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MotoCross FMX Dirt Bike Game Online

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Ever wanted to try out wicked, high-speed stunts in front of a capacity crowd? Well now you can, with Motocross FMX, the fast and furious stunt bike game where the goal is simple – perform the coolest and craziest stunts that you can. Anything is possible in this fast and furious biking game, where you ride your very own Motocross dirt bike freestyle over some of the most challenging jumps on the circuit! Compete on 9 different tracks, performing intense stunts, fancy flips and wacky tricks over some of the most daunting obstacles imaginable.

Have the crowd cheering your name as you race up the leaderboard on your way to dirt-bike glory! There are 7 special tricks that you have to master, including the Superman and the Rock Solid. Make the crowd go wild and leave your competitors in the dirt. But be careful, because this game follows the laws of physics and gravity. If you don’t do a trick correctly, you’ll tumble off your bike and fall flat! Ouch! Think you’ve got what it takes, Stunt Master? Ok then, show off those magnificent moves!

How to Play: On the menu screen, choose which track you want to attempt and customize your rider. Use your computer keyboard to control your bike. The arrow keys control the movement of the bike and the number keys (1-7) perform the stunts while you are in the air. Use the arrow keys to maneuver the bike: Left arrow = accelerate; Down arrow = lean back; Up arrow = lean forward.

The more complicated and the longer you hold a trick – the more points you receive. Be mindful of your energy meter at the bottom of the game screen. Each trick and flip drains your energy and you have to wait for the meter to refill before you can perform another one. Can you keep the crowds roaring, or should you be riding a tricycle? Only one way to find out! Get on your bike and rev it up!

Tip: Hit any of the number keys from 1 to 7 to perform flips while in the air. The icons at the bottom of the game area show the type of flip that corresponds to each of the number keys.

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