Free roadie bike game online for kids (boys/ girls) to play now with no download: Rock Band: Rockin’ Roadie game is a fun delivery, load/ bike balancing game for PC, Ipad, Mac. Fun stunt bike games, cool dirt bike riding games for teens, new 3D flash transport games, truck simulation games online..
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Rock Band: Rockin’ Roadie - Bike Balancing Game

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A rock band’s ‘roadie’ is always in the background… Content to set up the amps, guitars, and various musical instruments, the humble roadie has forever lived in the shadows… until now! Rock Band: Rockin’ Roadie is an awesome bike riding, vehicle-balancing, equipment delivery game where you have to carry a rock band’s carefully stacked music gear through a series of challenging obstacle courses! You play the role of the heroic daredevil roadie, and must race across all kinds of wacky obstacles in order to deliver the equipment to the concert stage before the clock runs out! You have only three minutes until the band is due to perform; and you simply cannot afford to let the thousands of baying fans down! It’s time to crank up the music Dude!

Swap the power chords for a powerful Harley motorbike or a reliable forklift (you can chop and change between the two vehicles depending on your style). Either way, your key tapping skills are extremely important as you try to keep your vehicle balanced on the many steep climbs and dangerous drops. Spectacular flips and madcap stunts are not needed; they may look cool, but remember that your objective is to get that gear to the stage on time! Let’s turn the dial all the way up to 11! Yeeeah!

How to Play: Similar to a rock band’s tour, each increasingly difficult level takes place in a brand new city with a new obstacle course to overcome. You have 3 minutes to make it all the way to the end of the course without crashing. Before you start, you must choose your vehicle; a motorcycle, or a forklift. As the game introduction explains, the motorbike is ‘speedy, but tilty’, while the forklift is ‘stable, but slow’. Click on the vehicle of your choice, and then click ‘Start’ to begin the action. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your vehicle: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left Arrow = Lean Back; Right Arrow = Lean Forward.

If your vehicle flips over, and lands upside-down, the equipment explodes, and you must return to the beginning of the level (you are given the option of switching vehicles before restarting). Keep one eye on the ticking clock at the bottom of the game screen. You have an unlimited amount of lives, but the clock always resumes from when you crashed – i.e. if you crash with just 2 minutes left, you resume from the beginning of the level with the clock still at 2 minutes. Tip: Flips and tricks are not advised, as you do not earn extra points for them. Keeping your vehicle balanced and upright is all that matters (unless you just want to drive plain crazy of course!).

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