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Free Chess Board Game Online - ZnemChess

Rating: 5.7/10 - 587 votes

ZnemChess is a chess board game for kids, grownups and seniors, where the ultimate goal is to trap the leader of the opposing army - the king. This is called Checkmate and results in a win for the checkmating side. This is a fun and challenging mind workout suitable for all ages. Have a go! See if you have the mental prowess to capture a king. Good luck Mastermind!

OK, so you are playing against the computer –and you both take turns until someone wins or the game ends in a draw. You play as the white pieces at the bottom of the chessboard. White moves first. The computer has the black pieces. Standard chess rules and setup applies here. Once pieces are captured, they disappear off the playing area. A player can take a piece off the opponent by moving one of his own pieces to the square that contains a piece of the opponent.

The two armies oppose each other across the board. The smallest pieces (pawns) man each army's second row, and the larger pieces are on the first row. The royal couple of King and Queen sit in the center of the army, flanked by the bishops, knights and rooks. ZnemChess a great game to play for chess beginners as the computer can be easier to beat here than on other chess games! Have fun trying!

How to Play: To start, use your computer mouse to click on the square of the piece you want to move. (NOTE: Do not click on the piece itself or nothing will happen; click on the piece’s square.) When you click on a square of any white chess piece, the board lights up. You can now see all the possible squares where you can move the piece to - lit up with an orange border around them. If you click on the square of one of your white pieces that you can’t move (that has nowhere to move to), only that piece’s square will light up.

If you change your mind, you can click on a different chess square. Otherwise, complete your turn by clicking on any lit up square that has an orange border. Again, if a chess piece occupies the square to which you want to move, do not click on the chess piece itself - click on it's square! To restart the game, click on “Restart” in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Happy strategy planning!

Tips: In this game, the computer moves its pieces with lightening speed! So fast in fact, that you may not even be able to see them move. To verify that it’s your turn again, simply click on the square of one of your white chess pieces. If the board lights up, you will know it is your turn to move again.

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