to complete a difficult Trick Shot where you have to cannon the Cue Ball off a few cushions to pot the Red Ball without touching the Dynamite.

- Pocket Rocket: Again, you have 100 seconds to pot all of the balls – but this time, some of the pockets are randomly barricaded (enclosed). You have to quickly change the direction of your shots depending on which pockets are still available.

- Supermarket Sweep: Here, you still have to pot all 7 of the balls. However, instead of a stick of dynamite, a quirky old lady is wandering around the table, shopping on the grocery store shelves that block the top 3 pockets. If any of the balls hit off the old lady, she explodes, and it’s game over (extremely difficult challenge; only for advanced players).

- Pacman 2: Just like the famous Pacman online game, you have to collect all of the dots on the table by hitting off them with either the cue ball or the Red/Black Balls. You also have to pot the balls within 100 seconds, while avoiding the pesky Ghost that chases the balls around the table. If the Ghost touches off the Cue Ball, it’s game over.

- Target Practice: Score as many points as you can by potting balls and cannoning off others to leave the cue ball in the Red or Blue areas of the large target. If the Cue Ball finishes in the White area – it’s curtains!

In all of the games bar Trick Shot, you receive a 10 second penalty if you commit a Foul Shot – i.e. if you pot the Cue Ball or fail to hit any ball. You earn Bonus points in all levels for potting the Black Ball last. See if you can beat all 6 challenges. Good luck!

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